French Wine Club Review: Is SomMailier Worth it?

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When we first heard about Sommailier, the French wine club that delivers bottles of wine from France, we were intrigued.

As a wine lover and French, I relish wines coming directly from the winemakers from boutique vineyards across France. 

This is the promise Sommailier makes – bringing hard-to-find French wines directly from the artisan winemakers to the U.S.

Are you, like us, a French wine lover?  Or do you simply want to learn more about French wines but don’t know where to start? 

Join us as we explore SomMailier’s French Wine Club

In this review, we will go over the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it or not.

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What is SomMailier?

Sommailier Wine Box with three French Wines by AuthenticFoodQuest
Our French wine box from Sommailier

As French wine lovers, we could not have been more excited to discover SomMailier.  

Sommailier is a French wine club that brings exclusive wines directly from France to the US. The wines are from artisan French winemakers not found at US retailers or liquor stores.

Laurent Yung, from a fifth-generation winemaker, started the venture in 2017. While in San Diego, he missed French wines from small producers. With his brother Patrick, a French wine distributor, they teamed up to introduce the finest boutique French wines to the US market.

More than just the wines, you get to know the story behind each bottle. Every wine shipment comes with information about the wines, the winemakers, food pairing suggestions, and more.

While it is a mouthful to pronounce, we smile at the play on words of the SomMailier name. 

It’s part selected by a sommelier combined with “mail” to you for the final part of the name.

SomMailier Pros and Cons

SomMailier ProsSomMailier Cons
✅ Remarkable wines❌ Shipping not included
✅ Accessible and detailed wine booklet❌ Priced for exclusivity
✅ Easy ordering and delivery❌ Food pairing suggestions but no French recipes
✅ Vineyard visits in Bordeaux
✅ Reorder discounts

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French Wine Club Pros

French Red Wine from Bordeaux by AuthenticFoodQuest
French Red Wine from Bordeaux
  • Remarkable wines: Being from France and a wine lover, I have had my fair share of French wines. And I’ve lived in two of the most desirable wine regions, the Rhone Valley and Burgundy. The SomMailier wines, we thought, were remarkable. We enjoyed an unusual French red wine from Burgundy and French white from the Bordeaux region. Most importantly, the wines were refined with unique flavors and aromas. 
  • Accessible and detailed wine booklet: Each subscription box contains a detailed booklet about the wines, the wine region, and the winemakers. We appreciated the easy and accessible wine stories and food pairing suggestions. Getting to know the owners felt like being part of a close-knit community.
  • Easy ordering and delivery: We were impressed with the easy ordering and delivery process. Our package arrived within a week of ordering, well secured and with a protective mold inside to guarantee the safety of the wine bottles. Everything was seamless.
  • Vineyard visits in Bordeaux: If you are traveling to Bordeaux, you can enjoy a VIP visit to one of Sommailier wineries. The founder, Laurent Yung, has family in Bordeaux that owns and manages vineyards, and they arrange access and personalized visits.
  • Reorder discounts: If you love a particular French wine, Sommailier offers the flexibility to re-order wines from their cellar at a discounted rate.


Bottles French Wine from Sommailier by AuthenticFoodQuest
Exquisite wines from Sommailier

It was hard to find anything negative about the experience with Sommailier. From the wines, to the overall process and customer service, everything was seamless.

  • Shipping not included: One thing to note is that shipping is not included with the wines. However, when you use code AFQ10 at checkout you can save 10% making up for the shipping costs.
  • Priced for exclusivity: Compared to French wines that are easily available at liquor stores, a bottle of Sommailier French wine costs more. With Sommailier, you are paying for exclusivity and unique wines from small producers that are only available in France. Once you experience Sommailier, you may come to appreciate the value it provides.
  • Consider recipe pairing: Even though the main focus is on the wines, it would be nice to also get a French recipe. It could be a simple recipe for one of the food pairings suggested. This simple add-on could provide wine lovers who love to cook with additional insight into French culture and cuisine.

French Wine Club Review – How Does SomMailier Work?

Francophiles and French wine lovers have a couple of options available for getting to know fine French wines.

There are three main ways to join this French wine club.

C’est La Vie Subscription


With the C’est La Vie subscription, you get to choose three bottles of wine to be delivered to your home every quarter.  You can choose all French red wines, French white wines, or a mix of both.

The pricing is $105 per quarter for twelve months for these unique wines from France. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you can cancel your subscription to Sommalier at any time, if you just want to try one box.

Rendez-Vous Subscription


The Rendez-Vous subscription is double the size of C’est La Vie. With Rendez-Vous, you choose six bottles of wine to be delivered to your home.

Similarly, you can choose all red wines, all white wines or a mix of both French red and white wines.

Pricing for the Rendez-Vous subscription is $203 per quarter or every three months for one year.

You can also cancel your sommailer subscription at any time.

Et Voila Gift


The Et Voila Gift shipment is perfect for a gathering or for a gift for a wine lover who appreciates exclusive wines from France. 

This shipment consists of 12 bottles of French wines, which will delight the gift recipient and make them think of you every time they open a new bottle.

Like the other Sommalier subscriptions, you have total flexibility to choose your wines and the frequency of delivery.

If you are purchasing the wine for a party or as a gift, a one time shipment of $399 will suffice.

For an ongoing French wine adventure, get a 12-bottle shipment every quarter for a year for $389.

French Wine Gift – Best French Wines

French Wines bottles from Sommailier by AuthenticFoodQuest
Give the gift of French wine

Sommelier makes it easy to give the gift of French wines. You can purchase just one shipment as a gift.

You choose to gift either 3, 6, or 12 bottles. There is no contract required and no commitment. 

What makes this such a unique gift is that you can be rest assured that the wine lover you are buying the gift for will never have tried the wines.

The French wines come with detailed notes or sommelier-type descriptions with the story of the wines and food pairing recommendations.

Surprise your loved oenophiles with the gift of the best French wines from Sommailier.

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SomMailier C’est La Vie – Review

C'est la vie French Wine Club Sommailier box by AuthenticFoodQuest
First look into the C’est La Vie wine box

For our Sommailier review, we ordered the C’est La Vie box of three French wines. We chose two red wines and one white French wine.

We were immediately impressed by how quickly our wines were delivered. It only took about seven days from placing the order to receiving the French wines.

The wines came packaged in a sturdy cardboard box thick enough to protect the wines. Inside was additional infill material to provide extra cushioning.

Watch our French Wine Club unboxing video for more details about the experience.

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Information Cards With The French Wines

French Wines Information Cards from Sommailier Wine Club by AuthenticFoodQuest
Detailed information about each of the French wines and winemakers

We were excited to find the detailed sommelier-like notes in the box.

And, pleasantly surprised to discover an enclosed thoughtful and practical gift of a no-spill pourer.

Each of the selected wines had detailed notes about the winery, including the family story and the wine aging process.

On the back side of the information cards was a handy visual representation of where the winery is located in France.

And importantly, food pairing suggestions were offered for each of the wines. For instance, rich poultry dishes to pair with our Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise wine. And, seafood to go with the white Sauvignon wine.

French Red Wines

The two French red wines we received were from two different regions of France. 

From Graves in the Bordeaux region, we had Chateau de Portets 2015. The grape varieties in this splendid wine were 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Merlot. 

On the nose the aromas were floral and the flavor fruity and balanced. We really enjoyed this wine.

The second French red wine was from Bourgogne, Côte Chalonnaise 2017. We loved this wine, and it reminded us of the year we spent living in Burgundy.

Made from a single variety of Pinot Noir grapes, we found this wine delightful.This is a fruit forward wine with fresh flavors and smooth edges.

For dinner one night, we paired it with beef and enjoyed a wonderful meal and complementary flavors.

French White Wine

French White Wine by AuthenticFoodQuest
Unboxing our French white wine from Sommailier

While we prefer red wines, we were very impressed by the Chateau La Place – Côtes de Duras 2018 white wine we received.

This was our first time having a wine from the Côtes de Duras region, which is situated near the Dordogne River, east of Bordeaux. 

This wine, 100% Sauvignon grape comes from a three-generation family of winemakers. We savored its fruity, refreshing tastes with complex flavors.

Back of the French Wine Bottles by AuthenticFoodQuest
More specific details on the back for the wine bottles

In addition to the helpful information listed on the cards, there was also more detail on the back of each bottle.

Recommendations such as how to serve, how long the wine can be stored, and pairing ideas were also helpful. 

There’s nothing like sipping excellent French wines while learning about wine, region, and terroir.

Verdict – Is Sommailier French Wine Club Worth It?

Bordeaux French Red Wine Bottle by AuthenticFoodQuest
Finest boutique French wines

If you’re a French wine lover or interested in learning more about French wines and wine regions, then Sommailier is worth it

We thought Sommailier did a great job of creating a unique experience. And, It made us feel special being part of this French wine club.

The wines were truly exclusive and certainly different from the French wines you typically find.

While we cannot ignore the pricing, the higher prices are within the range of other wines of this superior quality. 

The flexibility to re-order wines from their cellar is a nice perk with additional discount as part of the membership.

With options for monthly shipments or one-time gifts, there are plenty of opportunities to appeal to the tastes of wine lovers.

For this level of experience and quality of wines, we believe Sommailier, is definitely worth a try.

Sommailier French Wine Club Alternatives

For a couple alternatives to Sommailier but still focused on French wine, check out the two French wine clubs alternatives below.

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Organic French Wines by Organic Wine Exchange

Organic Wine Exchange wines by Authentic Food Quest
A hand picked organic wines – Photo credit: Organic Wine Exchange Facebook page

French Wine SamplerIf you are looking for organic French wines, consider the French wine Sampler from Organic Wine Exchange. You can choose 3, 6, or 12 bottles coming from organic wine producers in France. Pricing is relatively affordable with 3, 6, or 12 bottles ranges from $65 to $209.

French Sparking Wines by Le Grand Courtage

Le Grand Courtage - Wedding

Le Grand Courtage is a unique club that focuses on Sparkling wines from France. If you are celebrating weddings, anniversaries or any special occasions, French sparkling wines can elevate the experience. You can choose 3, 4, or 6 bottles of Brut or Brut Rosé sparkling wines. The Wine Club membership starts at $60 for 3 bottles.

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French Wine Club – Sommailer Frequently Asked Questions

Sommailier French Wines Review by AuthenticFoodQuest
Truly exclusive wines

Can I cancel my French Wine Club Subscription?

Any of the subscriptions to Sommailer can be canceled at any time. It is risk-free, and there are no commitments. Simply log into your account and cancel your shipments. 

You can try one of the subscription packages or gift French wine to a friend and then cancel your subscription easily online. 

French Wine Delivery – Does Someone Have To Be Home To Receive The Order?

For the shipment of alcohol, it’s a good idea to have an adult over 21 years at home to sign for the wines.

Prior to the delivery of your French wines, you will receive an email notification from UPS with the scheduled date and time of the delivery. 

This gives you the opportunity to make sure there is an adult available to accept the package.

What If I Don’t Like The Wine?

When you purchase wines of this quality, you don’t really expect anything to go wrong. However, if that is not the case, Sommelier will take care of you.

While we did not experience any bad wines, on their website, Sommalier promises to replace or refund any wines that might turn bad during shipment.

Simply call or email Sommalier, and describe your issue.

Can I Order Only The Individual Wines I Particularly Liked?

On the Sommailier website, visit the “Wine Cellar” tab and shop for your favorite French wine. 

Browse the selection of French red, white, and rosé wines and simply re-order the bottles you would like.

You can order 3, 6 or 12 bottles and enjoy your favorite French wines at home. Keep in mind, that wines from the cellar are only available while supplies last.

Can I Visit the Vineyards in France?

There is nothing like drinking French wines in France. And, if you are traveling to France, you can visit the vineyards in Bordeaux that belong to the family of the founders of Sommailer.

Personalized visits can be organized for you. All you have to do is reach out to Sommailer on their website to coordinate the details.

It would be best to contact Sommailer as much in advance as possible to help accommodate your request.

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