Why You Want To Have a Food Tour in Bangkok at Night

The Bangkok food scene is renowned worldwide and it is easy to find street food at every corner. Why then would you want to take a food tour in Bangkok at night?

Well, the food scene can be overwhelming and a bit of guidance goes a long way. Also at night, the weather is cooler, your senses are heightened and Bangkok becomes fully alive with the smell and sounds of the street vendors.

One of the most iconic modes of transportation in Bangkok is the tuk-tuk.  So when the opportunity to explore the food scene on a tuk-tuk came along, we jumped on it.

Ready? Follow us to the streets of Bangkok on this night tour.

A Taste of The Unique Flavors of Thailand

Our guide for the food tour in Bangkok at night was Expique, a Bangkok based company that focuses on local, off the beaten path experiences. The meeting point was Krung Thonburi BTS (train) Station at 6 pm.

Here, we met up with the rest of the group, a British couple, a young lady from Calgary and the two of us. A small and intimate group.

Simon, the founder of Expique and “Net”, our food tour guide for the night, welcomed us with a tasting of four flavors unique to Thailand – tamarind, mango, banana, and ginger.

Expique Product Sampling bangkok at night by AuthenticFoodQuestSimon and Net sharing the flavors of Thailand. Can you match the flavors to the products?

After a brief introduction to the area and agenda for the evening, we excitedly hopped into our tuk-tuks for a food adventure in Bangkok at night. Expique keeps the tuk-tuk experience fun and safe, with small groups and 2 people per vehicle.

Tuk-Tuk adventure at Bangkok at night with ExpiqueReady for the tuk-tuk adventure

Authentic Food Quest Tip: Taking a food tour of Bangkok at night is an exceptional experience you’ll never forget. From the tuk tuk rides, heritage stops and the amazing street food, you’ll see Bangkok come to life at night in a very unique way. Book your Bangkok food tour at night for an amazing experience.

Appetizers The Thai Way

With our taste buds open, we made our way to Tha Din Daeng road for appetizers.

Tha Din Daeng road is one of the least known (among tourists) but one of the exciting spots to get a tasting of local Thai street food in the Bangkok.

As we walked down the streets of Bangkok by night, Net, our guide would point out different dishes and tell us about them as well as how they are prepared.

In addition to being a food tour guide, Net also runs her own food stall where she sells soy-based products for breakfast.  As a result, we got in-depth local information from a local street food vendor. You can’t beat that level of authenticity!

Chili stop at Bangkok at night with expique tours by authentic food questNet, pointing out various Thai chilis

For appetizers, we had local Chinese drinks and satay. One of the drinks was bitter and made with Chinese herbs. The other one was a sweet tea made with the Lotus plant. Both these traditional drinks have wellness benefits.

Bitter tasting chinese herb drink at bangkok at night tour with ExpiqueBitter tasting Chinese herb drink

Next, we cozied up at the impossible to miss satay grills heaped high with pork satay. This famous stand is said to grill over 3,000 skewers at a time. We enjoyed delicious pork satay and chicken liver, dipped into various Thai chili sauces.

Satay grilling on the streets of Bangkok at night with ExpiqueSatay grilling on the streets of Bangkok by night
Bangkok at night with Expique eating pork satay and chicken liver by authentic food questEating pork satay and chicken liver with our guide Net

The Bangkok Night Tour Continues to the Flower Market

The thought of grilled chicken, didn’t excite us at first when we learned it would be our next step. We didn’t know what to expect, but we went along with it, enjoying the tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok at night. We made our way over to Bangkok’s main flower market, Pak Klong Talad.  

Sitting across from the flower market, we were treated to delicious sweet chicken. The sweet chicken, lightly fried, was covered in spicy chili sauce that went perfectly with rice and a side of vegetables.

This was an unexpected and succulent introduction to the famous sweet chicken in Bangkok. This reminded us of the famous “Peruvian style chicken” though the flavors were quite different!

gai yang fried chicken bangkok at night authentic food questPieces of Sweet Chicken
Sweet chicken dish bangkok at night authentic food questSlices of delicious sweet chicken

Royal Curries and Salads

When we walked into the unassuming Krua Apsorn, restaurant, we were immediately struck by all the accolades on the wall declaring it a top restaurant and one of the best restaurants in the world.

One of the reasons the restaurant is famous is because the owner of the restaurant used to cook for the Thai Royal family, different from Royal Laos cuisine. While the decor is nothing to get excited about, the food is outstanding, and the best food we had on the tour.

You cannot visit Thailand and not have the curries. As such, we had the green curry with chicken and the yellow curry with prawns and lotus shoots. Both these curries were served with rice and seasoned to perfection.

green curry bangkok at night authentic food questGreen curry with chicken
yellow curry bangkok at night authentic food questYellow curry with prawns and lotus shoots

The two dishes that had us begging for more were the stir-fried dishes. The stir fried stink beans with shrimp and minced pork and the stir fried Thai flower with minced pork.

These mouthwatering dishes were exquisite. The crunchiness of the vegetables with the contrast of the spicy pork and shrimp sauces was perfectly balanced. This was our first time tasting Thai flower and we absolutely fell in love. This stop was well worth the visit and a great introduction to authentic Royal Thai dishes.

stir fried string beans bangkok at night authentic food quest food travel experiencesStir fried stink beans with shrimp and minced pork
stir fried thai flowe bangkok a tnight authentic food questStir fried Thai flower with minced pork

An alcoholic drink is included on the tour and the group had a chance to enjoy the Thai beer Singha at the restaurant.

Singha beer bangkok at night authentic food questSingha beer

Temple of Bangkok At Night

After having indulged in so many delicious and iconic Thai dishes, a break from the food was welcomed!

That’s when we stopped at Wat Pho just south of the Grand Palace. This temple has the largest collection of Buddha in Thailand, including the famous reclining Buddha.

We had visited Wat Pho during the day and to our surprise we discovered that we could come to Wat Pho at night as well and for free! Although we could not see the reclining Buddha, it was nice to walk around in a much quieter and peaceful environment.

wat pho bangkok at night authentic food questWat Pho at night

Fried Noodles in the Phlap Phla Chai area of Bangkok

After Wat Pho visit, it was time to head toward Chinatown and its famous street foods. Our guide led us through an obscure back alley just north of Chinatown where fresh noodles were sizzling in large pans. It was fun and quite a show watching the skillful cooks tossing the noodles and playing with fire.

Ann fried noodles bangkok at night authentic food questCooking fried noodle in the back alley of Bangkok

We walked into the back an eatery called Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai and ordered two versions of the main fried noodle dish we had just seen cooking outside.

I had the roast chicken with egg noodle dish also called Guay Tiew Kua Gai.  While Rosemary tried the roast chicken-ham squid noodle dish.

fried noodles guay tiew kua gai bangkok at night authentic food questFried noodles guay tiew kua gai
fried squid noodles guay tiew kua gai bangkok at night authentic food questFried squid noodles

Wow, be prepared for heavenly tasting but greasy dishes. The noodles are sticky and crispy at the same time. The flavors are a mix of the charcoal from the fire, the greasy oil enhanced with soft chicken and a runny egg. I found the taste quite delightful though the noodle dishes are not geared towards the light eater.

Rosemary, on the other hand, liked her dish, but found it a bit too much after all the food we had already eaten.

It is definitely a unique experience you’ll want to have in this hard to find eatery.

Sweet Treats in Chinatown to End The Bangkok Food Tour at Night

We got to Chinatown or Yaowarat, our last stop at about 10pm. We were all already stuffed from all the eating, but eager to try popular local desserts. The energy in Chinatown in Bangkok at night was pulsating. There were people everywhere fires burning cooking up a variety of delicious treats.

We made our way over to a dessert stall across from the Shanghai Mansion Hotel, where we were treated to one hot dessert and two cold treats. What we enjoyed about the dessert choices is that they were unusual and not the typical popular desserts you find in Thailand.

The Black Sesame Dumpling in Ginger was Rosemary’s favorite. This hot dessert was served in ginger syrup. The dumplings were soft and chewy and filled with a sweet black sesame paste. This dessert is delicious and popular at festivals and events.

sesame dumpling bangkok at night authentic food quest popular Thai dessertBlack sesame dumplings in warm ginger soup

Rather than the popular mango sticky rice dessert, we had green mango with a sweet fish sauce with chili. This simple dessert is made up of slices of green mango and a spicy chili dipping sauce. As unexpected as that might sound, the flavors complement each other for a delicious sourness.

mango vendor bangkok at night authentic food quest Choosing green mango and chili

Birdsnest is a Chinese delicacy, believed to have a number of health benefits. We had seen it on a Chicago Chinatown food tour and were curious to try it. For the dessert, we chose the Gingko Birdnest version that came with ice.

While it was tasty, it lacked in flavor as compared to the sesame dumpling or the spicy chili sauce with the green mangos.

gingko birds nest bangkok at night authentic food questDessert Gingko Birdsnest
Authentic Food Quest Page_Break

In Summary

Although we love exploring cities by ourselves, we found the Bangkok food tour and tuk tuk adventure at night to be a fun and insightful tour.

Getting leisurely and safely transported in Bangkok at night by tuk-tuk makes for a relaxed and entertaining experience.

Combining that with off the beaten path stops at delicious eateries and learning about the dishes that make Thai cuisine special, was a real treat. This Bangkok night tour is a great introduction to help you navigate the city’s overwhelming food scene.

All in all, this Expique tour was a fun way to discover Bangkok at night. This tuk-tuk food tour Bangkok is perfect for first-time visitors or anyone looking to explore the city in a unique way.

Additional Information

Duration of the tour: Approximately 4 hours from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Price: $82 USD per person

Tours: Small group tours, fun tuk tuk experience and amazing Bangkok street food

Special thanks to Expique for having us on this tour. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too.

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expique food tour bangkok at night authentic food quest

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32 Comments on “Why You Want To Have a Food Tour in Bangkok at Night”

  1. I’m totally with you! The real streetfood culture comes to life in the night, and it is especially true for countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, India … My only problem during the food tours that I end up eating too much ))) Luckily, happy emotions from great food turn out to be so strong, that they help me avoid any potential stomach problems 😉

    • The key to taking food tours is to eat light before the tour and then pace yourself throughout the tour. It can be difficult with all the delicious delights, but it is key to an enjoyable experience on the tour and post-tour. It is amazing how the street culture comes alive after dark. Feeling the energy and excitement is an experience all by itself. Have not made it to Japan or India yet…they are on the list to check out soon. Thanks for your comments Anastasia.

  2. OMG this all looks so amazing! And what a fun experience. Up until recently, I have not been interested in any type of food tour (I like to create my own), but this seems like such as great time I’ll have to try it when I take the trip out to Bangkok. Beautiful pictures!

    • Happy to hear that this convinced you to take a food tour. What made Expique really unique was the local insights from our local guide and the fun tuk-tuk experience. Give it a shot the next time you are in Bangkok and you will be amazed. So glad you enjoyed the article and our pictures 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Oh WOW… I’ve always wanted to do a food tour like this, I’ve drooled my way through the whole tour. What an amazing adventure, bet your taste buds were singing huh.

    Thai food and Thailand in general is one of my favourite Asian destinations but I’ve never stayed longer than a night in Bangkok. You’ve reminded me why I have to go back soon. Food, glorious food.

    • Well stated—food, glorious food in Bangkok. Even if you don’t have time when you are in Bangkok next, take the tour with Expique for a fun adventure. In about four hours, you will hit several local eateries and see quite a bit of Bangkok. Whatever you do, get back to Thailand soon for the food 🙂 Thanks Anna for your comments!!

  4. I would be too overwhelmed with so many dishes in such a short space of time. It must have been quite a thrill to jump on and off the tuk-tuk, and you could probably get wafts of all the smells driving past in a vehicle with no doors.

    • Actually Mars, the experience with Expique was not overwhelming. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is a lot of food, so one needs to come hungry 🙂 The tuk-tuk adventure was so much fun. It was cooler, making it a very comfortable as well. Give Expique a shot on your next trip to Bangkok. Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks Simon for hosting us. We had a so much fun on the tuk-tuks and discovering Bangkok at night. Net is a fun and very knowledgeable guide who really gave us a local and authentic experience. We highly recommend Expique for tours in Bangkok. Best wishes.

  5. Great wrap up. I did a four day food tour in Thailand that started in Bangkok. Loved every minute of it. This one sounds terrific too. How good is the food, and the street food in Thailand. Still miss this food every day and do as much as we can at home to replicate it.

    • Wow, that must have been amazing Kerri, a 4 day food tour across Thailand. How fun!! Yes, the food in Thailand is incredible and the street food scene is outstanding. A food tour in Bangkok or in Thailand in general, is worth the experience. Thanks for your comments.

  6. It sounds like my kind of tour! The food looks amazing and to be able to taste it with a local, in some off beaten places, it gives you a total different knowledge of the local gastronomy. But in this case, how did you handle all the spice? Was it to hot in the end?

    • Thanks, Marlene. Indeed, you can’t beat the experience of getting a local guide to take you to places you would not find easily by yourself. We did end up learning quite a lot about the food and local culture. The food was not too spicy and you are free to adjust the “spice levels” of the dishes to your preference:) A great experience and highly recommended on your next trip to Bangkok!! Cheers

  7. This tour looks like an absolute blast! I’ve been to Bangkok before and I love all the street food, however, it’s overwhelming to know where to begin if traveling independently. The thought of having a guided tour on a tuk tuk and being taken to all the best places sounds too perfect. Adding this tour as a must-do the next time I’m in Bangkok. Thanks for sharing your experience and recommendation!

  8. Yum! Everything that you tried on this tour looks really good. I don’t recall having lotus shoots in any of the Thai dishes we had in Thailand and love that they look like pasta noodles. I especially love that there were no fried bugs on this tour, because I just can’t stomach trying the various fried bugs that seem to be everywhere at night.

    • Thanks Jennifer and we were thankful as well for no fried bugs. It was really an amazing and authentic food experience. That’s what we loved about Expique, real experiences rather than for “show.” The food was pretty tasty, even simple dishes like the chicken. Thanks for your comments, and when you are next in Bangkok, give Expique a try 🙂


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