Your Guide to the Unique Miami Flavors of Doral Restaurants

Traveling through food is the best way to experience a local culture.

Whether you are traveling within your home state or internationally, exploring the local flavors gives you a new perspective on the area.

Florida is one of the most diverse states in the country. And, Miami embodies multi-culturalism shaped by immigrants from Latin America, Cuba, Haiti, the Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean.

After our quest for Authentic Food in Southeast Asia, we are in Florida, house sitting in Wellington, near West Palm Beach.

As we continue to explore the local flavors wherever we are based, we put a spotlight on the Doral restaurants in the vibrant city of Doral, not far from Miami.

Let’s take a journey and explore the unique Miami flavors of Doral restaurants.

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Doral, Miami: An Unexpected Gem

Just a few miles west of the Miami International Airport, is the City of Doral, a hidden gem.

The area is known for two main activities. Golfing and shopping.

Doral has been home to PGA-level golf tournaments with contenders like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and more. Miami’s largest mall, called Dolphin Mall is also located in Doral.

If you find yourself in Doral golfing or shopping, take the time to explore the unique local flavors at the best Doral restaurants.

Doral Restaurants: Where to Eat Locally & Authentically

PIsco y Nazca Doral: Best Peruvian Restaurant in Doral

We love Peruvian food and enjoyed discovering the variety of flavors while on our quest for authentic food in South America.

Pisco y Nazca Doral, a modern Ceviche Gastrobar is one of the best restaurants in Doral for authentic Peruvian food.

Executive chef Miguel, originally from Peru, has a unique menu featuring shareable plates, divided into ceviches, small plate, and large plates.

PiscoyNazcaKitchen_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestThe open kitchen at Pisco y Nazca restaurant
PiscoyNazca_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestOutdoor seating at Pisco y Nazca

The menu selection has many of our favorite dishes from Peru. From Peruvian Criollo dishes to Nikkei, Peruvian-Japanese fusion, the variety of local dishes offered is impressive.


Rather than order off the menu, chef Miguel curated a selection of starters for us to share.

The first starter was Nikkei, made with ahi tuna, mirin, soy sauce, wasabi peas, cucumbers, canchaca, leche de tigre, topped with a wonton-sesame crisp.

PiscoyNazca_CevicheNikkei_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestLight and flavorful tuna ceviche

The first few bites were delightful. The flavors took us right back to Peru where we first had Nikkei cuisine. The sweet and spicy flavors with the contrast of textures perfectly complemented the delicate flavors of the ahi tuna.


Grilled Octopus – Causa Pulpo 

We were initially surprised by the use of Argentinian chimichurri sauce in this dish. But when we took our first bite, we immediately understood why.

Spread over thick chunks of grilled octopus, is a thin layer of chimichurri sauce and olive aioli. To go along with the octopus is a side of whipped potatoes.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST RECIPE: Authentic Argentine Chimichurri Recipe

PiscoyNazca_Octopus_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestChef miguel describing the octopus
PiscoyNazca_Octopus2_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestThick chunks of grilled octopus with chimichurri sauce

The octopus is incredibly tender and mild. The vibrant flavors of the chimichurri sauce, together with the octopus and potatoes create the perfect blend of fresh and delightful flavor

Twice Fried Plantains – Tostones 

Popular in many Latin homes from the Caribbeans to South America, are tostones. These are green plantains that are twice fried and typically served as a savory side dish.

At Pisco y Nazca, chef Miguel layers tostones with a mix of different toppings. On three tostones, find a layer of pulled pork, avocado, salsa criolla, and the famous Argentinian chimichurri sauce.

PiscoyNazca_Tostones_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestPlatter of fresh and delicious tostones

These tostones are filling and the pulled pork, tender and flavorful. The salsa criollo and aji amarillo sauces add a touch of spice that perfectly rounds out the flavors. This is a delicious appetizer to share.

Beef Heart – Anticuchos Corazon 

Anticuchos are a popular street food in Peru with a long history coming from African slaves. In Peru, we ate them on the streets like locals, choosing the traditional anticuchos corazon, which are pieces of grilled heart served on skewers.

When we mentioned our experience in Peru to chef Miguel, he immediately had us try his version of anticuchos corazon.

PiscoyNazca_Anticuchos_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestTraditional Peruvian anticuchos or beef heart

A heaping plate of beef heart on skewers served with fried potatoes, choclo (Peruvian corn) and topped with a spicy sauce (aji panca) was delivered to our table.

Right away, we noticed a couple of key differences. In Peru, the anticuchos are grilled, while at the restaurant, they are seared. As a result of the different cooking methods, the tastes and textured differed.

While tasty, there is nothing like queuing up on the streets of Peru for anticuchos with locals.

Surprising Chocolate Dome Dessert  

To complete the experience of the unique flavors at Pisco y Nazca, was their signature dessert, the chocolate dome.

On a beautiful plate, chef Miguel brought out a dome shaped chocolate dessert. As soon as he set the plate down, he gently poured a white chocolate ganache sauce over the dark chocolate to reveal a mouthwatering interior of sweet potato custard in a warm ganache.

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This culinary masterpiece is the perfect marriage of decadent flavors. Swimming in layers of dark chocolate contrasted with unusual sweet potato ice cream is the perfect way to end a delightful meal.

PiscoyNazca_ChefMiguel_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestAt the end of a delicious dinner with Chef Miguel of Pisco y Nazca restaurant

5300 Chop House Restaurant at Provident Doral at The Blue Miami

While exploring the local flavors of Doral restaurants, we ate at the signature restaurant 5300 Chop House of The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami resort.

Featuring a modern American cuisine with a local Latin twist, you’ll be in for a treat!

5300 Chop House is known for their steak served churrasco style. They also serve fresh fish from Florida and locally grown vegetables and fruits.


With that in mind, Claire had the 14 oz. churrasco steak with drunken mushrooms. The steak was enormous and spread out across the plate. Served with a generous portion of fries, this is a huge meal for steak lovers or the perfect plate for sharing.

5300Chophouse_Churrasco_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestHuge and tender portions of Churassco

Fish Tacos

Intrigued by the fresh fish from Florida, I went with the fish tacos made with grilled Mahi-Mahi fish and served with tostones. The tacos were delicious and the Mahi-Mahi fresh and firm. The accompanying Caribbean-style salsa sauce added just the right amount of spice and flavor to complete the dish.

The tostones were simple and freshly made. Hot and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, they are easy to eat and packed with flavor.

5300Chophouse_FishTacos_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestFreshly grilled fish tacos with tostones
5300Chophouse_Meal_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestScrumptious meal at 5300 Chop House restaurant

Argentinian Ice Cream – Freddo Helado

For an icy treat and to cool off from the Miami heat, taste the flavors of Argentinian desserts with their popular helados.

Helado is the Spanish word for ice cream and Argentinians have mastered the art of making it. While in Argentina on our quest for authentic food, we fell in love with the helados, the gelato style ice cream and could not get enough.

When we discovered Freddo Helado from Argentina in Doral, we were ecstatic. We immediately ordered Argentina’s most popular ice cream flavor dulce de leche, and took a trip down memory lane. 

While in Doral, don’t skip the authentic flavors ice cream flavors of Argentina

FreddoIceCream_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestDelicious and creamy dulce de leche helado

Where to Stay – Provident Doral at The Blue Miami Resort

The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami is a 4-star resort nestled in 17 lush acres. It is an all suite resort offering full-size apartments with fully equipped kitchens and oversized bathrooms.

ProvidentDoralAerialView_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestAerial view of The Provident Doral at The Miami Blue (photo credit: The Provident Doral)


The rooms at The Provident Doral are ideal for longer visits by families or business travelers thanks to the generous amount of space. Our spacious one bedroom apartment was well spread out with the square footage of an apartment.

The dining room opens into a fully equipped kitchen. Although we didn’t use the kitchen, it is well stocked with everything one might need to cook and feel like home.

With grocery stores close by, you can prepare breakfast or a quick meal and eat on the private balcony with a view of the golf course.

Provident Doral at The Blue Miami_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticFoodQuestThe luxurious one bedroom suite (photo credit: The Provident Doral)
ProvidentDoralKitchen_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestFully equipped kitchen when you want to eat in (photo credit: The Provident Doral)

The bedroom suite was more like a trendy apartment than a hotel room. An oversize king size bed with a plush mattress, large closet space with one of two ensuite bathrooms.  The lush bathrooms had a rain showers with the perfect amount of pressure and bathtubs for complete relaxation.

With plush towel bathrobe and comfortable slippers, the suites are the perfect oasis for relaxing and unwinding after a day of shopping or sightseeing.

The Provident Doral at Blue Miami_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticFoodQuestLarge and luxurious bedroom (photo credit: The Provident Doral)
ProvidentDoralBathroom_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestOversized bathroom with rain shower and bathtub

For a closer look at the luxurious suites at Provident Doral at The Blue Miami, here is 360 video of our suite. Rotate and see different perspectives using a mouse click or arrow keys to zoom in and out.

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Amenities at The Provident Doral at The Miami Blue

The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami features a Spa, a fitness center, and a swimming-pool.

Spa Azul

Spa Azul offers a variety of treatments for both men and women. We took the opportunity to pamper and relax with two massages focused on the troublesome neck and back areas.

The unbelievable therapists worked out knots with a combination of stretching, muscle tension relief and soothing relaxation, leaving us feeling refreshed and energized.

With a steam room and complimentary fresh fruity waters, this intimate spa is the ultimate getaway in Doral for pure relaxation.

ProvidentDoralSpaAzul_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestEntrance to Spa Azul
Spa Azul at The Provident Doral at The Miami_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticFoodQuestPure relaxation and comfort (photo credit: The Provident Doral)

Fitness Center

A complete fitness experience is offered at the in-house gym. With the hot and steamy Florida weather, working out indoors can be a welcome relief.

The cardio equipment is well maintained in the cozy space. We took advantage of the recumbent bike and treadmill for our workout warm up. And, we finished our workout routine with free weights and Swiss balls. You’ll find everything you need to stay fit and active in Doral.

Fitness Center_The Provident Doral at The Miami Blue_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticFoodQuestCozy and equipped fitness center (photo credit: The Provident Doral)

Swimming Pool

Sun lovers can enjoy a huge seating area and sun loungers with umbrellas set around the large outdoor pool. Snacks and drinks are provided poolside. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to enjoy the pool, though it was wonderful to see guests of all ages having fun and enjoying the water.

ProvidentDoralSwimmingPool_DoralRestaurants_AuthenticfoodQuestA relief from the Miami heat in the outdoor pool

Doral Restaurants and Local Eateries

La Esquina del Lechon

A few blocks north from The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami is the very popular Cuban style Doral restaurant called La Esquina del Lechon.

This traditional restaurant specializes in Lechon or roasted pig prepared Cuban style. The food features Latin Caribbean recipes with a Miami flair. This local spot is a favorite amongst locals.

El Esquina Del Lechon Doral Restaurants AuthenticFoodQuestThe place for lechon in Doral (photo credit: esquina del lechon)

El Cafecito y Pastel Bakery

Conveniently located next to La Esquina del Lechon is El Cafecito y Pastel Bakery, a popular local bakery with Cuban coffee and pastelitos. These puffed Cuban pastries which are either sweet or savory, are known to simply melt in the mouth.

City Place, Doral

A few block south west from The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami, you will find a newly built area called City Place.

This is an outdoor shopping mall with more than 40 restaurants and stores. Enjoy live music every Friday and Saturday evening on the entertainment plaza. You can also choose to explore the range of unique Miami flavors at any one of the outdoor cafés and bistros.

The Fresh Market

At the entrance of City Place, is The Fresh Market. This specialty grocer serves the freshest seasonal produce from the local Florida farms. You can also find easy meals or freshly baked bread and pastries. If you’re looking for something to cook in your room at The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami, this is the best place to shop for food.

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In Summary

There is more to Florida than Miami and Doral is an up and coming area worth discovering. Located just minutes away from Miami International Airport, this is the perfect place to explore the local tastes of flavors of multi cultural Miami away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

The restaurants in Doral, offer a variety of tastes and cuisines. Take a culinary journey to South America and the Caribbeans. Whether you are visiting Miami for the first time or have been multiple times before, stay in Doral and taste the local flavors at any of the Doral restaurants.

Have you been to Miami before? In the comments below, tell us your favorite restaurant for local and authentic food.

Savor the Adventure!

Locations Mentioned

Address: 8551 NW 53rd St, #A101, Doral, FL.

The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami

Address: 5300 NW 87th Ave, Doral, FL.
Address: 5300 NW 87th Ave, Doral, FL.
Address: 8550 NW 53rd St, Doral, FL.

La Esquina del Lechon

Address: 8601 N.W. 58th Street Suite 101, Miami, FL.

El Cafecito y Pastel Bakery

Address: 8695 NW 58th St, Miami, FL.

City Place

Address:8300 NW 36th St, Doral, FL.

Fresh Market Doral

Address: 3580 Northwest 83rd Avenue, Doral, FL.

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Disclosures: This article was provided in collaboration with The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami and Pisco y Nazca. As always, all thoughts and opinions, are entirely our own.

This article contains affiliate links. When you book a stay at The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami, through we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

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  1. Interesting note on the Peruvian-Japanese fusion Rosemary. I remember spending a week in Lima a while back. Our driver noted some strong Peruvian influence in Miami but I also noticed the high volume of Japanese ex-pats or even citizens in Lima. Ditto on more Asia restaurants than I would have thought. It makes sense; West Coast of South America is only separated by the Pacific, from Japan. Like how many Japanese live in California, with the only buffer being the Pacific.

    • Great comments Ryan. It’s fascinating how history and migration have caused so much movement worldwide and with that a transference of cultures, including food. We found the diversity in Lima very surprising. Did you have the same experience?

  2. Yum! Everything here looks scrumptious. I would devour those fish tacos! I’m not a super adventurous eater (probably evident by my choice from the post 😉 ) but this has inspired me to try something new the next time I step out my door!

    • Hi Paige, there are so many options on the menu at 5300 Chop House, the fish tacos are amazing because they are made with fresh Florida fish. Adventurous or not, there is something for every taste available. Do let us know what you end up trying out that is new and different!!

  3. Yes, we’ve been to Miami several times and our favorite local restaurant is Michael’s Genuine. The Provident Doral at Blue Miami looks like a wonderful to stay. It would actually be very nice to discover areas close to Miami next time, thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Brenda, so glad you loved discovering Doral, an up and coming area close to Miami. In addition to Pisco y Nazca there are several other restaurants in the area do. Definitively recommend checking out this area the next time you are in town. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Ooooh I LOVE Peruvian food (especially ceviche)- I had no idea you could get it near Miami (though that makes perfect sense). I’ll have to remember these spots next time I head down!

    • Nice to meet another Ceviche lover…the best part about Pisco y Nazca is that the ceviche is very similar to the ones we ate in Lima, Peru. Although, they do have some local Miami flavors as well!! Well worth the stop in Doral, the next time you are in the area.

    • We agree with you…the chocolate covered dome was a delightful treat and very surprising. While not a traditional Peruvian dessert, it is amazing and an experience. Local food is the way to go 🙂 Cheers Danijela!!

  5. All I can say about this – You made my mouth water all the way through this post haha. I will have to pay this place a visit when I finally come on my USA trip/

  6. I love discovering the smaller neighborhoods near big cities, the food is delicious and more affordable. It’s no surprise that latin flavors feature prominently, I’d love to have the Peruvian food at Pisco and Nazca.

    • That’s awesome to hear Brianna, the smaller off the beaten path neighborhoods often are gems waiting to be discovered. Pisco y Nazca is definitively worth checking out the next time you are in the Miami area. Cheers!

  7. I’ve never heard of City of Doral so it really is a hidden gem. If the ceviche is as good at Ceviche Gastrobar as it is in Peru I’m all for it. The Provident Doral sounds like a great place to base yourself while exploring all those fab restaurants.

    • Thanks, Carol, for your comments. we were pleasantly surprised by Doral and delighted even more so by the authentic Peruvian cuisine available at Pisco y Nazca.If you’re looking for a get away close to Miami International airport, the City of Doral is worth exploring. Cheers!!

  8. Wow! A lot of choice here and can’t wait to get to Miami one day to try out some of these. I would love to taste the Churassco as I love meat a lot (I am bad, I know!). Wetting my lips at some of the photos here 😀

  9. It’s funny you mentioned it because the only time I’ve seen Doral referenced before was in terms of golf. I had no idea it had so much to offer! You pretty much had me sold at the tostones and the chocolate dome at Pisco y Nazca. And a stay at the Provident Doral looks to be exactly what I need right now. I love that the suite felt more like an apartment, and it would be a tie as to which I tried first: the pool or the spa. Thanks for sharing! Pinned!

    • Awesome and thanks so much Patricia for your comments. Indeed there is more to Doral than golfing and it’s a really lovely area to visit. It’s a tough choice between the pool and the spa…though we were easily convinced by the pampering experience at the spa. Can’t go wrong either way!! Cheers.


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