Paris Chocolate Tour: Visit The World Best Chocolate Shops and More

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Take your chocolate knowledge to new heights on a chocolate tour in Paris. Did you know that the French consume about 16lbs (7.3 kg) of chocolate per person on average per year?

A Paris chocolate tour offers a unique experience to visit some of the world’s best chocolate shops. You’ll learn about the city’s vast history with chocolates and delectable pastries.

Having taken chocolate tours in Paris before, we were blown away by the unexpected exquisite experience. 

When you take a Paris chocolate walking tour, you see the City of Light in a new way.

To help you experience the sweet side of Paris, we selected our favorite Paris chocolate tours.

Choose from any of these 6 chocolate tasting tours and get ready to enter a new world of sweet delights.

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Comparison Table of The Best Chocolate Tours Paris

Chocolate Tour ParisPrice 
($ USD)
PrivateStart TimeDuration (hours)LocationBest For
Paris Sweet Gourmet$109.13Small group tour2:00 pm or 2:30 pm depending on neigborhood3 hSaint-Germain-des-Prés or MaraisBest overall tour
Saint-Germain Chocolate, Pastries & Macaron Tour$99.11Small group tour2:30 pm3 hSaint-Germain-des-PrésFrench history lovers
Chocolate and Pastry Tour$85.70Private and small group tours3:00 pm2.5 to 3  hMontmartre DistrictFrench desserts
Paris Chocolate Walking Tour$80.10Small group tour2:30 pm2 h1st arrondissementChocolate lovers
Sweet Pastry Tour in Marais District$117.22Private tourOffered between 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm2.5 hMarais DistrictPastry lovers
Paris Sweet Tooth Stroll$69.94Small group tour11:00 am1.5 hSaint-Germain-des-PrésArtisanal experiences

The price of these Paris chocolate tours are shown in Euros (Eur). We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Please note that prices might vary slightly when you book your tour. Availability of some chocolate tours in Paris may differ based on season and time of year.

Top Selection of Chocolate Tours in Paris

1. Paris Sweet Gourmet Specialties Pastry and Chocolate Tastings 

Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Paris Tour by Authentic Food Quest
Taste Pierre Marcolini luxury chocolates

This chocolate tour in Paris offers gourmet specialty tastings in your choice of two iconic Paris neighborhoods.

Choose either the Saint-Germain-des-Prés or Marais chocolates and sweet selections route. 

And, spend 3 hours tasting gourmet chocolates, macarons, pastries and freshly baked bread, while admiring iconic attractions.

The Saint-Germain-des-Prés tour takes you on a luxurious journey, filled with culture and tasty gourmet treats.

In some of the most famous chocolate shops and pâtisseries, you’ll learn about the chocolates, desserts and French culture. 

At each progressive stop, you’ll better understand the sweet side Paris has to offer.

The Marais chocolate and pastry tour takes you on a 3 hour history, architecture and a delicious sweet tour of the neighborhood.

Architectural treasures of Marais like Knights Templar headquarters, the LGBT neighborhood and the Jewish District will become familiar.

Stops for tastings of chocolate, macarons and pastries at chic chocolate shops will excite your taste buds.

And, you will learn the stories about the local artisans and their delicious macarons, chocolates and more.

We love the flexibility of this Paris chocolate tour to discover either Saint Germain des Pres or the Marais district.

Cost: About $109.13 per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 3 hours. Tours start at 2:00 pm or 2:30 pm depending on neighborhood

Group Style: Small group tours conducted in English

2. Saint-Germain The Original Chocolate, Pastries & Macaron Tasting Tour

pistoles paris chocolate tour authentic food quest
Unique chocolates in Debauve & Gallais, a shop with a long tradition

Chocolate in France has a long history since the times of Marie-Antoinette. On this Paris chocolate tour in the exclusive Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, you’ll visit some of the best French chocalatiers.

This 3-hour chocolate tasting tour in Paris, offers 8 to 10 gourmet stops. Your tour guide, a chocolate connoisseur, will introduce you into the neighborhood’s history, along with its artisans. 

Your first visit will be at Debauve & Gallais, the historic chocolate shop, which enchanted Marie Antoinette with its unique flavors. We were intrigued to learn that the shop was also the exclusive chocolate shop for French royalty

Your journey into the history of chocolate in Paris continues on tastings at prestigious chocolatiers, like Pierre Hermé, Patrick Roger, Yannick Lefort and others.

Along the way, you’ll also sample macarons, delicious pastries, chocolate eclairs, truffles and and more, at  famous cafés in Paris.

Being on the Left Bank, you’ll learn about  a few important historic monuments. Walking down the small cobblestone streets of the neighborhood, you will visit the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church and the Saint Sulpice church. 

Your Paris chocolate walking tour ends with tasty French coffee, tea or hot chocolate and few more surprises for the sweet tooth.

Cost: About $99.11 per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 3 hours. Tour starts at 2:30 pm

Group Style: Small group tours conducted in English

3. Paris Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour 

Sacre Coeur Montmartre by Authentic Food Quest
Le Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre

Discover Montmartre, in Paris 18th arrondissement, and sample a variety of classic French chocolates, macarons, and pastries.

From the perspective of a guides local eyes, you’ll meet award winning chocolate and pastry makers and savor their creations,

This chocolate tasting tour takes you to five or six stops for the best artisanal French sweets.

You will start by visiting an artisanal chocolate shop to taste some of the best chocolates in France’s capital.

Next, you’ll enjoy world class authentic macarons, before moving on to discover a unique choux pastry store.

During the warmer months, you’ll try a selection of handcrafted ice creams, at a famous local ice ceam parlor. 

And, in the cooler winter months a delightful thick hot chocolate will warm you up after this Paris chocolate walking tour.

As you make your way to the various tastings, you’ll learn about French desserts and their importance to French cuisine.

What’s nice about the Montmartre neighborhood is that is compact making it ideal for sightseeing tours as well.

At the final stop, you’ll say au revoir at a crêperie, with an incredible French crepe classic.

Expect to be surprised with a delectable sweet treat from your tour guide. And, leave with sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

Cost: About $85.70 per person 

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Tour starts at start 3:00 pm

Group Style: Small group tours and private tour option available, conducted in English

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4. Paris Chocolate Walking Tour

Paris chocolate tour at Patrick Roger Food Travel Expeeriences
Chocolate as art in the exclusive Patrick Roger chocolate store

This Paris chocolate walking tour offers a wonderful combination of sightseeing and prestigious chocolatiers.

This tour takes place in the 1st arrondissement, home to the Louvre museum. You will visit five exclusive Paris chocolate shops and sample exquisite French chocolates.

The Place de la Concorde will be the starting point of your Paris chocolate adventure. 

As you make your way to the various chocolatiers on this chocolate tasting tour, you’ll stop at some of the visited attractions in the world.

The Tuileries Gardens, Madeleine Church, Opera Garnier, Rue St-Honore and the Louvre are just some of the sights that will delight your eyes. 

At each master chocolatier, you’ll learn about their signature chocolate making techniques and what makes each so special.

You’ll taste delectable bites from traditional, to innovative and even old-fashioned artisanal chocolates. You’ll also enjoy learning about the evolution of chocolate and the cacao bean in France.

The pace is relaxed on this chocolate tour Paris and the setting intimate, for even more interaction with the chocolate makers.

Focused purely on chocolates, this chocolate tour a chocoholics dream come true in Paris.

Cost: About $80.10 per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 2 hours. Tour start at 2:30 pm

Group Style: Small group tour conducted in English

5. The Sweet Pastry Private Tour of Paris in Le Marais District

Eclair and Pastries Chocolate Tour in Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Perfect choice for tasting some of the best pastries in Paris

Steeped in history, the Marais district in the 3rd and 4th arrondisements also offers a delicious French pastry scene.

This private tour introduces you to the sweeter side of Paris through it’s pastries and desserts. 

Your local guide will share with you insider knowledge of the culinary delights and important monuments.

You’ll try at least 5 different pastries also learn how to drink coffee like a Parisian. Your first stop will be for a delicious eclair. 

You’ll then navigate your way around the neighborhood as you learn about its rich history and cultural significance. 

This will be just in time for your next step to try unique gaufre pastry made with a recipe dating back to 1849.

The famous crêpe Suzette and macarons made by a famous artisan makers are also part of this sweet tastings experience.

Rue de Rivoli, an iconic street and Place des Vosges, a famous sight, are two places you’ll learn about from your guide. 

Sharing stories only locals know, you’ll understand ancient Paris nobility and the link toNapoleon Bonaparte.

This sweet pastry private tour ends at a typical Parisian cafe for a well deserved traditional coffee. As you sip on your hot beverage you’ll learn about French cafe culture and coffee etiquette.

As this is a private tour, you can modify the itinerary to better suit your needs. Make sure to communicate your desires at the time of booking.

For a personalized pastry tour of Le Marais, this is one best walking tours to savor.

Cost: About $117.22 per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 2.5 hours. Tours offered from 12:00 pm  to 6:00 pm

Group Style: Private tour conducted in English

6. Paris Sweet Tooth Stroll

la maison du chou paris chocolate tour authentic food quest
Claire indulging in a cream puff at La Maison du Chou

This epicurean journey in Paris takes you through the hidden treasures in the Saint Germain des Pres district.

As the name suggests, you’ll be taking a delicious sweet stroll visiting what was once an artistic and literary district.

Today, you’ll find art galleries, an abundance of cafés, chic boutiques, theaters, cafes and more.

On this walking tour, your taste buds will dance with delight as you visit candy shops, chocolate shops and patisseries.

Some of the delectable French sweets you can expect to try include French chocolates, jams, cream puffs, and other surprising treats.

Be sure to leave room for delicious Alsace strudel, a famous dessert from the East of France.

What we like best about this Paris sweet tooth stroll is the bespoke nature of their tours. They stop at quaint, lesser known but equally good artisans shops to sample French sweets.

This tour is also only 90 minutes in length, making it easy to fit into a day of sightseeing in Paris.

For sweet lovers looking to explore French desserts and chocolate in a legendary district, this tour is for you.

Cost: About $69.94 per person

Time and Length of Tour: Approximately 1.5 hours. Tours start at 11:00 am 

Group Style: Small group tours conducted in English

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What to Consider When Choosing a Chocolate Tour in Paris

Choosing between these chocolate and pastry tours Paris can be challenging as they are all delicious.

As you consider making your choice, here are a few considerations.

What Kind of Paris Chocolate Tour Experience Do You Want

La Maison du Chou Paris Chocolate Tours by Authentic Food Quest
There are many options for a chocolate tour in Paris

All chocolate Paris tours offer unique and authentic culinary experiences. Be assured your trip will be a memorable one.

What kind of experience suits you best?

Do you enjoy the company of a small group size of food lovers? Or would you prefer to take a more private, intimate tour for just you and your group?

Are there any specific neighborhoods or districts you want to explore? 

Do you prefer a mix of chocolates and pastries? Or would you prefer a pure and decadent chocolate only experience?

How much time do you have in your schedule? These Paris chocolate and pastry food tours run from 1.5 to 3 hours in length.

With these considerations in mind, simply select the chocolate tasting tour that fits your preferences and travel plans.

What Is Your Budget for Your Paris Chocolate Tours

Carre Chocolat Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Tour in Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Set aside money to buy exquisite chocolate on your Paris chocolate tour

Another point to consider is your budget and itinerary.

The best chocolate tours in Paris  range in price from $69.94 to $117.22

However, depending on the size of your group, you may be able to negotiate discounted rates.

All Paris tours featured continue to adhere to Covid safety guidelines. However, if you prefer, some offer personalized tours that you can enjoy at your own pace.

On a positive note, all these chocolate walking tours allow free booking cancellation up to 24 to 72 hours before the event.

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