Uncover The 12 Tastiest Food Trucks in Los Angeles (for 2023)

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Sometimes the best food arrives on wheels. In the sprawling city of Los Angeles, food trucks offer an excellent option for a quick bite or late-night snack.

The best food trucks in Los Angeles are also incubators for culinary innovation. Each one with its own name and personality.

Food trucks in Los Angeles are not new. For decades they’ve offered cheap eats along roadsides and at construction sites across southern California.

People from all races, classes, and ethnicities come together for food trucks. And we ate our fair share while living in Los Angeles, in the Los Feliz area. 

Though, with so many Los Angeles food trucks to choose from, it can be difficult to name them all.

To help you get started, here are 12 of our favorite moveable feasts worth tracking down in the City of Angels.

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Best Original Food Truck in Los Angeles

1. Kogi Korean BBQ  – Westside

Don’t miss Kogi Truck Photo Credit: Joits on Flickr cc by 2.0

The granddaddy of the modern food truck movement since 2008, Roy Choi’s Kogi empire continues to be one of the best Los Angeles food trucks.

Serving a twisted tasty treat fusion of Korean and Mexican flavors the delectable combination will keep you coming back for more.

The Kogi world-famous short rib taco delivers big on flavor. Get double caramelized Korean BBQ depth balanced with a bright spike of salsa roja, a chile-soy slaw, cilantro, and onions on two grilled house tortillas.

Other favorites include Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla, Blackjack Quesadilla, and the Sweet Chili Chicken Quesadilla. 

Fans love the chocolate Tres Leches Cake and Sriracha Bar. And the fries with spicy ketchup with fries are another local favorite. For vegans, the Home Run a lip-smacking vegan dog with all the fixings delivers. 

Get updates on where to find one of the OG trucks next: Kogi bbq Twitter location updates

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Best Cheap Food Trucks in Los Angeles

2. The Green Truck – Culver City

Green Truck Los Angeles Food Trucks by Authentic Food Quest
Satisfy your hunger with healthy meal options Photo credit: Green Truck on Facebook

Opened in 2006, this farm-to-food truck offers fresh and organic food and is on a mission to heal the planet, one meal at a time.

Their tiny but mighty menu features sustainably raised ingredients treated with the utmost respect and love. 

They have a phrase that use often, “you can pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later.” 

Despite having a small menu, there are items for almost everyone from vegetarians to vegans gluten-free, and carnivores.

The Green Truck is also available for catering for weddings, productions, and everything in between.

Combined with their excellent service, sustainable practices, and downright delicious delights, The Green Truck is one of the best food trucks in Los Angeles.

For updates on The Green Truck, keep an eye on the Green Truck Instagram page

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3. 8E8 Thai Street Food – Central Los Angeles

8e8 Food Trucks Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
Try top quality street food – Photo credit: 8E8 Thai Street Food on Facebook

There are a lot of Thai food places around LA, but nothing can compare to the quality of 8E8. 

Their traditional Thai flavors pack a delightful punch with classic favorites like Pad Thai, Pad Siew, and a variety of tofu, shrimp, chicken, and beef dishes.

Main dishes start at about $8 per plate rightfully earning them a spot as one of the best cheap food trucks in Los Angeles. 

The owner comes from a long line of Thai cooks. And their parents even sold Thai food in the streets of India, so authenticity is given for 8E8. 

Though, it goes beyond that. The passion they have for their culture and food translates flawlessly into their food truck experience.  

Follow their truck path on Street Food Truck Finder.

Best Taco Food Truck in Los Angeles

4. Mariscos Jalisco – Boyle Heights

Mariscos Jalisco Best Food Trucks Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
One of the best food trucks in Los Angeles for tacos – Photo credit: Mariscos Jalisco on Facebook

The best tacos come from the humblest of places, like a taco truck. Back in the early 2000s, Mr. Raul Ortega moved to Los Angeles, California from a small Mexican town. 

He started out by selling his deliciously authentic beef tacos. What used to be his side hustle became so incredible that they were featured on Ugly Delicious on Netflix.

Fast forward to now, Mariscos Jalisco is one of the best Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles. Their venue is usually small with limited parking options, and they take only cash so be sure to visit an ATM before ordering. 

While there may be a wait due to their popularity, it is totally worth it for those immaculate Shrimp Tacos, the vibrant Octopus Cocktail, and the beautiful melody of the Tostada Mixta. 

To catch one of the best food trucks in Los Angeles, check out their website here. 

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Best Burger Food Trucks in Los Angeles

5. The Fix on Wheels  – Traveling Food Truck

The Fix On Wheels Best Food Truck Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
Burger lovers, be sure to try what this food truck has to offer – Photo credit: The Fix on Wheels on Facebook

Seven different types of burgers and five non-burger items are the staple foods from the Fix on Wheels food truck.

While this Los Angeles food truck is a business extension of the restaurant, The Fix Burger, in Silver Lake, the menus are different.

Although amazing burgers dominate, the food truck features Korean-inspired specials. 

Find Seoul Fries, Korean BBQ-inspired sandwiches, grilled cheese, hot dogs, and more.

The Fix on Wheels rolls out hit after hit of delicious burgers and Korean-inspired foods easily making it one of the best burger food trucks in Los Angeles.

Keep an eye out for their weekly schedule and updates on The Fix on Wheels Instagram page.

Best Pizza Food Truck In Los Angeles

6. Angeleno’s Wood Fired Pizza  – Traveling Food Truck

Angelenos Best Los Angeles Food Trucks by Authentic Food Quest
Discover the delicious taste of LA’s wood-fired pizza – Photo credit: Angelenos Wood Fired Pizza on Facebook

Wood fired crafted pizza made in a truck is exactly what you get from one of the best pizza food trucks in Los Angeles, California.

Made from scratch with high-quality local ingredients, find fan favorites like mushroom with truffle oil pizza or margherita pizza with homemade marinara sauce.

Killer combinations like Mexicana, Italian meatballs, and even white sauce pizzas are all handcrafted with love.

Pizza is not the only thing to look forward to at Angeleno’s, they have great customer service, and they draw inspiration from their loyal customers. 

For pizza, they are hands down, one of the best of the best Los Angeles food trucks. 

Keep updated on their schedule or even book a catering event on their Angeleno’s Wood Fire Pizza Instagram page.

Best Mexican Food Truck in Los Angeles

7. Leo’s Taco Truck – Beverly Hills Area

Leos Best Los Angeles Food Trucks by Authentic Food Quest
Taste authentic Mexican tacos – Photo credit: Leos Tacos Truck on Facebook

A Los Angeles food truck that been around for more than 10 years, Leo’s Taco Truck has some of the best Mexican tacos.

Their specialty, the Al Pastor tacos earns them rave reviews from all over Southern California.

Leo’s Taco Truck uses the spit-firing cooking method brought over to Mexico to make their flavorful, tender taco meat. 

The care they put into their food is the richest flavor in their tacos. 

Today, Leo Taco Trucks have nine food trucks along with their prime Beverly Hills location. 

For more about this taco diamond in Beverly Hills, see their hours and locations on the Leo’s Taco Truck Instagram page

“Worth Every Penny” Los Angeles Food Trucks

8. All Flavor No Grease – Green Meadows

All Flavor No Grease Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
All Flavor No Grease – their name says it all – Photo credit: All Flavor No Grease on Facebook

All Flavor No Grease, Chef Ocho, is the energetic guy behind one the best Mexican food trucks in Los Angeles.

Providing all Mexican favorites without the grease, his fresh flavors and vibrant personality take the food truck experience to new heights.

Locals and visitors alike find themselves craving his enchiladas, crawfish, and shrimp quesadillas, ceviche, and more.

While the food lacks grease, there is no lack of taste skill, or passion.  Ocho writes downright poetry on the griddle with a finesse you can’t fake. 

The All the Flavor No Greese Food Truck is also available for catering so you can temporarily enjoy the amazing food for you and your party.

To taste Chef Ocho’s latest creations and find the food truck’s next stop, follow his Instagram page. 

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9. Pasta Sisters – Mid City

Pasta Sisters LA Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
Visit one of their locations or catch their truck for delicious pasta – Photo credit: Pasta Sisters on Facebook

The taste of food is often attributed to the ingredients you use and how you use them. But, it’s so much more than that. 

Pasta Sisters with origins in Italy was started by Chef Paola making simple meals filled with love and flavor for Los Angeles families.

From that birthed this beautiful family-driven, owned, and operated business. 

Opened as a small Italian deli in 2014, Pasta Sisters features handmade pasta and sauces at affordable prices. 

While the menu options is not huge, it is topped with flavor and quality. If you don’t know where to start, get the family’s favorite dishes first.

The small storefront can basically be described as a food truck. There’s not much room to dine in so most orders are for take-out

To learn more about their incredible story and see their mouthwatering menus, check out their website.

10. Yeastie Boys Bagels – Silver Lake

Yeastie Boys Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
Irresistible New York style bagels in Los Angeles – Photo credit: Yeastie Boys Bagels on Facebook

There is nothing quite like a New York bagel. And, the further you get away from the Big Apple, the more difficult it is to find an authentic New York bagel.

Surprisingly, in California and specifically Los Angles, you get a delicious New York style bagel from a  Los Angeles food truck.

Oh yeah, Yeastie Boys Bagels is a Jewish-owned and operated food truck with the mission of bringing authentic fresh hand-rolled bagels to the West Hollywood neighborhood. 

Their menu highlights those classics like Lox and the bagel, eggs, and cheese, more innovative savory and sweet flavors.

The Reubenstein is a favorite, and so is the Mishka, which is also vegan.

See the truck locations and hours on the Yeastie Boys Bagels Instagram page.

Best Traveling Los Angeles Food Truck

11. Happy Ice – Traveling Food Truck

Happy ice Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
Treat yourself to a refreshing shaved ice from Happy Ice – Photo credit: Happy Ice La on Facebook

Picture this: a creamy, frozen, fruity dessert with a refreshing flavorful start and a light smooth finish. 

This unique dessert from Happy Ice is made from a secret recipe from Philadelphia bedazzled with a Los Angeles flair. 

The ice cream is water-based similar to fruity sorbet or refreshing shaved ice. The resulting combination of flavors and colors in this vegan and nut-free treat is heavenly perfection.

The Happy Ice Los Angeles food truck was founded by Lemeir Mitchell with one goal in mind. 

“Our mission is to be a driving force of happiness in every community we serve. Striving daily to be a company of purpose by always operating from the heart.” 

You’ll find the truck rolling around Los Angeles every day from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. They are also available for catering allowing you to sample the refreshing treats from one of the best Los Angeles food trucks at any time.

For more updates and to find the pop-up locations, check Happy Ice on Instagram 

Best Los Angeles Food Truck For Donuts

12. Hustle N Dough – Traveling Food Truck

Hustle N Dough Dougnut Best Food Trucks In Los Angeles by Authentic Food Quest
Who can resist these chocolate doughnuts? – Photo credit: Hustle N Dough on Facebook

Donuts are among the best food trucks in Los Angeles and they are also some of the most popular.

Hustle N Dough lives by their company slogan, “Legends live forever. Always bringing in new bangers.” 

They offer well-loved donut classics and some deliciously funky remixes to try. Savor apple fritter donuts, passion fruit with lavender glaze, vanilla, chocolate, and more.

The symphony of flavors from the Hustle ‘N Dough food truck earns them their claim of having the most illustrious donuts in LA.

Coffee brews and non-coffee drinks make sinking into the donuts tastier. They’re open once a week to the public and twice a week for catering though it is always subject to change. 

Get your hands on the Hustle ‘N Dough menu and schedule via their website link here

FAQs Los Angeles Food Trucks

Where Are the Most Food Trucks in LA?

You’ll see Los Angeles food trucks everywhere in the city. That said, the most popular locations are in Hollywood, Downtown, and Long Beach areas.

How Many Food Trucks Are in LA?

Los Angeles has over 4,000 licensed food trucks with new ones coming almost every day.

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Have you been to any of these best food trucks in Los Angeles? Please let us know which ones in the comments below.

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