How To Unbox Your S(e)oul? 2022 Seoulbox Korean Snacks Review

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When traveling to Korea is not feasible, biting into Korean hallyu with a Seoul box is the next best thing.

Shipping directly from Korea, Seoulbox delivers colorful Korean treats and culture to your doorstep once a month.

Eager to explore authentic treats from Korea, we teamed up with SeoulBox to review their popular Seoulbox Signature snacks box.

Packed with tasty treats, Kpop and Kbeauty products, this Korean Snacks box gets you immersed into the Korean wave.

Discover an epic and colorful Korea with this Seoulbox Signature review.

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What is Seoulbox?

Seoul Box Signature Unboxing by Authentic Food Quest
Exciting Korean goodies right at your doorstep

Seoulbox is aiming to bridge the gap between the country Korea and people who love Korean culture.

This is a premium Korean subscription box delivers authentic snacks and Korean goodies straight to your doorstep.

Every month you’ll receive a box of Korea’s amazing snacks and exciting goodies and merchandize and all things related to Korea.

The contents of the box are typically a mix of sweet, spicy, and savory items, including Korean beauty products and ‘surprise’ items.

Started in 2019 in London, Suji, the founder was devoted to bringing Korea close to the people that love the country and culture.

By delivering authentic Korean tastes, sounds, flavors and goodies, every Korea lover can take their own journey to the country.

What Are The Korean Box Options From Seoulbox?

SeoulMates and all things Korea lovers can become involved with Seoulbox in three different ways.

With Seoulbox snacks, meat-free snacks and through Korean lifestyle items.

Seoulbox Signature Snacks

Signature Seoul Box Review by Authentic Food Quest
Signature Seoul Box includes wide selection of Korean snacks

The Seoulbox Signature box is the flagship snack box with the best Korean snacks. You’ll find a range of 18 different Korean items from snacks to Kbeauty skincare and makeup.

The snacks which range from sweet and savory including chips, crackers, candies and more.

Each of the Seoulbox boxes include ramen and and unique local drink. Our absolute favorite is a booklet, with a guide to the culinary culture and treats in the box as well as cultural insights.

A one-time purchase of the Seoulbox Signature box is priced at $39.50, while a yearly subscription would cut the cost to only $32.50 per box.

Seoulbox V  – Meat Free Snacks

Seoul Box V Vegetarian Korean Snacks by Authentic Food Quest
Seoulbox also has an option for vegetarians

The “V” in the Seoulbox V box loosely stands for “vegetarian.” This snack box is 100% meat-free and features delicious vegetarian treats and ramen.

This box includes 16 vegetarian snacks and candies. Exclusive vegetarian ramen and hard to find local drinks.

Cute  K-Pop merchandize including Kbeauty products are all packed into this essential Seoul Box V.

A handy booklet with details about the snacks and cultural insights is also included.

Pricing starts at $39.50 for a one-time purchase and $32.50 for an on-going subscription.

Seoulbox Life – Korean Lifestyle Items

Seoul Box Life Korean Subscription Box by Authentic Food Quest
Seoulbox Life is a sneak peek into the Korean culture

Culture lovers will love this gift of Korean treasures. This box doesn’t focus on Korean snacks, but rather on Korean lifestyle items.

Seoulbox Life is sent out quarterly or once every three months with a seasonal theme. Korean products include, Kpop items, beauty products and home goods like water bottles, jewelry, towels and more.

A helpful Korean magazine with a focus on the culture and season is also included.

The essence of the SeoulBox Life is to allow you to get the most out of that season Korean style.

It is a quarterly subscription priced at $64.95. Each season brings new goodies and home items to discover.

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Seoulbox Discount

Sweet Snacks And KBeauty Seoul Snack Box by AuthenticFoodQuest
Sweets snacks offering from Seoulbox for an extra 5% OFF with AFQ5 code

Depending on the type of Seoulbox you choose and the subscription offer, the price will vary. By choosing the subscription pricing, the cost is more attractive at $32.50 instead of $39.50 per box.

However, regardless of the box and subscription offer, readers of Authentic Food Quest are entitled to a special discount. Save an extra 5% OFF when you enter the code AFQ5 at checkout.

How Do You Buy Seoulbox?

There is no physical store to purchase the Seoulbox boxes. All boxes are ordered strictly online. 

By visiting the official myseoulbox website, you choose a Korean box, place your payment and enter all personal details. 

SeoulBix ships all over the world with a 7-12 day delivery period. Once the order is placed, the Seoul Box is shipped within the week to arrive one to two weeks later.

You get a tracking code with your order to easily keep track of your package in the delivery process. 

We received regular updates on our Seoul Signature box and it arrived in good

Seoulbox Signature Review – Unboxing The 2022 April Seoul Box

My SeoulBox April 2022 by Authentic Food Quest
Seoulbox from April 2022

What attracted us to Seoulbox Signature is their focus on local and authentic Korean snacks.

Our folllowing Seoulbox review is focused on the April 2022 Signature box shipped, like all boxes, directly from Korea.

As we were unpacking the box, we were right away impressed by its stunning design and the weight of the contents.

What Do You Get In The Seoulbox Signature

Here’s a list of what our box contained.

Seoulbox Signature Snacks

Seoul Box Signature Snacks Box April 2022 by Authentic Food Quest
Sweet, salty and spicy – something for everyone

Baek Myun – delicious pieces of seafood and spicy beef broth. The perfect mix of flavors and surprisingly quite filling. One of our favorite salty snacks in the April box.

Cheesecake –  A delicious soft sweet cake with a citrus jam in the middle.

Banana – marshmallow, banana and wait for it – caramel cake! Imagine this taste

Kopiko Coffee Candy – A small hard candy, like coffee with a little cream and sugar in it. Perfect for coffee lovers.

Chewy Bungeo-ppang  – a fish-shaped choco-cream cake, my personal favorite sweet. 

Hosigi Soysauce – Like shoestring chips with a delicious sweet and savory chicken soy sauce.

Simtong Potato chip – a sweet and spicy combination which we enjoyed, but the texture was rather unusual. 

Yogurt cookie – semi-soft and deliciously creamy, but not your ‘typical Korean’ flavor

Dalgona Chips-  eight thin cookies, with an image carved within. Tthe flavors change from sweet to spicy as you chew and swallow.

Green Tea Crepes –  the crepes crumble easily and can be messy. The taste is like the smell of hay.

Tteokbokki –  Very spicy, but also sweet and savory which cuts down on the “hot”.

Seoulbox Signature Surprise Item

Seoul Box Signature April 2022 Bonus Item Authentic Food Quest
BTS Boy With Love lush hand towel

April’s Signature box bonus item was a BTS Boy With Love lush hand towel.

Seoulbox Signature Drinks

Kanu Mild Roast Coffee – coffee package with a K-Pop signature

Vita 500 drink – sparkling, citrus-flavored energy drink

Seoulbox Signature Kbeauty

Aloe Pack – Kbeauty natural aloe cleansing product with a  jelly-like texture

Tangerine Wash Off Pack – Another Kbeauty product for make up removal

Vita500 Jelly – Similar to the drink, but in a gummie format.  

Seoulzine Magazine or Booklet

Seoul Box April Seoulzine Tasting Guide by Authentic Food Quest
Seoulzine Tasting Guide is full of interesting information about Korean culture

Diving deeper into Korean culture is made possible by the informative booklet included in the Signature Seoulbox.

While we are not very familiar with Kdramas, Korean fans will love learning the commonly used Kdrama terms and the actors.

There are pages in the booklet with the words to famous Kpop songs. And, you’ll also find a variety of interesting quizzes and games focused on Kpop culture.

Other sections of the booklet are dedicated to cultural events. 

In our April booklet, we were surprised to learn that the Taen Tulip Festival is one of the largest in Korea. It’s also one of the top five festivals in the world.

Our favorite part of the booklet was the Tasting Guide. All the sweet and savory treats are listed with a brief description of the ingredients.

This is quite useful as we tried the unusual treats and flavor combinations. There are also recipes featured and our booklet had a simple kimchi fried rice recipe.

Overall, we were quite impressed by the amount of Interesting cultural information and well-described tasting guide in the booklet.

Seoulbox Signature Pros

  • Dazzling package: The colors and design of the Seoulbox itself is absolutely amazing. Fresh with a design that accuratelyhits Korean culture.
  • Careful and neat packaging: our Signature box came in perfect condition, with everything intact, and the snacks whole and not in pieces.
  • Value beyond the price:  what you’re getting inside is more than what you paid for. 
  • Superb products: you can always expect quality and quantity in your Seoul snack box
  • Versatile tastes: our Seoulbox Signature review showcases the different and unique tastes of Korea.

Seoulbox Signature Cons

  • Contains allergens and nut products – Some of the snacks are made with nuts and grains making them unsuitable for those with allergen sensitivities.
  •  Doesn’t offer gluten-free snacks – Some of the snacks in the box contain gluten which unfortunately, cannot be consumed by gluten-intolerant customers
  • Shipping may be delayed – our box arrived a little later than expected due to unexpected shipping delays. During that waiting period we received regular updates. Generally, Korean snack boxes ship and arrive on time, but flexibility may be required at times due to unexpected delays.

Our Final Verdict – Is Seoulbox Signature Worth It?

My Seoul Box Signature by Authentic Food Quest
Korea tour in a box

Lovers of all things Korea, including food and culture will love the Seoulbox Signature box.

This flagship snacks box from the company includes the perfect bites for cultural curiosity and new tastes. 

While we didn’t know what to expect in our Seoul snack box, we enjoyed the range of tastes and cultural surprises.

Everything in the box was fresh and the experience took us on a cultural and culinary adventure to the country.

Those that love Kpop, Kdrama, Kbeauty and all things will Korea will love the SeoulSignature box. 

Going through the box is like traveling to Korea without leaving home.

Around The Web – What Are People Saying About Seoulbox Signature

Seoul Snack Box by Authentic Food Quest
Fans of Korean culture and snacks find this box amazing

While we liked our Seoulbox, we also scoured the web to see what other prople think of the Seoulbox Signature.

We found a vast majority of excellent reviews, and a few negative comments related to shipping.

Some of the positive feedback includes:

  • “Seoulbox never fails to amaze me with its authentic Korean snacks and premium quality K-pop merch that is included in the box every month.”
  • “This box is amazing! As a huge Korea lover and a snack addict, this box is the perfect mix! From spicy to sweet snacks to goodies, there is always one snack that makes you want to go to Korea.”
  • “The mix of snack, k-beauty, and Kpop! I really enjoy getting this box. I appreciate the fast shipping and the costumer service is really on point.”
  • “I literally love all the snacks, k-pop goodies, and k beauty items all in one box. Thank you Seoubox for curating amazing boxes each month.”

The few negative comments we found seemed to be related to shipping delays due to Covid as well as clearing customs.

  • “Ordered beginning of March, understood that due to the pandemic things would be delayed. They refunded me at my request after not receiving the box.  Even though they were a small team greatly affected by the pandemic they should be much more transparent about delivery issues.”
  • “Found delivery to be super fast and when my box was stuck in customs they were very responsive in helping it being released. Received it in 4 days from ordering which was awesome.”
  • “I loved the box. Had some issues with the delivery, but the support helped with resolving it.”

Seoulbox Signature FAQ

What types of subscriptions are available?

At the time of writing Seoulbox offers three types of subscriptions:

Seoulbox Signature – authentic Korean snacks
Seoulbox V – vegetarian and halal-friendly options
Seoulbox Life – Korean lifestyle subscription

What is the Cost Of A Seoulbox?

For Seoulbox Signature and Seoulbox V, pricing starts at $39.50 for a one-time purchase and $32.50 for an on-going subscription.

While Seoulbox Live is a quarterly subscription priced at $64.95. 

What’s the shipping cost of Seoulbox? 

Each one of the Seoulbox products’ shipments costs an additional $12.50 for delivery in the United States. Additional charges might apply depending on your country of delivery.

How can I cancel my Seoulbox Subscription? 

Canceling or pausing a subscription has to be done at least 3 business days prior to the next billing date of the box shipment. This is done through the Account Settings option, which could be accessed from the official MySeoulbox webpage, or by contacting their support team at

Does Seoulbox Accommodate Food Allergies? 

Many snacks in the Seoulbox Signature box contain allergens. However, the handy booklet get handy booklet contains specifications with the ingredients, and possible allergies threats.  Be sure to carefully read the tasting guide if you have food sensitivites.

Can I Give Seoulbox as a Gift? 

Of course! A beautifully packed bundle of joy for a friend or a close person that enjoys the K-Pop theme and Korean goodies is an excellent gift idea. On the plus side, there’s the option to order a Seoulbox Gift Card with a denomination value starting from $50 and all the way to $500.

Alternative Seoul Snack Box – The Snack Fever Korean Snack Box

Snack Fever Korean Snacks Box by Authentic Food Quest
Snack fever box will surprise you with premium goodies – Photo credit: SnackFever on Cratejoy

If you are looking for premium snacks with fast delivery then Snack Fever box is the best alternative to Seoul snack box.

The Snack Fever box is similar to Seoulbox Signature subscription box. Its a monthly mystery box filled with snacks and goodies directly from Korea.

It includes K-drama items, K-Pop and Korean culture products along with a variety of snacks.

The Snack Fever box has between 10 to 13 premium snacks and is slightly more expensive than Seoulbox. The price for a one time box is $44.95 versus $40.95 for a 12 month subscription.

Unlike Seoulbox, Snack Fever box doesn’t provide vegetarian or vegan snacks substitute.  This can be a challenge for those seeking to enjoy meat free Korean snacks.

The Snack Fever Korean box is a premium bundle that includes a combination of snacks and lifestyle items. The mystery or surprise factor is one of the most attractive elements of this box.

Customers rave about the great service and fast delivery which come with a premium pricing. Though you get let variety when it comes to the snacks provided.

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