10 Tastiest Italian Gift Baskets: Best Food Gifts From Italy

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Italian gift baskets can transport your taste buds to Italy without having to board a flight.

These baskets filled to the brim with food gifts from Italy bring one of the world’s best cuisines to your doorstep.

Offering or receiving Italian food gifts make for delicious and tasty surprises. Whatever the special occasion you may be celebrating, consider these Italian gift baskets.

After spending six months in Italy, we carefully selected these gift baskets to bring you a taste of Italy.

Find Italian wine gift baskets, dedicated pasta gift baskets, gourmet gifts for exquisite balsamic vinegar, cheeses, Limoncello and others.

Get inspired by these delightful Italian gift baskets.

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Comparison Table For The Best Italian Hampers

Italian Gift BasketPrice (USD)# Items per basketBest forUS/ WorldwideShipping Fees
The Italian Cucina$18512Best OverallUSFree
Italian Deluxe Gift Basket$89.9510Italian Christmas HampersWorldwide$18
Italian Gourmet Wine Gift Basket$114.996Wine LoversUSFree
That’s Italian!$78.957Personalized GiftUS$12.99
Gusto di Roma – Taste Italy Monthly$906Monthly Italian Gift SetUS$14.99
Acetaia Malpighi Gift Collection$2203Exquisite Balsamic VinegarWorldwideFree
Tuscany Gift Basket$174.9515Tuscany fansWorldwide$18
Gola Limoncello Gift Basket$835Italian Liqueur LoversUS$14
Italian Cheese Collection$1156Cheese LoversUSFree
Pasta Gift Box$1008Pasta fansUS$5.99

Top Italian Gift Baskets

1. The Italian Cucina – Best Italian Food Hamper Overall

The Italian Cucina Italian Gift Basket by Authentic Food Quest
Best Italian flavors in a box – Photo credit: Di Bruno Bros. on Facebook

For an Italian home chef, this is the best Italian hamper filled with the finest food gifts from Italy.

This exquisite Italy food basket contains different types of pasta, cheeses, sauces and oils.

Specifically, you’ll find artisan pasta, all natural pasta sauce, pesto sauce, Arborio rice, truffle salt, salami and vegetable broth.

Emblematic Italian cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Romano are also part of this gourmet gifts set. 

Everything comes together with authentic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and barrel-aged balsamic vinegar.

Overflowing with delicious Italian products, this is one of the best Italian gift baskets for food lovers.

If you plan on giving this Italian gift, you can also add a personalized greeting or other food products for a special occasion.

2.  Italian Deluxe Gift Basket – Best for Italian Christmas Hampers

Deluxe Basket Italian Gift Baskets by Authentic Food Quest
Perfect gift for holidays

Surprise a loved one with the joys of Italy with this Italian christmas hamper. Filled with irresistable gourmet gifts, this Italian gift basket will brighten up a loved one’s dining table.

Within this Deluxe Italian Gift Basket you will find authentic Italian sweet and savory treats. The Italian gifts in this hamper include pasta, Italian pasta seasoning mix, mixed olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Appetizers or starters like Italian pretzels made with olive oil start the dining experience. While a variety of Italian cookies, fruit jellies and chocolate are also provide for dessert.

This Italian deluxe gift basket had everything an Italian food lover needs to taste Italy in their own kitchen.

This Italian Christmas gift basket comes with a beautiful wrapping and you can also include a personalized message.

While this is a perfect gift basket for the holiday season it is also appropriate for any special occasion.

If you are looking for gifts ideas this Italian gift basket is for you.

3.  Italian GourmetGift Basket – Best for Chianti Wine Lovers

Italian Gourmet Gift Basket_ItalianHamper by Authentic Food Quest
Wine lovers will be delighted with this basket – Photo credit: GourmetGiftBaskets on Facebook

This Italian basket will delight you with its original award-winning antipasti and Chianti wine. 

Water crackers, vegetable cheddar cheese, handmade finocchiona and the sun-dried tomato bruschetta make an wonderful pairing with the exceptional Chianti wine. 

The Ruffino Chianti is a medium-bodied, well-balanced red wine that will take you right on the picturesque hills of Tuscany. 

It also comes with a beautiful wooden crate with handles to create the most authentic Italian arrangement.

If you are giving this set as a gift, you can add a personalized greeting card making an impressive statement for friends and family.

The gift basket is shipped in the US, except some states and is free of charge for ground delivery.

If you are an Italian wine lover, then this gift basket is the perfect choice for you.

4. Italian Hamper – That’s Italian! – Best for Personalized Gift

Pasta Italian Gift Baskets by Authentic Food Quest
Make unique pasta dishes with this Italian hamper

Pasta, one of Italy’s most famous and comforting foods comes beautifully packaged in this classic That’s Italian! gift basket.

Filled with a variety of gourmet Italian pastas you taste the Italian “dolce vita” with each bite.

This pasta gift basket comes with a keepsake colander, a essential kitchen tool when making pasta. 

Savor handmade butternut squash linguini as well as handmade penne pasta. And, for delicious pasta sauce, you have a wine-based marinara pasta sauce and a delectable mushroom sauce.

This Italian gift food set also includes focaccia crackers and cheddar cheese to add to your classic pasta dishes.

One unique feature of this Italian gift basket is that you can customize and personalize everything. 

From the greeting card, to your personalized message, you can also choose the special occasion for the best wrapping. 

What we love even more is the ability to upgrade your Italian food gifts with numerous other gourmet gifts. 

You can choose Italian coffee, nutella, honey and other foods. Depending on the occasion, you can even choose to include balloons, stuffed animals, mugs and frames to your basket.

This Italian gift basket is the perfect choice for all the pasta lovers out there.

5. Gusto di Roma Taste Italy Monthly – Best for Monthly Italian Gift Set

Gusto di Roma Italian Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy rare handcrafted treatsPhoto credit: GustodiRoma on Cratejoy

Enjoying Italian food gift baskets is a real delight. What is even more so, is having one delivered to you every month without traveling to the country.

Gusto di Roma offers a delicious Taste Italy Monthly Box you can receive at home.

This Italy food basket contains tasty, hard-to-find artisanal delicacies from all across “The Boot.”

Find a gourmet collection of Italian nougats, coffees, spreads, olives, artisan salami and chocolates. But that’s not all to it. 

You will receive free Italian gifts, such as a “Buongiorno” coffee mug or a marble coaster.

Each month you’ll receive different Italian food gifts from unique regions in the country. 

For example, the October 2022 “Il Toscano”  box was filled with high-quality products from Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna regions.

You can choose to receive your Italian gourmet gifts every 3, 6 or 12 months. And, you also have the option to purchase a one time box and have it shipped directly to your door.

This is one of the best Italian gift baskets that keeps giving over and over, month after month.

6. Acetaia Malpighi Collection – Best for Exquisite Balsamic Vinegar 

Acetaia Malpighi Italian Gift Baskets by Authentic Food Quest
Unique Italian vinegars in a beautiful box – Photo credit: Acetaia Malpighi on Facebook

Straight from Italy, savor the very exclusive Traditional Balsamic Vinegar (TBV)  from Modena.

Acetaia Malpighi is one of the oldest and most prestigious vinegar factories in Italy and they ship their oils around the world. 

Located in Modena and with a history of 160 years, the precious balsamic vinegar recipe has been passed down to more than 5 generations,

This Acetaia malpighi collection box includes three exclusive limited edition balsamic vinegars. Each 100 ml, the different vinegars are the traditional, Saporoso Riserva and Saporoso Platinum. 

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is aged for at least six years in oak barrels for a soft, full-bodied fragrance.

Saporoso Platinum is a double aged special vinegar. The process takes an 8-year aging in oak barrels followed by 2-year aging in mulberry barrels. The double aging process is what gives unique flavors and tastes to the product.

And, the Saporoso Riserva has more bittersweet and velvety tastes with an intense taste due to its 8-year aging.

The Italian gifts collection comes in a beautiful wooden box making for a perfect Italian gift.

With delivery available worldwide, this is one of the best Italian gourmet gifts for exquisite collectors. 

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7. Tuscany Gift Basket – Best for Lovers of Tuscany, Italy 

Tuscany Gift Basket Italian Hampers Authentic Food Quest
The best from Tuscany in a basket

Enjoy gourmet Italian products from the rolling hills of Tuscany.  One of the most popular regions in Italy, its flavors are beautifully captured in this Tuscan food hamper.

A hefty box, delivering a Tuscan feast, you find everything you need for authentic italian appetizers and wines.

What makes this Tuscany gift basket stand out is the collection of Italian wines. Included are three exceptional wines from the “Val Serena” Italian wine region of Tuscany. 

You have a white or Bianco, red or Rosso and one bottle of wine made with the local Sangiovese grape.

As you sip on your Tuscan wines, you can nibble on the included olives, bread sticks, snack crisps and more.

And for a taste of something sweet, Italian chocolates, cookies and pastry cream treats will delight.

No Italian gift basket from Tuscany would be complete without olive oil. This Tuscany hamper also includes delicious extra virgin olive oil, extending your tastes of Italy further.

Italophiles who have visited Tuscany, will particularly appreciate this Tuscany food hamper.

8. Gola Limoncello Gift Basket – Best for Italian Liqueur Lovers

Limoncello Food Gifts From Italy by Authentic Food Quest
Limoncello is a very popular Italian drink

Limoncello is one of Italy’s most famous lemon based liqueurs. The best lemons used to make this popular Italian drink are said to come from Capri, Sorrento, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast.

This beautiful Italian food hamper consists of a variety of Limoncello based foods and drinks.

Within this gift basket, find delicious sweets like babà with Limoncello, orange jam and Giamaicano chocolates. 

Also, included is a bottle a lemon and milk Cream Limoncello and another bottle of chocolate Cream Limoncello.

For delicious sweet tastes of Italy, this Italian food gift basket is a welcome delight for any special occasion.

You can add a gift box to your order along with a personal message if you are giving it as a gift.

Savor this classic Italian liqueur and all its variations in this sweet Italian gifts basket.

9. Italian Cheese Collection – Best Traditional Italian Cheeses

Cheese From Italy Italian Food Gift Baskets by Authentic Food Quest
This Italian food basket is perfect gift for cheese lovers

This Italian food gift baskets contain some of the finest Italian cheeses hand-selected by certified cheese professionals. 

In it, you’ll find five iconic Italian cheeses and Italian meats like salami made the authentic way.

The cheeses vary and include Auricchio Stravecchio, a sharp provolone cheese, Sottocenere al Tartufo for truffle lovers. 

An Asiago cheese, a smaller kind of Italian Pecorino and a goat cheese complete selection of delightful cheeses.

A traditional Italian salami cured with regional spices adds a nice balance of flavors to the cheeses.

Cheese lovers will love this Italian gift basket. You’ll get a real taste of Italy from the comfort of home.

10. Pasta Gift Box – Best Traditional Sicilian Gift Basket

Italian Pasta Hampers Italian by Authentic Food Quest.
Taste authentic Italian pasta

Savor the delicious tastes of Sicily with this exceptional Italian gift basket. Filled with food gifts from Italy, you’ll find everything you need to make wonderful pasta dishes.

The long skinny bucatini pasta with a hole through the middle works well to soak up the tomato sauce included in this gift box.

The tomato sauce, from Sicily, made with basil adds the right amount of flavors for your meals.

Two packages of corkscrew-shaped fusilloni pasta along with a bottle of Italian extra virgin olive oil are also included. 

Rounding out this Italian pasta hamper is a little booklet with a story about each of the gourmet gift products. 

For an Italian pasta lover, this gift basket is the perfect way to transport your taste buds to Italy.

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