12 Los Angeles Food Trucks You Want To Be Tracking Down

We’ve had many delicious meals on the streets on our travels with authentic food quest. From bánh xèo and bun cha in Vietnam, mouthwatering meals on the streets of Bangkok, incredible noodle dishes like char koay teow in Penang, beef heart skewers in Peru, Balut (duck embryo) in the Philippines and much more.

On the streets, we have found honest and delicious food that is available to all. In the U.S., Los Angeles, California and the Kogi Truck have been called the birthplace of the modern food truck movement. In this mobile society with a rich immigrant taco truck culture, new wave chef and entrepreneurs have created some of the most delicious moveable feasts.

In this article, we bring you the 12 hottest Los Angeles food trucks you want to be tracking down.

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Los Angeles Food Trucks: An Institution

Sometimes the best food arrives on wheels. In the sprawling city of Los Angeles, food trucks offer an excellent option for a quick bite or late night snack.

Los Angeles Food trucks have become the new incubators of culinary innovation, and each food truck has developed its own name and personality over time.

Food trucks in Los Angeles are not new. For decades they’ve offered cheap eats along roadsides and at construction sites across southern California. The food and wheels driven culture in L.A seems to have found the right balance and intersection in those food trucks.

These food trucks attract people from all races, classes, and ethnicities and brings them together. It would not be incorrect to say that these food trucks are creating a social experience and new culinary fusions and creations.

With so many Los Angeles food trucks to choose from, it can be difficult to name just a few. New concepts are opening up frequently and gaining in popularity.

To help get you started, here are 12 moveable feasts worth tracking down in the City of Angels.

#1 Kogi BBQ Truck

The grandaddy of the modern food truck movement since 2008, Roy Choi’s Kogi truck empire rules the streets and Twitter feeds. Serving a delectable mashup of Korean and Mexican flavors, that you can’t just resist.

The signature short rib taco delivers big with double-caramelized Korean BBQ depth balanced with a bright spike of salsa roja, a chile-soy slaw, cilantro and onions on two grilled-and-charred house tortillas.

Other favorites include Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla, Blackjack Quesadilla, and the Sweet Chili Chicken Quesadilla. The fans love chocolate Tres Leches Cake and Sriracha Bar.

Get updates on where to find the Kogi truck next: Kogi bbq Twitter location updates

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KogiBBQ_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestDon't miss Kogi Truck (Photo Credit: Joits - Kogi Truck)

#2 The Lobos Truck

If you are hunting for American comfort food but with a twist, you will find it at the Lobos Truck. The food truck sells burgers and fries as well as Waffle fries with nacho toppings.

The chefs use only organic produce and quality meats that help to build lots of flavor in every dish.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Lobos Truck Location

LobosTruckChinook_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestDelicious Lobos Truck Chinook (Photo Credit: Lobos Truck Instagram)

#3 Jogasaki Sushi Burrito Truck

Nothing could go wrong with that giant sushi roll wrapped in soy paper! Try their delectable sushi burritos that are easy to enjoy without chopsticks or go for their salmon ceviche nachos and spicy tuna nachos. Their salmon, cucumber, avocado and shrimp tempura is also very tasty.

You will definitely have some fun with their unique sushi combinations, and all served up in a convenient on-the-go fashion.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Jogasaki Burrito Truck schedule

JogasakiSushiBurrito_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestDelicious Jogasaki sushi burritos (Photo Credit: Jogasaki Instagram)

#4 Peaches’ Truck

Peaches’ Truck tops the list of Los Angeles food trucks and barbecue trucks. Run by the Peaches Smokehouse and Southern Kitchen, the food truck serves classic Southern dishes and slow-smoked BBQ that are made from fresh and local ingredients. They use humanely raised meat for their BBQ and burgers.

For a bite of Southern classic dishes without the wait, visit the recently opened Peaches’ location in Hollywood at 6541 Hollywood Blvd, Suite #102.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Peaches’s Truck schedule

Peaches'Truck_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestMouthwatering sandwich (Photo Credit: Peaches Truck Instagram)

#5  NoMad

The concept behind this food truck is rather interesting. The New York restaurant Eleven Madison Park has the innovative food truck NoMad running the streets of Los Angeles before opening their downtown Los Angeles restaurant.

What’s unique about the concept is that it is a collaborative effort with a variety of local Los Angeles chefs. The menu includes the NoMad burger, a Humm dog, a fried fish sandwich, fries and a dessert called Milk & Honey.

Go ahead and order after browsing the beautifully crafted and flavorful gourmet meal.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Nomad Truck Instagram location updates

NoMad Bun Los Angeles Food Trucks Authentic Food QuestDelicious Bun from NoMad Truck (photo credit: NoMad Truck Instagram)

#6 India Jones Chow Truck

India Jones Chow Truck gourmet food trucks serve authentic Indian street food throughout Greater Los Angeles. The specialty is Indian street food, and the butter chicken is a standout. Made with tender chicken and clean flavors, this is one that makes following this food truck a must.

Other local favorites are veggie samosas and “Frankie’s” which are an Indian Roti (flat bread), rolled up like a Burrito with chopped onions, tamarind,  green chutney and either beef, lamb, shrimp, chicken or potatoes.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: India Jones Twitter location updates

IndiaJones_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestDelicious Indian street food (Photo Credit: India Jones website)

#7 Ricky’s Fish Tacos

Ricky Baja-style fish tacos are the stuff of legends. Ricky Pina is known to make some of the best fish tacos in Southern California.

Using a top-secret batter, he coats delicate white fish (catfish) and cooks it perfectly to an ideal golden brown color.  These delectable tacos are served Baja style with shredded cabbage and pico de gallo on top.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Ricky’s Fish Tacos Twitter location updates

Ricky'sFishTacos_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestFresh and flavorful fish tacos (Photo Credit: Djjewelz Shrimp Tacos Ricky's Fish Tacos)

#8 WAFL Truck

WAFL Truck is a crowd puller because of its wide variety of savory and sweet waffles. The delicious waffle truck serves the “The Classic” sweet Nutella waffle which is topped with fruits such as strawberries or bananas.

Los Angeles ravenous locals love the sweet from the maple syrup and the savory from tasty bbq chicken or hot dogs. This combination of sweet, savory, crispy and crunchy make these waffles a sought out favorite. Choose from their selection of waffle sandwiches for either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: WAFL Truck Twitter location updates

WAFL_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestSweet and savory WAFLs (Photo Credit: Trisha WAFL Yelp)

#9  Free Range

Free Range food truck is well known for its Sunday brunches at the farmers market. These fried chicken sandwiches are simply gorgeously delicious. The food truck takes pride in serving fresh baked goods and a wide selection of delicious fried chicken.

The Original Fried Chicken Sandwich is a classic with juicy and flavorful meat and perfectly crispy fried breading. Visit often as rotate their menu of weekly specials.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Free Range locations

FreeRange_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestNatural and delicious fried chicken sandwiches (Photo Credit: Free Range Instagram)

#10  Son of a Bun Truck

Established in 2013, Son of a Bun Truck pride themselves for using sustainable ingredients and the juiciest tomatoes, crispiest lettuce, and flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Famous for their gourmet burgers that are hand-pressed, 24 hour marinated all natural chicken and grilled hot dogs that snap when you bite them

The Avoegg burger, with avocado and egg on top is simply delicious. For a spicy flavor, choose the Picante which comes with smoked bacon and jalapeños.

For fresh, real food with locally sourced ingredients, Son of Bun makes for some seriously delicious eats.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Son of Bun Truck locations

Son of a Bun Food Truck Los Angeles Food Trucks by Authentic Food QuestEnjoy gourmet burgers with locally sourced ingredients (Photo Credit: Twitter @eatsonofabun)

#11 Taco Zone

Taco Zone is one of Los Angeles most beloved late night taco trucks.  It is popular for late-night favorites such carne asada, al pastor and pollo.  Adventurous eaters will enjoy saudero (part of the cow between the belly and the leg), buche (pork stomach tacos) or tripas (beef tripe).

Top off those steaming tacos with salsa rojo, which is lively and hot, or perfectly tangy and bright salsa verde.Taco Zone remains a favorite with the Mexican food lovers.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Taco Zone Truck Twitter updates

TacoZoneFoodTruck_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestAmazing late night tacos (Photo Credit: Priti -Taco Zone Yelp)

#12 Coolhaus – Ice Cream dessert

This is not just any ice cream, it is exceptional natural, handmade ice cream sandwiched between two flavored cookies.  The ice cream sandwiches have a modern architecture theme.

This innovative and food and architecture ice cream sandwich is in the form of a deconstructed house: a cookie roof and floor, and handmade ice cream for the walls.

In addition to classic flavors, try their unique combinations such as Confetti Whoopie Pie, Maple Flapjack, Vegan Ginger Molasses and more  You’ll also find an eclectic selection of ice cream flavors; like Black sesame, Avocado sea salt, Bulletproof and many other crazy-tasty flavors.

Get updates on where to find the truck next: Coolhaus Food Trucks schedule

CoolHaus_LosAngelesFoodTrucks_AuthenticFoodQuestArchitecturally inspired ice cream sandwiches (Photo Credit: Coolhaus Pinterest)

What about you? Do you have any favorite Los Angeles food trucks to add to the list?

Leave your comments below.

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  1. Please can you tell us the name of the chili used on Los Angeles Ice cream trucks for frito pies around the late 70’s to The eighties….. PLEASEEEEEE!! We have desperately been trying to find it!!! It’s the best thing about our Ca childhood….. and we must have it… lol


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