Pisco Y Nazca Doral Review: A Culinary Journey Through Peru in Miami

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Pisco y Nazca Doral, located a few miles from Miami International Airport, is known as one of the best restaurants in Miami for authentic Peruvian food. 

The ceviche gastrobar offers a modern twist on traditional Peruvian cuisine. Inspired by Peru’s top ceviche eateries, Pisco y Nazca serves bold-flavored dishes, unique cocktails, and a vast selection of beers.

Having spent months in Peru, we wanted to find out if Pisco Y Nazca lives up to its fame for authentic Peruvian cuisine. After delving into Peru’s traditional flavors at Pisco y Nazca Doral, we answer the question: Is Pisco y Nazca worth it?

Get to know the modern and vibrant Pisco Y Nazca Doral including the Peruvian foods and drinks that will transport your tastebuds to Peru.

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Pisco Y Nazca Doral Restaurant

Restaurant Pisco Y Nazca by Authentic Food Quest
Experience flavors of Peru at Pisco y Nazca Doral

We love traditional Peruvian cuisine and enjoyed discovering the variety of flavors while on our quest for authentic food in South America.

Naturally, we were excited to try Pisco y Nazca ceviche gastrobar to sample some of our favorite Peruvian dishes.

Pisco y Nazca has locations in Kendall, FL, Doral, FL, and Washington, DC, with two more locations opening soon in Coral Gables, FL, and Reston, VA. 

We visited the location in downtown Doral, near Miami. This area is known for two main activities: golfing, home to PGA-level golf tournaments; and shopping at Dolphin Mall, Miami’s largest mall. 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: While in Doral, we stayed at Provident Doral At The Blue, a 4-star resort with spa conveniently located near the Dolphine Mall and Miami airport.   Enjoy spacious rooms and easy access to the Golf course nearby. There is also a tasty chophouse restaurant on-site and a relaxing resort-like swimming pool with bar service.

Pisco Y Nazca Doral Menu

Menu Pisco Y Nazca Doral by Authentic Food Quest
Pisco Y Nazca menu

Executive chef Miguel, originally from Peru, has a unique menu featuring shareable plates, divided into ceviches, small plates, and large plates.

The menu selection has many of our favorite dishes from Peru. From Peruvian Criollo dishes to Nikkei, Peruvian-Japanese fusion, the variety of local dishes offered is impressive.

The most popular dishes at Pisco y Nazca in Doral include their traditional ceviche, the ceviche sampler, and the grilled octopus. Their brunch with bottomless mimosas is also popular.

While their menu features meat and seafood, you’ll also find salads and vegetable-based dishes.

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Pisco Y Nazca Wine List And Drinks

Drinks Pisco Y Nazca by Authentic Food Quest
Refreshing craft beer and wine from South America

It’s no surprise that pisco is prominent on the restaurant’s cocktail menu. Pisco is a brandy produced in the winemaking regions of Peru and Chile. It is made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit.

At Pisco y Nazca, the cocktail menu includes several pisco-based drinks, but their Pisco Sour flights are a must. You’ll get to sample the traditional, passion fruit, and chicha pisco sour – the passion pisco sour gets high marks.

They also offer other signature cocktails and sangrias. Or you can enjoy house wines or beer.

For non-alcoholic options, Pisco y Nazca offers passion fruit juice, chicha morada, and lemonade. 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST RECIPE: Peruvian Pisco Sour is Peru’s national drink. It’s easy to make at home and requires only 5 simple ingredients. Get inspired with our simple recipe How To Make An Authentic Peruvian Pisco Sour

Pisco Y Nazca Happy Hour

Happy Hour Pisco Y Nazca by Authentic Food Quest
Visit during happy hour for great food and drinks deals

Every day from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm is happy hour at Pisco y Nazca. A special happy hour menu is available at the bar and includes favorites such as their traditional ceviche, calamari, Conchita a la Parmesana, and more. 

All beers are $3 off during happy hour and, house specialty cocktails, house wines, house martinis, and sangrias are all discounted.

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Dining Experience at Pisco y Nazca Doral

Patio Pisco Y Nazca Miami by Authentic Food Quest
Relax and enjoy your meal on charming outdoor patio

Pisco y Nazca Doral is trendy, modern, and chic with a vibrant and colorful atmosphere. The decor is inspired by the coastal regions of Peru with a mix of rustic and contemporary elements. 

The restaurant has an open kitchen design, making for a cozy ambiance and allowing guests to watch the chefs prepare the dishes.

The restaurant offers various types of seating to cater to all. The main dining area has comfortable booths and tables, while the bar area features high chairs and tall tables for a more casual experience. 

Additionally, there is a spacious outdoor patio area that’s just right for enjoying the Florida weather. 

The dress code is smart casual.

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Pisco Y Nazca Hours and Reservation

Grilled Octopus Pisco Y Nazca Doral by Authentic Food Quest
Grilled octopus is one of the favorites at Pisco y Nazca

Reservations at Pisco y Nazca Doral are recommended and can be made easily online via OpenTable or by calling 786-535-9154.

Parking is easily accessible via several paid garages that surround the Shops at Downtown Doral. The Blue Garage is the closest to Pisco y Nazca.

Prices at Pisco y Nazca are in line with the typical upscale-casual restaurant. Entrees generally range from $17 to $40. 

For a more economical option, consider the prix fixe lunch menu for $21 for two courses or $26 for three courses.

Hours of operation: 

Mon-Sat, 11:30 am – 11:00 pm; Fri-Sat, 11:30 am – 12:00 am; Sun 11:00 am – 10:00 pm 

For more information, visit https://piscoynazca.com/doral.

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Our Dining Experience at Pisco y Nazca Doral

Rather than order off the menu, chef Miguel curated a selection of delicious Peruvian cuisine starters to share. 

Don’t Miss Out On the Nikkei

Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Nikkei Doral Restaurants by Authentic food Quest
Light and flavorful tuna ceviche

The first starter was Nikkei, made with ahi tuna, mirin, soy sauce, wasabi peas, cucumbers, chancaca, and leche de tigre, topped with a wonton-sesame crisp.

The first few bites were delightful. The flavors took us right back to Peru where we first had Nikkei cuisine

The sweet and spicy flavors with the contrast of textures perfectly complemented the delicate flavors of the ahi tuna. 

Get Tempted by Grilled Octopus – Causa Pulpo

Pisco y Nazca Octopus Doral Restaurants by Authentic food Quest
Chef Miguel describing the octopus

We were initially surprised by the use of Argentinian chimichurri sauce in this dish. But when we took our first bite, we immediately understood why. 

Spread over thick chunks of grilled octopus is a thin layer of chimichurri sauce and olive aioli, all atop a side of whipped potatoes. 

The octopus is incredibly tender and mild. The vibrant flavors of the chimichurri sauce, together with the octopus and potatoes create the perfect blend of fresh, delicious flavors.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST RECIPE: Chimichurri is a delicious South American sauce used in many meat dishes. It’s easy to make at home with our simple recipe Authentic Argentine Chimichurri Recipe

Dare to Taste Beef Heart – Anticuchos Corazon

Pisco y Nazca Anticuchos Pisco y Nazca Doral
by Authentic food Quest
Traditional Peruvian anticuchos or beef heart

Anticuchos, or beef hearts, are a popular street food in Peru. We ate them on skewers on the streets like locals.

When we mentioned our experience in Peru to chef Miguel, he immediately had us try his version of anticuchos corazon. 

A heaping plate of beef heart on skewers with fried potatoes, choclo (Peruvian corn) topped with a spicy sauce (aji panca) was delivered to our table.

Right away, we noticed a couple of key differences. In Peru, the anticuchos are grilled, while at the restaurant, they are seared. 

As a result of the different cooking methods, the taste and texture differed, but both versions were quite tasty.

If you are brave enough, it’s worth a try, especially if you’ve never had beef heart before.

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Must-Have Surprising Chocolate Dome Dessert 

To complete the experience of the unique flavors at Pisco y Nazca, was their signature dessert, the chocolate dome.

On a beautiful plate, chef Miguel brought out a dome-shaped chocolate dessert. As soon as he set the plate down on our table, he gently poured a white chocolate ganache sauce over the dark chocolate to reveal a mouthwatering interior of sweet potato custard in a warm ganache. 

This culinary masterpiece is the perfect marriage of decadent flavors. Swimming in layers of dark chocolate, the unusual sweet potato ice cream is the perfect way to end a delightful meal.

Is Pisco Y Nazca Doral Worth It?

Bar Pisco Y Nazca Miami by Authentic Food Quest
Experience modern Peruvian dining at Pisco y Nazca in Doral Miami

Dining at Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar in Doral, Florida is definitely worth it. While the restaurant has a modern approach to Peruvian cuisine, the dishes served succeeded to transport our tastebuds to Peru in a heartbeat.

With its chic and modern ambiance, the restaurant boasts a great selection of authentic Peruvian dishes, each expertly prepared and bursting with flavor. 

To complement the tasty food, Pisco y Nazca has an extensive drink menu with a great selection of Peruvian Pisco Sour, cocktails, beers, and wine. 

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor seating, Pisco y Nazca has got you covered with comfortable seating options in both areas.

Additionally, the service at Pisco y Nazca is friendly and attentive making the dining experience enjoyable.

In Summary

Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar Doral prides itself on serving traditional Peruvian food with a modern twist, ensuring that guests can experience the true flavors of Peru. 

Enjoy the popular ceviche, nikkei, or grilled octopus, as well as a great variety of signature pisco-based cocktails. 

With reasonable prices and quality food and service, dining at Pisco y Nazca Doral is truly a worthwhile experience that you won’t forget.

Have you been to Pisco y Nazca Miami before? Or have you had Peruvian cuisine before? Please let us know in the comments below.

Savor the Adventure!

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Pisco Y Nazca Kendall by Authentic Food Quest

Disclosure: This article was provided in collaboration with The Provident Doral at The Blue Miami and Pisco y Nazca. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too!

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  1. Interesting note on the Peruvian-Japanese fusion Rosemary. I remember spending a week in Lima a while back. Our driver noted some strong Peruvian influence in Miami but I also noticed the high volume of Japanese ex-pats or even citizens in Lima. Ditto on more Asia restaurants than I would have thought. It makes sense; West Coast of South America is only separated by the Pacific, from Japan. Like how many Japanese live in California, with the only buffer being the Pacific.

    • Great comments Ryan. It’s fascinating how history and migration have caused so much movement worldwide and with that a transference of cultures, including food. We found the diversity in Lima very surprising. Did you have the same experience?

  2. Yum! Everything here looks scrumptious. I would devour those fish tacos! I’m not a super adventurous eater (probably evident by my choice from the post 😉 ) but this has inspired me to try something new the next time I step out my door!

    • Hi Paige, there are so many options on the menu at 5300 Chop House, the fish tacos are amazing because they are made with fresh Florida fish. Adventurous or not, there is something for every taste available. Do let us know what you end up trying out that is new and different!!

  3. Yes, we’ve been to Miami several times and our favorite local restaurant is Michael’s Genuine. The Provident Doral at Blue Miami looks like a wonderful to stay. It would actually be very nice to discover areas close to Miami next time, thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Brenda, so glad you loved discovering Doral, an up and coming area close to Miami. In addition to Pisco y Nazca there are several other restaurants in the area do. Definitively recommend checking out this area the next time you are in town. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Ooooh I LOVE Peruvian food (especially ceviche)- I had no idea you could get it near Miami (though that makes perfect sense). I’ll have to remember these spots next time I head down!

    • Nice to meet another Ceviche lover…the best part about Pisco y Nazca is that the ceviche is very similar to the ones we ate in Lima, Peru. Although, they do have some local Miami flavors as well!! Well worth the stop in Doral, the next time you are in the area.

    • We agree with you…the chocolate covered dome was a delightful treat and very surprising. While not a traditional Peruvian dessert, it is amazing and an experience. Local food is the way to go 🙂 Cheers Danijela!!

  5. All I can say about this – You made my mouth water all the way through this post haha. I will have to pay this place a visit when I finally come on my USA trip/

  6. I love discovering the smaller neighborhoods near big cities, the food is delicious and more affordable. It’s no surprise that latin flavors feature prominently, I’d love to have the Peruvian food at Pisco and Nazca.

    • That’s awesome to hear Brianna, the smaller off the beaten path neighborhoods often are gems waiting to be discovered. Pisco y Nazca is definitively worth checking out the next time you are in the Miami area. Cheers!

  7. I’ve never heard of City of Doral so it really is a hidden gem. If the ceviche is as good at Ceviche Gastrobar as it is in Peru I’m all for it. The Provident Doral sounds like a great place to base yourself while exploring all those fab restaurants.

    • Thanks, Carol, for your comments. we were pleasantly surprised by Doral and delighted even more so by the authentic Peruvian cuisine available at Pisco y Nazca.If you’re looking for a get away close to Miami International airport, the City of Doral is worth exploring. Cheers!!

  8. Wow! A lot of choice here and can’t wait to get to Miami one day to try out some of these. I would love to taste the Churassco as I love meat a lot (I am bad, I know!). Wetting my lips at some of the photos here 😀

  9. It’s funny you mentioned it because the only time I’ve seen Doral referenced before was in terms of golf. I had no idea it had so much to offer! You pretty much had me sold at the tostones and the chocolate dome at Pisco y Nazca. And a stay at the Provident Doral looks to be exactly what I need right now. I love that the suite felt more like an apartment, and it would be a tie as to which I tried first: the pool or the spa. Thanks for sharing! Pinned!

    • Awesome and thanks so much Patricia for your comments. Indeed there is more to Doral than golfing and it’s a really lovely area to visit. It’s a tough choice between the pool and the spa…though we were easily convinced by the pampering experience at the spa. Can’t go wrong either way!! Cheers.


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