Fall in Love with Douro Valley and the Best Wines in Portugal

Douro Valley, in northern Portugal, is the first demarcated and regulated wine region in the world. Douro Valley wines are some of the best wines in the world, but are not widely known.

Not only does the Douro Valley produce some of the finest, affordable and underrated Portuguese wines, it also offers a beautiful and magical landscapes. 

Our quest for authentic food in Portugal had us discover the delightful Portuguese wines paired with our meals. Pleasantly surprised by the breath and flavors of the wines, we eagerly explored Douro Valley wines in one of Portugal’s historic wine growing regions.

 Taking a Douro Valley wine tour is a wonderful step back in time. Douro Valley wineries are traditional and charming and many can be found along the Douro River. 

Join us as we explore Douro Valley wines and the hidden secrets of Portuguese wines on Douro Valley tours of three exceptional wineries.

Article last updated – June 28th, 2019 with additional resources
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Douro Valley Tours of Three Amazing Douro Valley Wineries

The Douro Valley is an exceptionally beautiful, historic wine region. The area is most famous for being the home of Port Wines, but over the last few decades, exceptional table wines have emerged. Today, wines from the Douro Valley are evenly split between Port and Douro Valley table wines.

The grape varietals used are native to Portugal and not commonly grown elsewhere. The climate is very particular and described by locals as “nine months of winter, three months of hell.”

Temperatures can soar above 40°C (104 °F) during the Summer months and sometimes even hitting 50°C (122 °F). The extreme heat causes the grapes to grow thick skins, which impart unique characteristics to the wines.

The following three wineries are some of the best wineries in the Douro Valley. Be sure to include these stops on your Douro Valley tours.

Authentic Food Quest Tip: If you prefer an organized tour and don’t want to bother with renting a car or taking the train, consider taking a Douro Valley wine tour. Float down the Douro River in a traditional Portuguese Rabelo boat. Stop at two wineries, sample a variety of Portuguese wines, and experience a Portuguese olive oil tasting. Enjoy a relaxed full day Douro Valley wine tour when you book your Douro Valley wine tour.

1. Quinta Nova – Exceptional Douro Valley Wine Tour

Quinta Nova, which dates back to 1725 is one of the oldest and most impressive wineries in the Douro Valley.  On our visit, we learned that since their acquisition in 1999 by Group Amorim, the largest producer of cork in the world, Quinta Nova made the strategic decision to focus on producing only table wines. The goal, the best wines in the Douro Valley.

Our personal tour started in the vineyards, looking out over the 120 hectares (350 acres) of vines. The land is divided into parcels, planted with only one Portuguese grape variety.

The top five Portuguese grape varieties grown at the vineyard are; Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Touriga Roriz, Tinto Cão and Tinta Francisca.

Douro Valley Tours of Quinta Nova for the best Douro Valley wines by Authentic Food QuestThe vineyards at Quinta Nova

One of the highlights of the tour was visiting their onsite Wine Museum or Museu do Vinho. This personal collection of the Amorim Family, tells the story, not only of Quinta Nova, but of the wine production in the Douro Valley.

Many of the pieces date back to the 19th century and include relics such as ancient tools for picking grapes, old wooden presses for the wines, the old bottling process, and much more.

This is a fascinating stop to see the old techniques used to produce the amazing Douro Valley wines.

Traditional wine bottling techniques of Douro Valley wines by Authentic Food QuestTraditional bottling techniques in the Douro Valley

Following the tour, you will want to eat. Conceitus Winery Restaurant at Quinta Nova is a gastronomy restaurant with a focus on local food. At the time of our visit, which was off-season, the restaurant was closed. Instead, we had petiscos (Portuguese tapas) in the tasting room.

We were served an overflowing plate of different cuts of amazing ham, olives, cheese, dried fruit and bread. Everything was incredibly delicious and perfect for accompanying the wines. The atmosphere was relaxed with spectacular views of the Douro Valley.

Even though the petiscos cost triple the amount you would pay in Porto, the experience was worth it. Not to mention, you’ll need something to counter the effects of the delicious Douro Valley wine tasting.

Petiscos at Quinta Nova on the Douro Valley Winery Tour by Authentic Food QuestHeaping tábua (board) of petiscos

Quinta Nova Wine Tasting Tours 

Three different wines were offered for the tasting. One white wine, Pomares, and two red wines. One red wine was Quinta Nova Colheita and the second, Quinta Nova Terroir Blend Reserva.

Each of the wines had distinctive characteristics. The Pomares was light and refreshing, with fruity aromas. The perfect wine for a hot day. 

The reds were intense, strong in structure and with an elegant finish. The tasting portions are rather robust and equivalent to a full of glass wine.

You’ll definitely want to have petiscos as you relish the distinct flavors of these Douro Valley wines. 

Tasting Quinta Nova on Douro Valley Wine Tour by Authentic Food QuestWine tasting at Quina Nova

Quinta Nova

Address: 5085-222 Covas do Douro – Portugal 

Tours: Book your tour in advance. Tours in English are available.

Price: Douro Valley wine tours priced at €16 euros per person though pricing may increase during the high season.

Hours: Our off-season tour was at 10:00 am. Call ahead for hours and availability

Accommodations: Quinta Nova also offers luxury accommodations  at the one the best Douro Valley hotels, with an exceptional restaurant and spectacular views

Tip: Generous servings of Douro Valley wines. Eat at the restaurant or enjoy petiscos in the Tasting Room.

2 – Casa Ferreirinha Wines – the Most Important Female Wine Producer in the Douro Valley

The wines by Casa Ferreirinha are some of the best in the Douro Valley and should be in your Douro Valley wine tour.  

Famously run by Dona Antónia Ferreira, she was a woman much ahead of her time. She achieved one of the biggest fortunes in the country in the 18th century. 

Furthermore, she confronted the men who dominated the Port Wine commerce to produce some of the best Douro Valley wines. 

In 1987, Portugal’s biggest wine producing company, Sogrape, acquired Casa Ferreirinha. The company added Casa Ferreirinha wines to their portfolio of Port wine brands such as Sanderman, Offley, among others.

And, while visiting Sanderman to discover their Port wines, we took the opportunity to taste the famous Casa Ferreirinha red and white wines.

Read more about tasting Port Wines in Porto

Casa Ferreirinha for Douro Valley Wines by Authentic Food QuestTaste Casa Ferreirinha wines at Quinta do Seixo

 Casa Ferreirinha Douro Valley Wine Tasting

Ferreira wines are synonymous with high-quality Portuguese wine. Under the direction of Dona Antónia, these wines were the reference point for exceptional Douro Valley wines. 

The tasting of the Douro Valley wines includes two different red wines and one white wine. We enjoyed the wines and found them elegant and not overpowering. The reds had wonderful juicy fruit flavors while the white wine was bright with tropical fruit aromas.

On your Douro Valley tour, don’t miss Casa Ferreirinha wines for their historical importance and wonderful flavors.

Tasting Casa Ferreirinha Douro Valley wines at the Douro Valley Wine Tour by Authentic Food QuestTasting Casa Ferreirinha wines at Quinta do Seixo -Sanderman

Quinta do Seixo  – Sandeman

Address: Valença do Douro, Tabuaço, Douro Valley

Tours: Book your tour in advance and be prepared to relish the astonishing views of the Douro Valley

Price: The Douro Valley wine tours are priced at €16 euros per person. There are also classic Port wine tours which are priced at €12 euros per person

Hours: From November – February, Open from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm. From March to October, Open 10:30 am – 6:30 pm

Tip: Enjoy the award winning tasting room and try both the port and wine tastings

3 – Quinta do Tedo – Organic Douro Valley Wine Tasting

This small boutique winery is the first organic vineyard in the Douro Valley. While it dates back to the 18th century, organic grape growing started in 2007 and 2011 was their first completely organic harvest. The winery is currently in the process of getting their “organic certification.” 

Quinta do Tedo is co-owned by a Frenchman (of the Bouchard family winemaker in Burgundy), his American wife and a Portuguese winemaker.

Traditional winemaking practices are still employed at Quinta do Tedo. The grapes are harvested by hand and the grape crushing process happens in the traditional style, where some of the grapes are stomped on by foot.

The vineyard also features a small agrotourism Quinta do Tedo B&B where you can stay and explore the region. Free bicycles are provided to guests and activities such as hiking, canoeing bird watching are available.

Located on the hilly slopes around the picturesque Tedo river, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the valley.

Quinta do Tedo Douro Valley Wines by Authentic Food QuestVIew of the Tedo river from Quinta do Tedo

Quinta do Tedo Organic Wine Tasting on Douro Valley Tours

We were surprised to find organic Douro Valley wines and were quite eager to try them. Quinta do Tedo makes only red wines.

The winery’s logo has a picture of the Black Wheatear bird, which according to the local traditions, the birds would show up to eat the grapes when they are perfectly ripe. So, the bird on the label signifies perfectly ripe grapes.

The organic Douro Valley wine tasting started with a light, floral Rosé Port. It was at that point, when Rosemary realized that she could taste the organic table wines and skip the Port wines. Instead of tasting three wines, Rosemary tried two different Douro Valley Reserve wines. 

One was a Grande Reserva Savedra 2013, and the second, a Douro DOC Reserva 2014. Both red wines were excellent. Intense aromas with a hint of fruity flavors with the added complexity of spice and woody flavors.

These are very enjoyable and easy to drink organic Douro Valley wines.

Quinta do Tedo Douro Valley Wines by Authentic Food QuestRed wines tasting at Quinta do Tedo

Quinta do Tedo

Address: N-222 M512, Folgosa, Douro Valley

Tours: Tours offered in multiple languages. 

Price: €10 euros per person, though pricing may increase during high season

Hours: April – October, Open 10:00 am  – 7:00 pm. From November – March, Open 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

B&B: Check pricing for your stay at Quinta do Tedo

Tip: In addition to Douro Valley wine tasting and Port tasting, olive oil tasting are also available.

Where to Stay in the Douro Valley – The Best Douro Valley Hotels

Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House in Pinhão

While visiting Quinta Nova, you may want to consider simply staying at the Quinta Nova Luxury Winery House

Described as “Heaven in the Douro Valley”,  you can expect world-class amenities, a restaurant featuring exceptional regional cuisine, and excellent wine pairings. This is one of the best hotels in the Douro Valley.

Explore the historic sites around the wine hotel as you walk on the ‘walkers trails” or relax by the outdoor swimming pool. Slow down, enjoy the spectacular views and soak in the Douro Valley experience.

Vintage House Douro in Pinhão

Another option in Pinhão along your Douro Valley tours is this former 18th century wine estate.  The Vintage House Douro is a luxury hotel with exceptional panoramic views overlooking the vineyards and the Douro Valley. 

With a top amenities including an outdoor pool, tasting rooms and breakfast and regional cuisine, you have all your needs covered at one of the best places to stay in the Douro Valley.

Quinta do Tedo B&B in Folgosa

If you’re planning on a Douro Valley tour and visiting Quinta do Tedo, we recommend staying at Quinta do Tedo for a unique experience. 

This family run bed and breakfast attached to the Quinta offers wonderful views, overlooking the Tedo River, olive trees and vineyards. 

With a bistro offering local fare, you can extend your Douro Valley wine tasting with  lunch or dinner. A tasty breakfast is served every morning. 

Quinta do Tedo also provide bicycles, canoes and free use of binoculars for bird watching. This Douro Valley hotel is a gem in the valley.

LodgingQuintadoTedo_DouroValleyWines_AuthenticFoodQuest.jpgStay at Quinta do Tedo for an intimate B&B experience

Where to Eat in the Douro Valley

Casual Eatery in Pinhão

If you decide not to eat at Quinta Nova, Pinhão town, which is centrally located on your journey offers solid lunch options.

On your way back from Quinta Nova, we recommend Restaurante Cais da Foz. This casual, no-frills restaurant located just before the bridge that leads to Pinhão, is a local favorite. A simple menu with local Portuguese foods await.

Choose from grilled meat, fish or omelette served with homemade fries, rice and salad. Be sure to have a glass of local Douro Valley wine to accompany your meal. The portion sizes are quite generous. Plan to share or order accordingly.

This local restaurant is a nice stop to restore along your Douro Valley tour of wines.

Pinhao Douro Valley Wines Authentic Food QuestView of Pinhao centrally located to visit Douro Valley wineries (photocredit: Petr Adam Dohnálek)

Restaurante Cais da Foz

Address: EM590, Pinhão, Portugal

Hours: Open everyday; 11:00 am to 10:00 pm 

Price: About €7 to €8 euros for a main dish (approx $8 to $9 USD)

See the reviews on Trip Advisor

Traditional Regional Portuguese Food in Tabuaço

For our trip to the Douro Valley, we chose to stay in Tabuaço, a small village up in the hills surrounded by the vineyards, a few miles from Pinhão.

Tabuaço offers a couple of options for dinner. We recommend O tachinho da té, a local restaurant serving traditional specialties from the region. 

To start, you want to taste the Alheira sausages. These smoked traditional sausages from the northern region of Trás-os-Montes are served grilled as appetizers. 

Read more about Alheira sausage and other Porto regional specialities

Alheira sausages for what to eat in Porto by Authentic Food QuestGrilled Alheira sausages, a simply delightful Porto food

Don’t miss the specialty of the house, roasted veal with marinated rice called Filé de Vitela arroz de grelos com moira.

The veal was very tender and juicy. The rice is marinated with Rapini, a type of broccoli, olive oil, and pieces of Moira, a traditional blood sausage. 

The Moira sausage is prepared with red wine, blood, garlic, onion and laurel. This rice dish is soupy and flavorful, with the sausage giving wonderful smoked pork aromas. 

The food is plenty and the meat delicious. Prepare to share or go with a big appetite.

Tachinho do Te Douro Valley Wines by Authentic Food QuestHalf a serving of the house specialty

O tachinho da té

Address: R. Conde Ferreira, 5120-400 Tabuaço, Portugal

Hours: Open everyday; 9:00 am to 11:30 pm; Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: About €8 to €12 euros for a main dish (approx $9 to $14 USD)

See the reviews on Trip Advisor

How to Get from Porto to Douro Valley

Located only an hour and a half from Porto, Pinhão is the main town to explore the Douro Valley wines. To get to Pinhão, you have a choice between three modes of transportation; car, train, boat or cruise.

Douro Valley Tours on the way to Pinhao for Douro Valley wines by Authentic Food QuestViews on the way to Pinhão

Porto to Douro Valley by Car

Driving way is our preferred way of visiting Douro Valley wineries. With many wineries not easily accessible from the train station, renting a car offers you greater flexibility. You get to explore the countryside and make stops anywhere along the way. 

Renting a car is very affordable in Portugal. For only €5 euros per day, we rented an economy car from Avis Car Rental company.

 The only inconvenience is that the sales agent will try to upsell you with anything and everything. One element to be cautious about is the toll pass. You don’t need to take the highway and you won’t have any secondary roads tollway. Nonetheless Avis agents will insist you need a toll pass, when you really don’t.

That said, you want to be careful and avoid taking the tollways as the road signs can be misleading. The overall the journey to Douro Valley is very enjoyable using the secondary roads.

Once you get closer to Peso da Régua the main town before Pinhão, keep in mind that the only options to cross the Douro River is either in Pinhão or Peso da Régua.

Taking a Douro Valley Tour through Peso da Regua for amazing Douro Valley wines by Authentic Food QuestViews from the bridge of Peso da Régua and the Douro river

Porto to Douro Valley by Train

Taking the Linha do Douro (Douro Line) train is one of the most picturesque ways to visit Douro Valley wineries. 

See the train timetable for daily departures from the two main stations in Porto, São Bento and Campanha. 

The train connects Porto with the small village of Pocinho. A single ticket to Pocinho costs €13.30 and the train journey takes about three and a half hours,  

The three popular stops along the route are Pinhão, a port-producing town with beautiful Portuguese tiles. Tua, at the confluence of Tua River and Douro. And finally Pocinho, a small easy to navigate village in the heart of the wine region.

Douro Valley near Porto Authentic Food QuestA beautiful view of the Douro river and vineyards

Historical Douro Valley Train 

Between June and October you can take the Historical Douro Valley Train along the Douro River. This steam locomotive train with 5 historical carriages runs from Régua and Tua through the beautiful landscapes. 

Enjoy onboard entertainment with regional singers as well as toasts with glasses of Port wines. The train runs on Saturday afternoons only and tickets can be purchased in advance.

Click the link to see the Historical Douro Valley Train hours, pricing and booking information.

Douro Valley Wines at Peso da Regua Portugal by Authentic Food QuestStunning Portuguese tiles in Peso da Régua

Douro River Cruises – Porto to Douro Valley by Boat

One unique way of exploring the Douro Valley is by taking a cruise along the Douro Valley. There are many types of Douro river cruises available. You can take a one day tour on a traditional Portuguese Rabelo boat and enjoy pure relaxation as you take in views of the magnificent Douro Valley.

Authentic Food Quest Tip: If you prefer an organized tour and don’t want to bother with renting a car or taking the train, consider taking a Douro Valley wine tour. Float down the Douro River in a traditional Portuguese Rabelo boat. Stop at two wineries, sample a variety of Portuguese wines, and experience a Portuguese olive oil tasting. Enjoy a relaxed full day Douro Valley wine tour when you book your Douro Valley wine tour.

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In Summary

With rich and bold red wines, the Douro Valley is a magical place for a Douro Valley tour to discover native Portuguese grape varieties. It is quite an amazing experience to taste the results of ancient grapes growing on steep terraced vineyards under harsh conditions.

Douro Valley wines and the wines of Portugal will not leave you indifferent. The wineries despite the rustic atmospheres offer intimate world class visits with tours offered in multiple languages. 

While on a Douro Valley wine tours adopt the local slow pace. Do not rush to the next Douro Valley winery visit. Instead, take your time and admire the magnificent valley.  

Choose to visit just a few of the best Douro Valley wineries. Go for quality over quantity. Not to mention, with the steep and rugged terrain, you will want to drive safely as you make your way to the different wineries.

The charming northern Portuguese villages offer some of the best Douro Valley hotels. Likewise, the regional cuisine is exceptional and a treat for your taste buds.

Going on Douro Valley tours will have you fall in love with its magical landscape, local cuisine and exquisite Douro Valley wines.

Have you visited the Douro Valley and had Douro Valley wines? In the comments below, please tell us your favorite experience in the region.

Savor the Adventure!

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  1. Your post has prompted me to seek out white wines from Portugal – each of the ones you featured sounds delicious and perfect for me here in South Florida. It’s just tough to find them here! Reds, yes, there are many; whites, not so much. But I shall persevere! Thanks for sharing your notes and beautiful photos.

    • Thanks Natalie for your feedback on our article and the inspiration it gave you to seek out wines from Portugal. It’s true the red wines are more readily available, but you can also find white Portuguese wines as well. In Florida, check out Total Wines and ask specifically for Vinho Verde. Casal Garcia is a famous brand in the U.S. but there are others. The staff at Total Wines are incredibly helpful and they will guide you to some amazing Portuguese white wines. Do let us know what you think when you find them. Cheers.

  2. You had me at wine, LOL. I need to visit Portugal the food and wine have been calling me for a long time. I just need to block out some time to really experience all those wineries. Those Alheria sausages have my name all over them. 🙂

    • If Portugal has been calling you for a while, it’s time to heed that call 🙂 Yes, the food and wine will not disappoint by any means. When you do eventually go, make sure to plan for plenty of time in northern Portugal. Cheers, Debra.

  3. I very briefly visited Douro Valley in 2012, but my wine palette has grown up a lot since. I’d love to go back and discover it again as a wine lover now. But note to self – don’t go in summer. Getting up over 110 F does indeed sound like hell, so I can see why the locals would say they experience three months of hell.

    • Portuguese wines continue to get better every year and are winning international awards as well. I think you’d love the wines from the Douro Valley. They are magnificent. And yes, avoid the Summer heat 🙂 Cheers, Jennifer.

  4. We did love our visit to the Douro Valley – for both the landscape and the wines. We were definitely happy we took a car so we could wander at will. We always find it fascinating to see how the grapes are harvested on such terraced lands. We toured mostly the smaller wineries although we do wish we had stopped at Casa Ferreirinha. We thought we would mostly find port wine but were pleasantly surprised with the good red and white wines we too tried. Definitely a spot we went to return to at harvest time.

    • Agreed, Linda we would have loved to have visited during harvest as well. The Douro Valley is truly magnificent. If you do go back, don’t miss sipping the incredible wines at Casa Ferrierinha 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  5. The question I have to ask, is that I have tried the Grilled Alheira sausages in the Douro but I didn’t like the wine I had to go with them. It didn’t tasted that well. What wine would you recommend to go with them as I am heading back there after a 10 year break from the region.

    • Oh wow, sorry to hear you didn’t like the Portuguese wines you tasted. During our wine tours we learned that there have been a lot of improvements made to the wines over the years. I believe that after 10 years you will find the wines much improved. In terms of the best Douro Valley wines, we highly recommend Quinta Nova wines. Making table wines (as opposed to port wines) is their primary focus and they have made the necessary investments to produce superior table wines. Things have changed, go with an open palate. Cheers.

  6. As a Portuguese, I loved this article! You manage to give such detail about our Douro region. Is one of the most beautiful in the country. I’ve done the historical train two years ago and is such a cool experience. Have you been to the Alentejo region? The wine is one of my favorite and the food also really good 😉

    • Thank you so much Marlene for your feedback. We always love hearing from locals and your comments mean the world to us. Yes, indeed, we have also been to the Alentejo region and the food and wine is spectacular. Portugal is a delicious country that we love as well. Cheers.

  7. Wow the food and wine featured in this region of Northern Portugal looks amazing along with the beautiful landscape. I love road trips so I would definitely enjoy visiting in own timeframe and places of interest I can stop and go as I please.

    • You are right, Noel. Even though northern Portugal does not feature much for road trips, it is the perfect destination to explore the old historical cities and enjoy incredible Douro Valley wines. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I think it would love a treat to drive through the Douro Valley even if you aren’t looking to try a bunch of wines. I think my daughter would love it though. I can’t believe the price of a rental car is only 5 Euros! Those rental car people are sneaky though. I’ve been mislead more than one time. I’m usually pretty strong willed though. Good to know you don’t need the toll pass. Driving off of the highway is generally prettier anyway.

    • You do have to watch the car rental people and it seems like their “upsell” tactics can be found pretty much everywhere. It is truly very beautiful driving off the highway in the Douro Valley and for 5 euros a day for a car, you can’t beat that. Hope you make it to the Douro Valley soon. Cheers.

  9. Hello Ladies,

    I’m planning a trip to Portugal in March by way of Spain. I’m not a big red wine fan, at least what we have in the US. White wines I kinda stick to Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc. When I travel I give the areas wines a try. Wines are so different in other countries and better to me. But I love Port’s and that one of the reasons for going to Portugal. I plan to drive from Porto to Douro Valley. So which of the wineries would you recommend on a day trip other than the ones you have mentioned, if you tried anything others.

    • Hi Teresa, thank you so much for your feedback on our article. We really enjoyed Portuguese wines and in many cases found them better than most wines we’ve had in the U.S. Unfortunately, we didn’t visit more wineries than the ones we highlighted. Our goal was to travel deeper and visit fewer wineries and spend more time learning about the wines, rather than trying to hit several wineries. The roads are also quite narrow and steep and we didn’t want to be driving between tastings. You’ll have a great time and the beauty of the Douro Valley is breathtaking. Enjoy!!

  10. Douro Valley looks beautiful not only as a wine region but even otherwise, so beautiful! I’d love to take a road trip to this place and I can’t believe you can rent a car for as less as €5 for a day in Porto! I love road trips especially when it is in such scenic places. Also, because I love wines, I have the incentive to try a variety of wines which is another reason I’d love to visit this place. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • You are most welcome Medha. So glad you enjoyed reading and discovering the Douro Valley through the article. We’d recommend spending a couple of days in the region to get the most out of the experience. Besides, with all the amazing wines, you’ll need to take a break 🙂 Cheers.

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    • Glad even as a non-wine drinker you can still appreciate the beautiful Douro Valley region. Yes, it was pretty easy driving in the region, though some of the roads were narrow and with twists and turns. It’s easy to get around. Thanks Carmen for stopping by.

  12. Douro Valley in Portugal is so damn gorgeous. I am already in love with it and the best if so many varieties of wine. We will love tasting them all. Car rental is really less and I to feel it will be the best option for sightseeing.

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  14. Visiting the Douro Valley is on my list for my next trip to Portugal. When I was there we sampled some wonderful Port in Porto, but we didn’t make it into the Valley. I definitely want to make it a priority to stop at Casa Ferreirinha Wines because you know, girl power! Great post!

  15. I have always wanted to bike through the Loire Valley but Douro seems like a beautiful alternative, especially when they offer free bikes at the B&B. I would want to avoid the scorching 100 degree weather, but that sounds doable. The small plates and sausages look really good too.

  16. Like the strong character of Dona Antónia Ferreira who confronted all men winemakers in the Valley. No wonder the wines by Casa Ferreirinha are some of the best in the Douro Valley .
    Only exceptional personalities can produce exceptional wines!

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    • Thank you Susanna. So glad you enjoyed the article. That’s great that you have a dedicated Portuguese wine shop in Munich. Unfortunately for us in the U.S., the liquor stores or wine shops carry a very limited selection of Douro Valley wines. Yes, Quinta de Tedo is quite amazing for the wines and the experience. Hope you get to Portugal soon.

  18. I was just talking about Porto a couple days ago. Glad to hear Douro Valley is so close and car rental is inexpensive. Thanks for the tip about the toll roads!

  19. I’m a huge fan of Portugal and the Douro. We don’t know their wines so well in the UK because the production is not that large so much of it is kept for home consumption. Such stunning landscapes, as your article shows! I want to go visit Vintage House in particular

  20. We are already a big fan of Portuguese wine (especially the reds) and food but we still haven’t taken a trip along the Douro Valley. We hope to next spring as it’s quite easy to get there from the UK. We could spend a week there exploring the wine areas.

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    • It’s true that Portugal’s wines are not well known outside of the country. We hope through this article to help spread the word about the amazing local foods and wines. The car rental prices really surprised us, in a good way! Thanks, Candy.

  25. I went to the Douro Valley last fall and fell in love with the food and wine. I agree it is some of the best wine and cuisine in Portugal. This blog really brings me back to exploring the rover valley as well. The train ride is just stunning.

  26. I really want to visit Portugal and although I’m not much of a wine drinker, the scenery looks incredible. So pretty and relaxing. Will definitely keep this place in mind when I go.

  27. Wow, the undulating curves of the Douro wine region hillsides create a beautiful and dramatic landscape ! I understand why the Douro Valley could as easily be called the enchanted valley 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of wine but for sure I won’t miss the stay in Tabuaço to taste the Filé de Vitela arroz de grelos com moira !

    • Whatever your beverage pleasure, you will find it in Portugal. If wine is not your cup-of-tea, the craft beer scene in Portugal is growing. The Filé de Vitela arroz de grelos com moira in Tabuaço is certainly worth it!!

  28. This post was so informational. I’ve had Portugal on my travel list for a few years now. I don’t drink wine (poor me, allergic to some grape varieties) but I still love to tour wine regions and vineyards – especially if I’m with someone who can sample. You mentioned that car rentals are totally affordable. Was it easy to drive there as well?

    • Oh that’s bummer that you are allergic to wines. Not to worry, you’ll find so many other local beverages to savor in Portugal. Don’t let that stop you from visiting one of the most beautiful countries out there. To answer your question, driving was easy too, but specifically outside of Lisbon. You don’t need a car in the capital. Thanks, Tess.

  29. Doesn’t it seem like every scene in wine country is gorgeous Claire? I rolled through the South Island of New Zealand last month. Breath-taking. But ditto any region with vineyards, world-wide. Rocking post!

    • You are so right, wine regions are just gorgeous. What was unique about the Duoro Valley were the steeped terraces and being in the oldest demarcated wine region in the world 🙂 Have not made it to New Zealand yet. Can’t wait to discover the wines there soon. Thanks for stopping by Ryan.

    • We have not been to Portugal but a Lisbon and Porto stay is in our list. And my husband will surely go on this your. He lives bold intense reds and would love them with those petiscos.


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