Best Ceviche in Lima, Peru: 7 Must-Try Cevicherías Selected by Locals

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Ceviche is considered as Lima’s dish of the city and finding the best ceviche in Lima can be somewhat challenging.

While exploring the local food specialties in Lima, Peru, locals guided us to their favorite ceviche spots across the city.

The best ceviche in Lima, we learned is not relegated only to upscale restaurants or big-name chefs. 

The best ceviche in Lima can also be found at street food stalls, local markets, and family-style eateries known as huariques.

As you visit Lima on your Peru travels, we recommend diving into the city’s favorite food.

From casual eateries, notable restaurants, and hidden gems, here are the 7 must-try Cevicherias in Lima.

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Map of The Best Ceviche in Lima Peru

One of Lima’s most renowned restaurants is La Mar Cebicheria by one of Peru’s most famous chefs, Gaston Acurio. 

This world-renowned chef also has restaurants in several countries including Miami and San Francisco in the United States.

Since you’ve made the trip all the way to Peru, why not eat at a local Lima Cevicheria you cannot find elsewhere? Use our map to navigate your way to the best cevicherias in Lima.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: As you visit Lima, consider taking a food tour and learning about traditional Peruvian cuisine. See our recommendations for the 10 Best Food Tours in Lima To Take For A Peruvian Feast.

What is Ceviche

Discovering Ceviche meal
Find the best ceviche in Lima

The Ceviche dish is part of Peru’s national heritage, so much so that this local specialty is celebrated on National Ceviche Day every year on June 28th.

Ceviche is a raw fish dish soaked in citrus juices such as lime and spiced with chili peppers.

There are just 5 ingredients in the national dish of Peru: raw fish, salt red onions, and ají, Peru’s unique line of chili peppers, all doused in lime juice. 

The acidic liquid ‘cooks’ the fish and changes the proteins in the fish making it firm and opaque. The marinade is called Leche de Tigre or Tiger’s Milk. 

Ceviche is typically eaten at lunch and accompanied by Camote or sweet potatoes and Choclo large, white Andean corn, which are both native to Peru. 

In Lima, you’ll likely see the alternative spelling using a “b” for “cebicheria” or “cebiche. The meaning and the dish are exactly the same as ceviche.

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Where to Find the Best Ceviche in Miraflores, Lima

Discovering Ceviche Lovers Park by Authentic Food Quest
Don’t miss the Lovers Park in Lima

Miraflores is among one of the most popular neighborhoods in Lima, Peru. It’s an upscale area with a large beachfront known as Costa Verde.

The neighborhood is also known for its abundance of restaurants, local eateries, and entertainment options.

It’s not unusual for locals to head to Miraflores to savor fresh fish and seafood while dining with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.

If you are in the Miraflores area, find our top recommendations for places to eat the best ceviche in Lima.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are staying in the Miraflores area, consider taking a cooking class with exceptional ocean views. This Peruvian cooking class in Miraflores starts with a tour of a local market and fresh fish producers. Focused on traditional Peruvian cuisine, you’ll learn to make ceviche, Pisco Sour cocktails, and other dishes.

1. Cevicheria Lobo de Mar Miraflores

Ceviche de Lenguado by Authentic Food Quest
A healthy plate of the signature ceviche de Lenguado

One of the things we liked most about Cevichería Lobo de Mar was its authenticity. This is a popular restaurant in Lima, so be sure to head there early to miss the crowds. 

Featuring fresh catches of the day, Lobo de Mar is a safe bet when it comes to getting high-quality, raw fish straight from the ocean. 

While it’s more of a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, the location is noted for its cleanliness, a must when it comes to preparing ceviche.

Try their Ceviche de Lenguado or sole ceviche, which is one of the original fishes used to make Peruvian ceviche. 

Other Ceviche plates include shrimp, mixed fish and seafood, fusion, and others.

For local seafood and ceviche, Lobo de Mar offers an authentic and local experience in Miraflores. 

Cevicheria Lobo de Mar

Cevicheria Lobo de Mar by Authentic Food Quest
Lobo de Mar offers an authentic experience – Photo credit: Lobo de Mar Facebook page

Address: C. Colón 587, Miraflores 

Hours: Open every day, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Price: A plate of ceviche ranges from S/. 45-1S/. 130 PEN (approx. $12 – $35 USD)

Pro-Tip: On the menu is Tacu Tacu a delicious Criollo Peruvian dish. If you still have room after your ceviche, order one to savor.

2. Pescados Capitales

Ceviche at Pescados Capitales by Authentic Food Quest
Special coastal ceviche Peru – Photo credit: Pescados Capitales Instagram page

Pescados Capitales is famous for its extensive menu, which includes not only ceviche but lots of other seafood dishes.

The beautifully plated dishes which add an extra bit of elegance is one of the many reasons Pescado Capitales is one of the best ceviche restaurants.

The restaurant’s excellent service is another aspect that stands out. If you are unsure about what to order, you may even be able to request a small sample from the menu beforehand.

The ceviche at Pescados Capitales comes in many different forms. A safe bet is always the classic ceviche or port ceviche which both use fresh market fish.

Their special coastal ceviche is made with sea urchins, octopus, shrimp, squid, and fish. 

You can also try their Asian-influenced ceviche made with fresh chunks of tuna, black sesame seeds, onion, carrots, and cucumbers.

In Miraflores, Pescado Capitales is one of the best restaurants for an upscale delicious ceviche experience and amazing food.

Pescados Capitales

Pescados Capitales in Lima by Authentic Food Quest
Famous for its extensive menu – Photo credit: Pescados Capitales Instagram page

Address: Av. Mariscal La Mar 1337, Miraflores

Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm; Sun 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

Price: S/. 58-1S/. 64 PEN (approx. $15.68 – $17.30 USD)

Pro-Tip: This restaurant is a short walk away from the beach. Before or after your meal, enjoy strolling along the Costa Verde promenade.

Best Cevicherías in San Isidro, Lima

San Isidro Lima by Authentic Food Quest
The financial district in Lima

San Isidro is an upscale neighborhood and the financial district in Lima. You’ll find excellent restaurants, cafes and bars and some of the best shopping in the area.

There are many outdoor beautiful parks to enjoy. One of San Isidro’s main attractions is Huaca Huallamarca. 

Also known as Pan de Azucar or Bread of Sugar, this pyramid-shaped building is an ancient pre-Columbian shrine built in approximately 200 AD. 

If you are exploring this archeological site in the area, stop at one of the Cevicherias below for a hearty lunch.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: Explore the top attractions in Peru’s capital on a Lima Highlights all-inclusive guided tour of the city. With transportation provided visit landmarks like Huaca Pucllana, as you learn about Lima’s history and Peruvian culture. A delicious ceviche lunch at a local market is also included on this tour.

3. Señor Limón – Senor Limon

Ceviche at Señor Limón by Authentic Food Quest
The traditional ceviche in Lima – Photo credit: Señor Limón Facebook page

Señor Limón offers fresh seafood in a clean and simple environment. While you don’t get many frills in terms of ambiance or service, you’ll get the fresh catch impeccably prepared. 

One major plus is that the service is fast. So, this can be a good stop if you’re planning on eating a quick meal before sightseeing.

Señor Limón offers home-style cooking and an array of ceviches. While the ceviche selection is not extensive, there are two restaurant specialties worth trying. 

Go for the specially crafted mixed northern ceviche, which features fish, seafood, and crab. Or the Señor Limón ceviche, with interesting combinations of fresh fish, squid, and cracklings.

If you are looking for something more substantive, the traditional ceviche dishes paired with rice are tasty options.

Señor Limón

Señor Limón by Authentic Food Quest
Señor Limón locations in Lima – Photo credit: Señor Limón Facebook page

Address: Av. Los Conquistadores 299, San Isidro 

Hours: Open daily, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Price: S/. 50.50-1S/. 54.50 PEN (approx. $13.65 – $14.73 USD)

Pro-Tip: The restaurant has several locations in the area. If one is busy, you can always try another one nearby.

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4. El Cebiche de Ronald

Ceviche de Pescado at Ronald by Authentic Food Quest
Made with the freshest catch of the day

El Cebiche de Ronald is a cozy, quaint cevichería located on the northern side of the San Isidro district.

This restaurant is small with only a couple of tables, so make sure you call ahead to ensure you have a seat. It is noted for being especially affordable, which is one of the reasons it is so popular.

Before making a stop at El Cebiche de Ronald, be aware that the menu typically only features a handful of options. What they do cook, however, they cook well.

Try their Ceviche de Carretilla, a version of ceviche named for the types of food trucks it’s typically sold from. 

Their traditional Ceviche de Pescado made with the freshest catch of the day is also exceptionally good ceviche to try.

Some of their traditional and homey recipes come with a side of Chicha, a Peruvian beverage made from corn. 

Depending on the day, you may even be able to get an order of perfectly battered, fried octopus.

El Cebiche de Ronald

El Cebiche de Ronald by Authentic Food Quest
A cozy and popular cevicheria in Lima

Address: Av. Ignacio Merino 2427, Lince 

Hours: Open daily, 11:30 am – 4:30 pm

Price: S/. 38 – S/. 40 PEN (approx. $10.27 – $10.81 USD)

Pro-Tip: This restaurant is located next to several hotels and grocery stores, making it a convenient stop when you’re running errands.

Visit One of the Best Cevicherias in Surquillo

Surquillo Market by Authentic Food Quest
The Surquillo Market in Lima

Surquillo is another neighborhood that is famous for its ceviche. The area is very local and not as popular with tourists as some of the other neighborhoods.

One of the biggest draws in the neighborhood is the famous Surquillo Market. This is a bustling market where locals get their fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and more at affordable prices.

For a tasty break while exploring the market, see our recommended ceviche spots below.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you want to dive deeper into authentic Peruvian ceviche consider taking a cooking class in Lima. This Peruvian cooking class with a visit to Surqillo market teaches you how to make traditional Peruvian dishes including ceviche. After a local market visit to pick up the ingredients, you’ll head to the kitchen and learn to make one of the most delicious ceviche dishes. 

5. AI Toke Pez

Ceviche Mixto by Authentic Food Quest
Ceviche Mixto – Photo credit: Al Toke Pez Facebook page

Al Toke Pez is another great option for some of the best ceviche and delicious seafood dishes in Lima.

It is an unpretentious Huarique or family-style restaurant that offers good ceviche and traditional and homey recipes.

Tomas, the chef comes from a family of Nikkei chefs and builds on that experience to create his signature dishes.

This eatery is not fancy but only has a few stools and tables. You may have to wait to get seated.

Many consider Al Toke Pez to have the best ceviche in Lima. In fact, Gaston Acurio, Peru’s renowned chef, recommended this ceviche restaurant for some of the best food around Surquillo. 

Al Toke Pez was even featured on Netflix’s Street Food series. The one dish you cannot miss is the simple ceviche platter. 

Get with a large glass of leche de tigre and enjoy a mixed fish ceviche with generous portions at a low price.

Al Toke Pez

Al Toke Pez dream team by Authentic Food Quest
The team of Al Toke Pez – Photo credit: Al Toke Pez Facebook page

Address: Av. Angamos Este 886, Surquillo 

Hours: Open daily, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Price: S/. 4.90 – S/. 10 PEN (approx. $1.35 – $2.69 USD)

Pro-Tip: One of the many notable restaurants in Lima, Al Toke Pez fills up fast. Get there right as they open as you’ll likely need to wait otherwise.

Order the Best Ceviche in Barranco, Lima at These Places

Barranco Lima by Authentic Food Quest
Street art in Barranco, Lima

Barranco is a laidback bohemian neighborhood. It’s where you’ll find artists, musicians, street art, live music bars, and more.

Beyond the splashes of color and culture everywhere you turn, Barranco is also known for food. 

This is a popular neighborhood, and you’ll find a variety of restaurants including some of the best ceviche restaurants in Lima.

Opened in 2015 by chef José del Castillo, you’ll no doubt hear about Isolina restaurant in the neighborhood.

For the hidden-gems and local choices in the neighborhood, see our recommended authentic Peruvian ceviche restaurants to try.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: To discover the best foods and eateries in the area, consider taking a food tour with a local guide. This 4-hour Lima ultimate Peruvian food tour focuses on the best places to eat in Barranco with stops for amazing traditional ceviche.

6. Canta Rana

Ceviche at Canta Rana by Authentic Food Quest
Find various types of ceviche – Photo credit: Canta Rana Facebook page

When considering ceviche restaurants in Barranco, don’t overlook Canta Rana, somewhat of a hidden gem in Barranco. 

They serve delicious ceviche and other seafood in various styles. While the prices are a bit more expensive than Cevicherias, the vibe is more casual than fine dining.

With nearly 20 different types of ceviche, your biggest issue at Canta Rana will be trying to figure out which one you want to order.

Try one of the specialty ceviches made with Argentinian silverside, black clams, and even sea urchins.

Canta Rana

Canta Rana by Authentic Food Quest
A hidden gem in Barranco – Photo credit: Canta Rana Facebook page

Address: Genova 101, Barranco

Hours: Tues-Sat 10:00 am – 10:00 pm; Sun-Mon, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Price: S/. 45 – S/. 100 PEN (approx. $12.11 – $26.92 USD)

Pro-Tip: Canta Rana is just a short distance away from Malecón de los Ingleses, a park where you can walk around after your delicious meal.

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7. Don Oscar Pescados y Mariscos

Ceviche at Don Oscar by Authentic Food Quest
Made with seasonal white fish – Photo credit: Don Oscar Facebook page

Rated by locals as one of the best ceviche restaurants in Barranco, Don Oscar restaurant in Lima is worth seeking out. 

Their ceviche made with seasonal white fish is exceptional, and their seafood dishes are made only with the freshest catch.

In addition to traditional ceviche, try the mussels, octopus, or seafood and rice dishes. This restaurant is cozy and looks a little smaller from the outside than it actually is.

As one of the most highly recommended local ceviche spots, you can be rest assured to enjoy the freshest ceviche and seafood dishes.

Don Oscar Pescados y Mariscos

Don Oscar Pescados y Mariscos by Authentic Food Quest
One of the best ceviche in Lima – Photo credit: Don Oscar Facebook page

Address: Felipe Pardo 147, Barranco 

Hours: Tue-Sun 11:00 am – 5:30 pm; Closed Monday

Price: S/. 35 – S/. 45 PEN (approx. $9.42 – $12.11 USD)

Pro-Tip: Don Oscar is right next door to the Sala Quilla Cultural Center and Barranco Music Store. 

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FAQs About Eating Ceviche in Lima

Rosemary and Claire at Cevicheria in Lima by Authentic Food Quest
Trying out a Cevicheria at Surquillo market

Is Ceviche Safe To Eat In Peru?

Ceviche is traditionally eaten at lunch when the fish is most fresh. Look for crowded and popular restaurants with a high turnover. The crowds and popularity are good signs that the ceviche is fresh and safe to eat in Lima.

How Do You Eat Ceviche?

There are two different and popular ways ceviche is commonly prepared and eaten in Lima. The first is Pescado or fish ceviche, which is the traditional version and consists of thinly cut slices of fish. The Mixto version has the fish and the addition of squid, octopus, and scallops.

Where Is Ceviche From?

It is said that Ceviche evolved from a dish that was brought to Peru by Moorish women accompanying Spanish conquistadors.

How Much Does Ceviche Cost In Peru?

In Peru, the price of Ceviche will depend on the kind of restaurant you have it in. A simple ceviche meal can be quite inexpensive at local market or family style huarique restaurants. While at upscale restaurants, the addition of seafood like grilled octopus, sea urchins, and more can increase the prices. Generally, the price of Ceviche ranges from about S/. 30 – S/. 100 PEN (approx. $8.08 – $26.92 USD).

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Have you had Ceviche? Which of these places do you think has the best ceviche in Lima? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the addresses! Do you know you can also eat ceviche on a boat in Chorrillos? Lima Food Boat proposes to celebrate fishermen tradition eating and cooking ceviche !!!onboard!!! For your next time in Peru you HAVE to try it.

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard someone compare Lima to Los Angeles. LA is one of my favorite cities, so I guess I have to check out Lima now! Good thing I’m a fan of ceviche, all that fresh seafood looks amazing.

    • To be honest, only parts of Lima reminded me of Los Angeles. Specifically, the area overlooking the oceans. The fresh seafood in Lima is an experience and the city is worth exploring. You’d love it. Hope you get a chance to visit at some point. Thanks, Kim.

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    • Bummer to hear that you missed ceviche while you were in Peru. It’s interesting that you tried cuy before fresh seafood 🙂 A guess a trip back to Peru is in order. Indeed the best food is found in the markets on the street. Thanks, Paige.

  4. First of all, I find the names Lima and Peru itself so fascinating. They evoke images of an exotic and beautiful land. Loved reading this post as we usually do not get to see much about this part of South America. Coming to Ceviche it indeed seems to be an iconic and national dish of the country. The options for eating this dish are indeed mind-boggling. What I really loved about the dish is its beautiful presentation.

    • Thank you so much, Sandy. Really appreciate the feedback. Ceviche is a national treasure in Peru and a beautiful and delightful dish. Hope you get to visit Peru at some point and explore all the cevicheria 🙂 Thanks so much.

  5. I got violently ill from food twice in Peru before getting to Lima. So I was quite weary to try raw fish. But all the ceviche we had in restaurants around Miraflores blew my mind. At the time I had no clue there were other places to enjoy ceviche, thanks for the tips. Perhaps I’ll return to Peru after all…

    • I’m so sorry to hear that you got ill in Peru. We ate all over the country and were fortunate not to get sick. Fingers crossed. The next time you are in Peru, explore the neighborhoods outside of Miraflores and be prepared to be blown away. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. This is an awesome post! We had some delicious ceviche while lounging on the beach in Mancora but I don’t remember any memorable ceviche spots in Lima – really could’ve used your blog when I was there a few years ago! I’ve got to try to make it to Peru someday for National Ceviche Day – add a Peruvian white wine and I’ll be happy as a clam all day long!

    • Oh that’s too bad you don’t recall any memorable places for ceviche in Lima. On your next trip, take this article with you and enjoy ceviche in the different eateries. Agree, we would love to visit on National Ceviche Day as well. That would just be a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Ceviche is a favorite in all Hispanic nations. Since the Philippines was colonized by Spain for 300 years, the dish is also popular in my home country, especially with alcoholic drinks.

    • You are right Carol, we discovered ceviche in the Philippines as well, where it is called Kinilaw. I found the taste different from the ceviche in Peru, but I enjoyed it as well. Indeed a great drink with ceviche is the perfect combination 🙂 Cheers!

  8. I love Lima, I even got engaged there years ago! I can’t believe how much ceviche you ate there and that you even got it out of the back of a van! I like it, my husband more. We have eaten it in Mexico, Italy and Lima.

  9. I love ceviche and I hear it’s amazing in Peru. I love how they use much bigger chunks of seafood then you normally see. Can’t wait to get down there and give it a try.

    • Hi Megan, you will not be disappointed with the Ceviche in Lima. The fish and seafood are so fresh and the flavors delicious. Portions are indeed very generous and prices very reasonable. It is easy to splurge on Ceviche everyday in Lima!

    • Hi Lesley, Peru has so much to offer! You will find plenty of dishes beyond Ceviche. Though it is worth giving it a try if you stop in Lima or if you stay along the coast. The seafood is so fresh and tasty. If you are not comfortable having it at a market, you might want to try ceviche at a well known restaurant to be on the safe side.

  10. I think it’s hilarious that they have a national ceviche day! I am personally not a seafood fan, but I do think trying local specialties is a big part of culture and traveling. I might make my hubby get it just so I could have BITE to say I tried it! 😉

    • Yes, Peru is very proud of their Ceviche. You should definitively give it a try. The products and flavors in Peru are so different from what we are used to that you might get pleasantly surprised by some of the dishes.

  11. I remember my very first experience with ceviche, I was a 1st year apprentice with very little experience with eating ‘raw’ food. One of the kitchen rules was we had to eat or at least sample everything we prepared so we knew what it was to taste like. But being the newbie I was, I took one look at it and refused to eat it, the chefs held me down and force fed me. Not pleasant! But, I can now say it is one of my most favourite foods and I cannot wait to visit Lima and experience it there too. 🙂

  12. We both love Ceviche. We first came across it in Costa Rica. Yes, it’s a fairly popular dish there too! And so far every time it has tasted slightly different. Last we tried three different variations as an entree platter in Chile.

  13. Peru is on my “possibles” list for next year! And not just for Machu Pichu. I’ve been hearing more and more about the amazing food. Now I will know to try the ceviche. I love it where I live in Mexico, but this sounds even better. Thanks for the tips.

    • Hi Donna, thanks for your comments. It’s true Peru is becoming more well known for it’s food. It’s the gastronomy capital of South America. Being here I can completely agree, the food, including the ceviche is delicious. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions as you planning your trip. Cheers!!

  14. I have to admit, the idea of ceviche freaks me out a little bit. It’s fish! Uncooked fish! But I’d be willing to give it a try in Lima. I think whenever you’re a bit hesitant about trying a dish, you should have it where it’s best known – chances are, it will be good.

    • You are so right Vanessa. The best is to try new dishes where they are considered specialities. That way you get to enjoy the best. In Lima, the seafood is fresh and right from the Pacific Ocean…it’s delicious. You might surprise yourself and find that you like it:)

    • Hi Amelie….what a great question. Ceviche is essentially raw fish and seafood. Is there vegan ceviche…don’t know!! Great question for the community…does anyone out there know if there is a vegan ceviche???

    • Hey Amelie, I am an Australian chef by trade and can confirm there is such a thing as vegan ceviche. I have prepared mushroom ceviche which is amazing, but you could use Artichoke hearts or cauliflower in place of the fish. Let us know how you go if you have a crack at making it. 🙂

  15. LOVE ceviche a lot. One of our favourite foods and we’ve a salmon recipe one we do all the time. Didn’t realise you can use the acid of lime to essentially “cook” meat when we first discovered it. In the Philippines it’s adapted and called “kinilaw” – equally as delicious 🙂

    • Great….another huge lover of Ceviche. Good to know what it is called in the Philippines. Most of the ceviche we’ve had in Lima actually does not use salmon. It’s mostly white fish or seafood. In any case, it’s all delicious!


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