Montmartre Food Tour: How To Eat Like a Local In Paris Top Neighborhood

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Montmartre, the second most visited area in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower, is a delicious district to explore on Montmartre food tour.

The best local guides will take you to the local shops and the best food spots you wouldn’t find on your own.

Even though we’ve lived in Paris and have visited the city multiple times, we didn’t really know much about the culinary traditions in Montmartre district.

Seeking to explore the local and authentic Parisian specialties, we teamed up with Devour Tours for a food tour in Montmartre.

Here’s what to know and expect on a food tour in Montmartre.

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Montmartre Food Tour – A Gastronomic Adventure

Montmartre Food Tour: How To Eat Like a Local In Paris Top Neighborhood 1
Learn about Montmartre’s rich history from a local guide

Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement in Paris, is most famously known for being an artist’s village and for the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

Beyond that, there is a real sense of local life with restaurants, shops, and streets to explore

What attracted us to Devour Tours is their philosophy. Like Authentic Food Quest, they aim to connect curious travelers with local food and help culture thrive.

Juan, our local Parisian-born and raised tour guide, took us on an exciting Montmartre food and wine tour. 

For about 3+ hours, our intimate group of seven savored the charming ambiance while exploring the Montmartre landscape through food. 

As it was a morning tour, French pastries kicked off this Montmartre food tour.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP:   Discover a side of Montmartre most visitors won’t get to see, on a walking food tour with Devour Tours. Explore unique food destinations, family owned eateries, and fine wines while learning about the food culture and history. The Montmartre area offers more than meets the eye. And, the culinary gems are best revealed on a Montmartre food tour.

Devouring Montmartre Like a Local on a Paris Food Tour

Buttery Croissants

Buttery Croissant Food Tour Montmartre by Authentic Food Quest
Irresistable fresh, buttery croissant

Classic French breads, pastries and viennoiserie are some of the most recognizable French treats.

At a long-standing bakery-patisserie at the foot of Montmartre, we started off with freshly made fluffy and buttery croissants.

Utterly delicious, we all savored this French obsession as we learned about croissant historical facts and what makes them so delicious.

Exclusive French Chocolate and Macarons

Macarons Food Tour In Montmartre by Authentic Food Quest
Variety of mouthwatering macarons

From delicious croissants we moved on to a local celebrated chocolate shop. This exclusive chocolatier or “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, is known for 100% artisanal French craftsmanship and the finest ingredients.

Walking into the store in smaller groups of two, we each selected a French macaron from this prestigious store. 

Juan also picked up some French chocolates for the group allowing us to savor another French delicacy and iconic treat.

These melt-in-your mouth French chocolates and macarons gave us a necessary sugar rush to  walk up and down Montmartre’s charming streets. 

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Montmartre Food Tour Favorites

French Cheese and Charcuterie

Cured Meat Montmartre Food And Wine Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Samples of French charcuterie

A Montmartre food tour in France, a nation of cheese, would not be complete without sampling French cheese and charcuterie.

A favorite stop in this walking food tour, we stopped into a locally owned epicerie for some of the finest local products.

Cheese Shop Montmartre Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest
You will have the opportunity to try various types of French cheese

While savoring goat cheese, creamy cow cheese and a variety of cured sausages and meats, we learned about the best food regions in France.

As we indulged in the wide variety, we all discovered new favorite cheeses and meats from the Auvergne region.

I was surprised to learn that the Auvergne region, in the middle of France, is particularly well known for its dry-cured sausages.

French Natural Wines

French Wines Montmartre Food And Wine Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Tasting wines at a natural wine shop

While I expected French wine to be a part of this Montmartre food tour, I wasn’t expecting to visit a natural wine shop.

One of the perks of taking a Montmartre walking food tour is discovering the places only the locals know about.

While trying red and white natural wines, we learned about the growing popularity of natural wines in France.

Vincent, the owner of the wine cellar had us taste one natural white wine from the Loire Valley. And, an exceptional red wine from the southwest region of the country. 

The red wine was my favorite and I appreciated the ability to have more if you wanted some.

Having previously discovered natural wines in Sicily, it was a delight to taste exceptional natural wines from different regions of France.

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French Crepes from Brittany

French Crepes Places To Eat In Montmartre by Authentic Food Quest
Irresistible crepes with salted butter caramel sauce

If you are a French crepes fan like I am, this French food stop is sure to delight. French crepes have their origins in Brittany, in western France and are popular throughout the county.

Ready to rest our weary feet after walking up and down the hilly streets of Montmartre, Juan led the group to a family-owned creperie.

Described as one of the best places to eat in Montmartre for authentic crepes, no one could argue to the contrary.

Warm, delicate and topped with home made crème caramel au beurre salé, these crepes were to die for. 

The cream of caramel with salt butter added the perfect hint of sweet and salty flavors to the amazing crepe.

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Montmartre Food Tour Cultural Insights

Montmartre Montmartre Food Tour Authentic Food Quest
Explore the hidden streets of Paris on this Montmartre Food Tour

Montmartre is a “village in Paris”, Juan told us repeatedly during our walking food tour. The area rich in historical culture is also filled with hidden gems.

As we navigated the narrow streets soaking up the charming atmosphere, Juan regaled us with stories and history of the area.

Even though the Montmartre area was absorbed into Paris in 1860, it retains its village charm. 

As we walked through iconic streets, I was surprised to run into a secret vineyard within Montmartre.

The vineyard, known as Clos Montmartre, produces wine made from traditional grape varieties. At the time of the Montmartre food tour, there were signs all around for the upcoming harvest festival.

The wine, we learned from Juan, is not necessarily the best-tasting French wine. The wines are put up for auction and the proceeds go to charity and social works in Montmartre.

It was wonderful experiencing the Montmartre district through the eyes of a local. There is so much depth and history to this authentic village, and it comes to life best with a local guide.

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Overall Impressions of the  Montmartre Food Tour

What we Loved

Local Shop Food Tour Montmartre by Authentic Food Quest
Experience authentic flavors on this food tour in Montmartre

Taking Paris tours is a wonderful way to go in depth into the local culinary culture and an area’s flourishing restaurant scene.

  • This Montmartre food tour with a local guide, took us off the beaten path to the areas not typically visited by tourists. True to Devour Tours mission of providing authentic experiences, we skipped the art studios and artistic district in Montmartre and focused on the local food culture. 
  • There are plenty of food stops and you’ll have a lot to eat. The portion sizes are full-sized and generous allowing you the opportunity to savor all the delicious flavors. You’ll be full at the end, so one tip is to skip breakfast or eat very light beforehand.
  • One thing I appreciated about this Montmartre food and wine tour was the diversity and quality of food stops. From French croissants, chocolates, wine, cheese and charcuterie, you taste authentic flavors along with some history and context.
  • Having a local and knowledgeable guide makes food tours that much more enriching. Juan, a Parisian, knew Montmartre quite intimately and told us he lives in the nearby area. His culinary background working at several Paris based restaurants added to the overall insights he shared.  Answering all questions while providing restaurant recommendations and sights to see, he made the food tour experience quite pleasurable.

What Could Be Improved on this Montmartre Food Tour

Rosemary with wine glass Montmartre Food Tour Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary enjoying a glass of French wine

Overall, there was not much negative we could find about the Montmartre food tour. The food tour promised a Montmartre like a local experience and it delivered. That said, there are a few things worth noting.

  • The first few stops were sweet and sugary food stops. And, while absolutely exquisite,  I found it to be too much sugar in the morning. Make sure to have a bottle of water with you to clean the palate in between bites.
  • The last stop on the walking food tour was at a local Montmartre restaurant. We sampled a seasonal and copious French quiche. It would have been nice to pair the dish with wine rather than have the wine separately on the food tour.
  • Montmartre is perched on a small hill making it quite a hilly area. There are also plenty of staircases to climb up and down. While not a negative, we offer the recommendation to wear comfortable shoes to easily walk along the cobblestone streets.

How To Book Your Montmartre Food Tour

Sacre Coeur Food Tour In Montmartre by Authentic Food Quest
Impressive Sacré-Cœur Basilica of Montmartre

This Montmartre food tour with Devour Tours is one of the best food tours with an authentic focus.

In one of most visited areas in Paris, it helps to navigate the local food scene with a guide. This ensures you sample the best food, visit local artisans while steering clear of the tourist path.

Tours are conducted in small groups of no more than 10 people and last 3.5 hours. If you have any dietary considerations, be sure to note them while booking.  

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Other Paris Tours Offered by Devour Tours

French Cheese Montmartre Food Tour by Authentic Food Quest

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This Paris food tour focuses on the Marais neighborhood and the stories behind the recipes and classic dishes. 

This tour is also 3.5 hours long and includes 11+ tastings of French food and wine. You’ll be accompanied by an expert guide who will make sure you leave well fed and with an understanding of French food in Paris.

To see all Paris tours offered by Devour Tours, please click this link: Devours Tours in Paris.

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Have you ever taken a Montmartre food tour in Paris? Would you take this tour in Paris? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Special thanks to Devour Tours for having us on this tour. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too.

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