Is Snake River Farms Worth It? Review of SRF Beef, Pork, and Seafood

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After trying out Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef for the first time, we were delighted. Now, with more products added to their offering, we were curious to try it out again.

For those unfamiliar, Snake River Farms is a 55+ year family business that delivers sustainably raised flavorful meats and seafood to your doorstep.

While the core SRF Wagyu meats have not changed, they now have surf and turf.

In this updated Snake River Farms review, we outline our experience of receiving the products, cooking with them and answer the ultimate question, is it worth it?

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Who Is Snake River Farms

American Wagyu Burger Snake River Farm by Authentic Food Quest
SRF specializes in American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta Pork

Snake River Farms, founded in 1968, is a family-owned business that started in Idaho. 

Over the years, the company has grown and, today partners with family ranches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and beyond. 

Offering a true ranch-to-table experience, Snake River Farms offers meat from grass-fed, hormone-free, sustainably raised cattle and pigs.

Snake River Farms are the pioneers of American Wagyu, which is prized for its rich marble and buttery taste. This includes cuts like American Wagyu steak, filet mignon, ribeye, tenderloin, and more. 

The Kurobuta pork products come from 100% Berkshire pigs, which are intensely flavorful and succulent meats. You can get pork chops, ribs, bacon and more.

Earlier In 2023, Snake River Farms introduced a new line of Surf & Turf with lobster, salmon, shrimp, crab, cod, halibut, and scallops.

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How Snake River Farm Works

Boneless pork chop Snake River Farms by Authentic Food Quest
Cooking SRF pork chops

Getting started with Snake River Farms is very straightforward. The Snake River Farms website is easy to use and has clear categories to choose from. Simply navigate to the following sections:

Choose the types of quality meats you want and everything is shipped frozen with dry ice in an insulated box. 

Shipping is within the United States, and the fresh meats are sent via FedEx. 

Different shipping options are available from standard shipping at $9.99 to 1-day overnight shipping at $49.99.

Snake River Farms typically offers free shipping discounts from time to time. At the time of publication of this review, there is a free shipping offer on orders over $249. 

Check the website regularly for shipping discounts, and don’t forget to use code AFQ10 at checkout for even more savings.

Club SRF – Snake River Farm Loyalty Program

Snake River Farms Cook Guide by Authentic Food Quest
No need to enroll to get SRF perks

The SRF Loyalty Club rewards you with points every time you shop. You get one point per dollar and the more points you accrue, the more discounts and savings you earn with Snake River Farms.

The SRF Club has three tiers that you can qualify for once you reach the minimum spending levels. 

You become a “Member” when you spend at least $150 per year. When you hit $500, you become an “Insider” and then a “Legend” once you spend more than $2000 per year.

The best part about the SRF Loyalty Club is that you are automatically enrolled once you order from Snake River Farms.

You can redeem your points for free Snake River Farm products, free shipping, special discounts on your birthday, and more.

The points are tracked on your online account and the loyalty club is a tasty way to enjoy Snake River Farm’s sustainably raised premium products.

What Snake River Farm Offers

Snake River Farms offers by Authentic Food Quest
A variety of meat products in SRF

Snake River Farms offers a wide variety of meat products. They are most famous for being the pioneers of American Wagyu beef.

In keeping with the same level of superior quality, Snake River Farms also offers heritage pork from Berkshire pigs. 

New to their offerings are Surf & Turf which were added earlier in 2023.

Snake River Farm American Wagyu Beef – One of The Best Meats in The World

American Wagyu Steak Snake River Farms by Authentic Food Quest
Deliciously flavorsome Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef is considered to be one of the most luxurious steaks. The meat is deliciously fatty, flavorsome, and synonymous with luxury. 

Wagyu is Japanese for cow. Not just any Japanese cow, but a specific breed with a genetic predisposition of marbling fat inside muscle tissue resulting in a more flavorsome experience.

Snake River Farm was the first company to import a Japanese bull with lineage to wagyu cattle from the Kobe region and crossbreed it with American Angus cattle.

As a result, Snake River Farms established America’s first and finest wagyu breeding program.

Kurobuta Pork From Berkshire Pigs

Kurobuta Pork Snake River Farms by Authentic Food Quest
Incredibly moist and tender Kurobuta

Like the American wagyu meats, Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork is gourmet pork from Berkshire pigs.

These pigs are a heritage breed prized for their intense marbling and superior tastes. 

Berkshire pork or Kurobuta, which means black pig in Japanese, is sought after by top chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants.

The flavors of Kurobuta pork are distinctively juicy, and incredibly moist and tender. 

Like all meats from Snake River Farms, the pigs are raised naturally, sustainably, and in humane conditions.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: One of the most popular items sold by Snake River Farms are their American wagyu gourmet hot dogs. These gourmet hot dogs made with 100% American wagyu beef elevate ordinary dogs into delicious experiences. Like all meats from Snake River Farms, the hot dogs are 100% natural with no hormones or additives added. Find out more here

Snake River Farms Surf & Turf

Snake River Farms Surf & Turf by Authentic Food Quest
Wild-caught gulf shrimp

For Surf & Turf options, Snake River Farms also offers sustainably sourced fish and seafood.

Currently, you order lobster tails, salmon, crab legs, halibut, cod, shrimp, and scallops with new items coming in the future.

If you are looking for a pre-packed Surf & Turf box, there are three options you can choose from. 

You can get a shrimp and filet mignon box, steak and seafood box, or the classic surf and turf box with American Wagyu filet mignon and lobster tails. 

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SRF Pros and Cons Summary

Snake River Farms ProsSnake River Farms Cons
✅ Superior quality of meat and seafood❌ Shipping not included
✅ Best tasting unparalleled beef❌ Relatively higher price point
✅ Nice range of meat and seafood❌ No chicken or poultry products
✅ Flexible purchasing options❌ Frozen meat and seafood
✅ Fast and convenient delivery

Snake River Farms Pros and Cons Explained


Snake River Farms Wagyu Meat by Authentic Food Quest
American wagyu steaks and roasts

There are many reasons why we love Snake River Farm.

  • Superior quality of meat, pork, and seafood – You get the finest meat products from natural and humanely raised cows and pigs and sustainably caught fish and seafood.
  • Best tasting unparalleled beef – The American Wagyu beef is some of the juiciest, and extremely tender meat we’ve ever tasted. The flavors are incredible and unsurprisingly sought out by top chefs.
  • Nice range of meats and seafood – The newest introduction of fish and seafood rounds out the meat and pork heavy offering.
  • Flexible purchasing options – On the easy-to-navigate Snake River Farms website, you can conveniently order just the select pieces you want or pre-packed bundles of fish and seafood.
  • Fast and convenient delivery – No grocery store trips required. Snake River Farm delivers directly to your doorstep.


Snake River Farms Box by Authentic Food Quest
Snake River Farms ships meat frozen

As you consider Snake River Farms meat, consider the following points.

  • Shipping not included – Unless you are purchasing a large quantity of items or are a member of the SRF loyalty club, plan to pay extra for shipping. However, discounts are offered regularly that can help offset the shipping costs.
  • Relatively higher price point – While Snake River Farms meat is priced higher than conventional meats, the quality is unsurpassed. It is worth it to have natural and sustainably raised hormone-free products.
  • No chicken or poultry products – Snake River Farms currently offers American Wagyu beef, pork, and seafood. Those looking for options with chicken or poultry may find the selection limiting.
  • Frozen meat and seafood  As expected with any meat delivery, Snake River Farms ships only frozen items. Since the meat is not “ready to cook,” you have to build in time for the meat to defrost before cooking with it.

Our Review of Snake River Farms

Overall, we got more than we expected from Snake River Farms. 

One thing we loved the most was the convenience of getting high-quality and sustainably raised products at our doorstep. 

Here’s our take on the meats and seafood we received.

What We Received

Snake River Farms Product line by Authentic Food Quest
Some of SRF products we received

Snake River Farms continues to add new items to their product line. Some of what we have tried include:

  • American Wagyu filet mignon steak
  • American Wagyu gourmet ground beef
  • USDA Choice & Prime Boneless New York Strip Steak
  • USDA prime top sirloin steak 
  • Kurobuta boneless pork loin roast 
  • Kurobuta double bone-in pork chop
  • Gourmet Kurobuta bacon 
  • Wild gulf shrimp

SRF Wagyu Beef and USDA Prime Beef

Snake River Farms Wagyu Cooking by Authentic Food Quest
Snake River Farms Wagyu beef

We loved the Wagyu beef the most for its melt-in-the-mouth, incredibly juicy, and rich flavors. 

Each time we sat down to eat a meal with Wagyu meat, the ordinary was elevated to a special occasion.

While we loved the Wagyu beef, we were disappointed by some of the cuts.

Expecting the Wagyu ground beef to be as flavorful as the meats, we found it lacking in the rich flavors

In that respect, we recommend the full cuts of Wagyu rather than the ground-up meat.

Kurobuta Pork

Kurobuta Bacon by Authentic Food Quest
Kurobuta pork bacon

The Kurobuta pork from Berkshire Pigs was a new and delicious experience. The pork loin roast and double bone-in pork chop were full-of-flavor, easy to prepare, and incredibly tender.

While the Kurobuta bacon enhanced our breakfast, we did find it more fatty than we would have liked.

Wild Gulf Shrimp

Wild Gulf Shrimp by Authentic Food Quest
Delicious wild gulf shrimp

From the Surf & Turf offerings, we only tried the wild gulf shrimp. The shrimp were plump, succulent, and some of the best-frozen shrimp you will ever taste

Packaging & Delivery

Snake River Farms Packaging by Authentic Food Quest
Packed and delivered with great care

The Snake River Farm meats were delivered in a sleek black insulated box. All the meat was completely frozen and kept cold with dry ice. 

The pieces are individually wrapped which makes it easy to just pop them in the freezer and defrost the ones needed.

In the box is a reusable thermal bag. This comes in handy for keeping food cold while shopping.

Also included in the box is a “Cook Guide” with recipes and tips on how to best cook the cuts of meat.

The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, making it easy to dispose of sustainably.


Snake River Farms Hamburger by Authentic Food Quest
Tantalizing gourmet wagyu hamburgers

Every time we buy meat at local grocery stores, we’re always a little apprehensive. It’s never quite clear how the animals are raised or what they are fed.

With Snake River Farms, the quality is controlled from start to finish. The animals are raised on family farms that practice sustainable and humane practices and deliver true ranch-to-table or sea-to-table experiences.

The meats and seafood are of superior quality. One thing we appreciated about Snake River Farms meats is that it doesn’t shrink in size when cooked. 

The amount remains intact, allowing you to enjoy great meat that is rich in flavor.

On the whole, we’ve been very pleased with the quality of the meats. All the cuts we’ve had have been juicy and flavorful. 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST RECIPE: For a simple recipe using wagyu ground beef, see our simple recipe Best Wagyu Burger – Easy Homemade Recipe


Snake River Farms Wagyu Steak by Authentic Food Quest
A true ranch-to-table experience at home

It really can’t get any easier than ordering meat online and having it delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Shipping is fast and you can expect to receive your items in just a few days. Dry-aged meats ship overnight.

This saves you the hassle of having to shop around at your local grocery store for quality meat and seafood.

Price – How Much Does Snake River Farms Cost?

Snake River Farms Steak by Authentic Food Quest
Discounts are offered regularly

For the quality of meat you get with Snake River Farm, you can expect to pay more than grocery store prices.

However, when compared to meat that is grass-fed, natural, and hormone-free, Snake River Farms cost is similar. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the beef from Snake River Farm is American wagyu, some of the best available. 

And, the Kurobuta pork is from Berkshire heritage pigs and the pork is of superior quality.

The cost of Snake River Farms depends on the products ordered. The American Wagyu pieces we tried range in price from $18 to $53.

The Kurobuta pork items we tried are priced between $24 to $35. And the wild-caught gulf shrimp at $21.

To save even more, you can use code AFQ10 at checkout on all orders $50+.

Where To Buy Snake River Farms

Some Snake River Farms meats like ground beef, hot dogs, and some cuts of wagyu beef are sold in select grocery stores around the country.

Unless you are lucky enough to live close to one of these stores, your next best option is to order from the Snake River Farms website

You’ll find a large selection of exceptional products with fast delivery.

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Final Verdict – Is Snake River Farms Worth It?

Snake river steak by Authentic Food Quest
American wagyu beef for gatherings

After savoring American wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork, and plump and juicy shrimp, we were very pleased with the quality and taste.

Big on flavors, these are sustainably raised products you can feel good about eating. And the texture and juiciness will excite your palate

We hope this Snake River Farms review helps you make an informed decision. We’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with it like we did. However, we look forward to hearing what you think.

Porter Road – Alternative to Snake River Farms

Porter Road by Authentic Food Quest
Meats from family farms – Photo credit: Porter Road Facebook page

While looking at alternatives to Snake River Farms, we turned to Porter Road due to their wider meat offers.

Porter Road delivers pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free meats from family farms in Kentucky and Tennessee.

In addition to a variety of beef and pork cuts, Porter Road also offers organic, pasture-raised chicken. Shipping is offered for free for all orders over $125. 

Compared to Snake River Farms, the prices of meat are comparable. While Porter Road pork is more affordably priced, it is not the same quality as Kurobuta pork from Berkshire Pigs.

Find out more about Porter Road.

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Snake River Farms Wagyu Review by Authentic Food Quest

We received complimentary products from Snake River Farms to write this review. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too.

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