Las Vegas Food Tour: How to Eat Your Way on the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip conjures up so many different reactions in people. What is it for you?

For some, the reactions are negative. Gambling, decadence and downright debauchery. 

For others, the Las Vegas Strip is a time to unwind, relax and have fun with no constraints. Where everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

A food tour in Las Vegas is a new way to experience the Las Vegas Strip. To actually taste the Las Vegas Strip and experience the innovative flavors and cuisines.

After a delightful food tour of downtown Las Vegas, we teamed up again with Taste Buzz Food Tours. This time, our Las Vegas food tour was to experience the Strip in a culinary way.

Discover what it’s like to take a culinary adventure of the Las Vegas Strip.

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Starting out Our Las Vegas Food Tour at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, one of the hippest resorts on the Strip, was our meeting point for this Vegas food tour. We were excited to discover this new Las Vegas Strip hotel that opened in 2010.

Joining us on the intimate food tour was a couple from Texas.The tour was led by Kathryn, owner and founder of Taste Buzz Food Tours.

Kathryn, a native from Vegas, founded Taste Buzz Food Tours in 2016. 

Driven by her passion for food and travel, Kathryn wants every traveler to experience Vegas food like locals.

To get started, Kathryn introduced us to the Cosmopolitan Hotel concept. To our surprise, it is a Casino Hotel oriented toward culinary experiences and the arts rather than gaming and gambling.

Authentic Food Quest Tip: Experience the culinary delights on the Strip like a local. With Las Vegas based a guide take a Walking Food Tour of the Las Vegas Strip. Discover the best local eats on the Strip. You have the choice to take this tour before lunch, or do an evening food tour, which is the one we went on.

First Stop  – The Juice Standard

Even though this tour was in the evening, the temperatures were still elevated. Our first stop for a juice tasting at The Juice Standard could not have been more perfect.

As we never have had a juice tasting before, we were curious about the experience. The Juice Standard offers 100-percent organic juices of the highest quality. The juices are pressed RAW and served fresh, daily, with no pasteurization. 

In addition to the cold pressed juices, you’ll also find nut milks, “super-food” smoothies, raw juices spiked with alcohol and “chewables”, many of which are vegan.

The Juice Standard was founded by Las Vegas natives and best friends, Jamie Stephenson Goguen and Marcella Williams. 

As we tasted a variety of juices, Kathryn told us the story of Jamie’s step father that led to the creation of the company.

TheJuiceStandard_LasVegasFoodTour_AuthenticFoodQuest.jpgAll natural juices at the Juice Standard

The juices covered a range of flavors. From very green and earthy, to nutty, light and citrusy. 

Everyone found their preferred flavors. The staff was friendly and explained the health benefits of each juice sample.

One of the best parts of the experience was the special treat at the end. Everyone on the tour was offered one full cup of their favorite juice. A totally unexpected and healthy way to start the food tour.

The Juice Standard Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestColorful and healthy juices at the Juice Standard

Second Stop – Best Pizza on The Las Vegas Strip

As we made our way to the second stop on the food tour, we were introduced to Beauty & Essex. It’s a working pawn shop with a hidden bar, lounge and restaurant in the back.

Hidden on the third floor of the hotel is Secret Pizza, one of the best-kept secrets, serving New York style pizza, with pizza dough made fresh daily. With no signage, it is not easy to spot.

Kathryn led us through a hallway lined up with album covers featuring Frank Sinatra, Elvis and other music notables, all the way to end.

Secret hallway Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestUnmarked hallway leading to the Secret Pizza

Everything at Secret Pizza is made from scratch. While you’ll find your typical pizza flavors, including cheese, pepperoni and more, the White Pizza specialty is not to be missed.

Made with three different kinds of cheese, the pizza was rich and tasty. The combination of the mozzarella, ricotta and Parmesan cheese, with a drizzle of garlic oil, was superb. The foldable, crisp and chewy crust gives a nice finish to the pizza. This was one of our favorite stops on the tour.

Secret White Pizza Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestSlices of the famous White Pizza at Secret Pizza

Art and Savory bites at the Bellagio

Sculptures and Gardens

On our way to our third tasting, we stopped to admire the glass flowers “Fiori di Como” by Dale Chihuly at the entrance of the Bellagio.

This impressive sculpture is made of 2,000 hand-blown glass flowers hanging from the ceiling and is said to weigh about 40,000 pounds. What an amazing piece of art illuminating the entrance.

Chihuly Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestThe impressive Dale Chihuly sculpture at the Bellagio

Next to the lobby, we made our way to the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The theme for Summer 2018 was Italian. We learned that each season, including Chinese New Year, brings a new theme to this beautiful floral playground.

An incredible staff of 120 horticulturalists and designers make and maintain the gardens. Some flowers are changed every day, while the whole garden changes every season.

One of the most impressive displays was the intricately designed picnic table, with plates and a rug made from nuts, seeds, herbs and dried fruits.

Bellagio garden Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestPicnic display made of nuts, seeds and dried fruits

Before reaching out next tasting, we stopped at Jean-Philippe Patisserie to admire the Largest Chocolate Fountain in the World. This 27-foot tall fountain has more than 2,000 pounds of chocolate including white, milk and dark chocolate circulating over your head.

Created by the pastry chef himself, this tempting piece of art is, unfortunately, only for a feast for the eyes. The chocolate is not edible and no dipping allowed! However, the Bellagio Patisserie next door conveniently awaits to tempt  your tastebuds.

Chocolate Fountain Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestThe World's Largest Chocolate Fountain at the Bellagio

Third Stop: Snack Wagon Surprise at Harvest by Roy Ellamar

When we finally reached Harvest, we were ready to savor our next bites. At Harvest, the menu is inspired by ingredients coming from local farmers and producers with a sustainable philosophy.

Before discovering the “Snack Wagon” surprise, we had the chance to meet with the chef, Roy Ellamar. Roy welcomed us in the open kitchen with glass windows centrally located in the restaurant.

Roy Ellamar Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestMeeting chef Roy Ellamar and talking about the challenges of sourcing locally in the desert

After discussing the challenges of sourcing local ingredients in the desert, we were guided to our table. The chef brought us the “Snack Wagon” surprise composed of small plates on a thick wood board.

We tasted salmon rillettes on a brioche, potato and sweet potato chips, pest, and onion marmalades as well as crackling pork meat on a lettuce wrap. Each bite was tasty and the flavors complementary.

Our favorite was the pork wrap with the combination of the crackling meat with the slightly sour vinegar taste from the lettuce wrap. A tasty local experience.

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Snack Wagon Harvest Las Vegas Food Tour Authentic Food QuestThe snack wagon with innovative local flavors at Harvest

Fourth Stop: Dirt Dog for Dirty Dog & Fried Oreo  

The Las Vegas Strip also features unique and affordable eateries. Dirt Dog, a Los Angeles based street food eatery was a fun stop on the Las Vegas Strip food tour. Located at the Grand Bazaar Shops at the entrance of Bally’s Casino, this small store offers big flavors.

Known as the Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles, Dirt Dog offers the ultimate bacon-wrapped hot dog. The name comes from the owner’s childhood memories of enjoying mouthwatering bacon-wrapped hot dogs served late in the night at the end of sports games and concerts in Los Angeles. His mother called them dirt dogs.

The menu offers “dirty” dogs, “dirty” sides, “dirty” desserts and even Vegan dogs and Vegan dirty fries.

Everyone on the tour enjoyed this unique dog. We found it a little spicy and quite filling due to all the toppings. Overall, a good quality hot dog with loads of flavors.

To go along with it, we sampled Deep Fried Oreos, one of their dirty desserts. This over the top dessert had interesting flavors and textures. Rosemary loves hotdogs and rated this one of her top favorite dogs.

DirtyDog_LasVegasFoodTour_AuthenticFoodQuestDeliciously loaded bacon wrapped hot dog

Off the Strip Restaurant at the LINQ Promenade

 As we made our way further north on the Strip, we walked through the Flamingo Casino. Known for its tropical oasis, we walked through the garden to admire the beautiful flamingos sleeping while standing on one leg. The gardens offer a quiet break from the high energy vibe of the Strip.

After cooling off inside the Flamingo casino, we exited on the LINQ Promenade. This open-air shopping and entertainment district joins the Strip to the Linq Casino and high-roller since 2014. 

A zipline attraction opened in November 2018, making it the first and only zipline on the Las Vegas Strip.

TheLINQ_LasVegasFoodTour_AuthenticFoodQuestThe Link Promenade with the High Roller (observation wheel) in the background

Fifth Stop: Savory Bites at Off The Strip Bistro

We made our last savory stop at Off the Strip Bistro & Bar. This local steakhouse restaurant started off selling real food off the strip. After challenging beginnings, the restaurant became popular with locals for their steak.

That’s when the Caesar team in charge of the LINQ development project contacted the owners and offered them the opportunity to move to the Strip. Ready for a new adventure, the owners took on this new challenge to grow their popularity, this time on the Las Vegas Strip

Once seated in the dimly lit casual restaurant, the waiter presented their signature appetizer. The NY strip steak wrap filled with cheese and asparagus. A definitively unusual combination.

While the steak was really tender and tasty, the cheese overpowered the taste of the wrap. After this brief stop, we were ready for the sweets & treats part of the Las Vegas food tour.

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OffTheStrip_LasVegasFoodTour_AuthenticFoodQuestOff the Strip Restaurant by night

Sixth Stop: Amorino for Affogato

Stuffed at this point, Kathryn urged us to make room for two unique dessert stops. The first was a cool treat at the flagship store of Amorino, one of the best European gelato brands.

Originating in Paris, Amorino was created by two friends with an Italian childhood. Their goal was to make the highest quality gelato as naturally as possible with no artificial colors or flavorings.

Their first store opened in 2002 in Paris and having lived in France, we were already quite familiar with the chain. While the store is known for their unique flower shaped, gelato designed as “roses”, our stop was for affogato with a choice of gelato.

We had never heard of affogato, an Italian coffee-based dessert. This dessert takes a scoop of gelato “drowned” in a shot of hot espresso.

To start, everyone on the tour got to sample different gelato flavors in pursuit of their favorite flavor to have with their hot espresso. After trying several flavors from the extensive options available at Amorino, we both settled on the classic stracciatella gelato, vanilla with fine chocolate shavings.

We really enjoyed the affogato and the combination of hot and cold with a smooth finish.

Amorino_LasVegasFoodTour_AuthenticFoodQuestCreate your perfect affagato with hot espresso, stracciatella gelato and whipped cream

The Seventh and Final Stop: Cookies from Hawaii at Honolulu Cookie Company

Honolulu Cookie Company was a very surprising finish and one of our favorite stops on this Las Vegas food tour.

As we discovered during our delightful food tour of downtown Las Vegas the Hawaiian culture is very much a part of Las Vegas.

The owners wanted to create shortbread cookies in a pineapple shape inspired by the flavors of Hawaii. A sweet that represents the true Hawaiian hospitality.

As we stepped into the store, we were warmly welcomed. Our hostess introduced us to an extensive self-serving sampling display with all the different premium shortbread cookies made by the company.

DisplayHonoluluCookieCompany_LasVegasFoodTour_AuthenticFoodQuestStaff talking about the different flavors of the premium shortbread cookies

We sampled all of the delicious Hawaiian shortbread cookies. From white chocolate, Kona coffee, coconut, passion fruit and more. This tasting was a real treat.

With our bellies full from the Las Vegas food tour, we were each given a bag with five cookies of different flavors. A nice surprise, one that we savored preciously the following week.

BagHonoluluCookieCompany_LasVegasFoodTour_AuthenticFoodQuestGoody bag of delicious Honolulu Cookies

How to Book Your Las Vegas Food Tour With Taste Buzz Food Tours

Walking Las Vegas Food Tour

Taste Buzz Food Tours offers two versions of this Las Vegas Food Tour. Choose the 11:00 am tour or evening tour at 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm depending on the season.

The tour cost $93 in the morning and $103 in the evening. 

Click below to book your Las Vegas Strip Walking Food Tour at the time of you choice:

Downtown Las Vegas Food Tour With Taste Buzz Food Tours 

Taste Buzz Food Tours also offers additional Vegas foodie tours. Check the Downtown Foodie tour and eat your way through historic and burgeoning downtown Vegas.

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In Summary

Taking a Las Vegas Food Tour with Taste Buzz introduces you to the culinary scene on the Strip. Regardless of your descriptor of Las Vegas or “Sin City”, you’ll find a new appreciation of the Strip, different from the shows, overpriced restaurants, and gaming experience.

You’ll discover local and trendy eateries and see a side of the Las Vegas Strip, you probably have not seen before.

With Taste Buzz Food Tours, you’ll get an insider view from Las Vegas natives and the unique stories behind each restaurant and stop.

Meeting the chef at Harvest was a wonderful touch and not something you find on all food tours. The juice tasting and the treats from Honolulu Cookie Company were unexpected delights that added to the overall experience.

If your travels take you to Las Vegas, we’d highly recommend one of Taste Buzz Food Tours. Experience the Strip in a new way with a Las Vegas food tour.

Savor The Adventure!

Where to Stay in Las Vegas on the Strip

Taste the best of Las Vegas when you stay at these culinary oriented hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Strip in Las Vegas by AuthenticFoodQuestView of the Strip from the Bellagio Hotel

The Cosmopolitan Hotel –  This stylish resort, with an arts sensibility, offers a vibrant nightlife in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Diverse culinary offerings feature eateries from world-class chefs such as José Andrés and Costas Spiliadi. You will also find the first Las Vegas locations of trendsetting outlets like Eggslut, Beauty & Essex, Momofuku and Milk Bar. 

Book Your Stay at The Cosmopolitan Hotel


Bellagio Hotel & Casino – This luxury hotel in the Las Vegas Strip offers an upscale experience with multiple dining options, the famous fountains, elegant rooms, The Cirque du Soleil show “O” and more. The wide range of dining options includes, Harvest by Roy Ellamar, Lago by Julian Serrano, Michael Mina’s fine dining restaurant, al fresco dining with fountain views at Picasso and contemporary Japanese dishes at Yellowtail. 

Book Your Stay at Bellagio Hotel & Casino


Wynn Las Vegas – The luxury Wynn Las Vegas resort offers one of the best buffets in Las Vegas according to USA Today. Dining options are numerous notably with Wing Lei, the first Chinese restaurant in the country to be awarded a Michelin Star. Choose Lakeside to dine overlooking Wynn’s Lake of Dreams and enjoy fresh Hawaian fish. Costa Di Mare offers gourmet Italian food by a romantic lagoon.  

Book Your Stay at Wynn Las Vegas

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Disclosure: Special thanks to Taste Buzz Food Tours  for having us on this Las Vegas Food Tour. All views and opinions expressed are our own. Full bellies and happy taste buds too!

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  1. I love the idea of tasting the Las Vegas Strip. I’m not a gambler, but I love to eat, shop, & relax. Now I have another reason to visit Las Vegas – Taste Buzz Food Tours sound fantastic. I would definitely save room for dessert, especially at Amorino. I have a soft spot for European gelato.

  2. I love food tours, and this looks like it had some unexpected treats. The white pizza at Secret Pizza looks delish – I always get a white pizza if it’s on the menu! I’ve had a dirty dog once on the Midway, but they are a bit of a mouthful! I can’t believe you had room for affogato and shortbread at the end!

    • It was a lot of food to be quite honest. But, because it was a food tour, it was small bites rather than full plates 🙂 The affogato was divine, and the shortbread cookies were taken home and savored over the next few days 🙂 The white pizza was indeed a special treat. Hope you can experience a food tour with Taste Buzz on your next Vegas trip. You’ll love it!

  3. A 27-foot tall fountain chocolate fountain made of 2,000 pounds of chocolate… that isn’t edible? I am quite upset about this situation. Thank goodness its Vegas and I can just hop down the street to Serendipity for a frozen hot chocolate. The bacon-wrapped hot dog at Dirt Dog looks great

  4. I am one of those people that sees Vegas as debauchery since its the cheap place to go for a long weekend from western Canada – and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – so I appreciate that I saw something different to do there — AND there is healthy and vegan options in that place! Thanks for the change in perspective

    • You are most welcome Dorene. Our goal was to share another side of Vegas through the lens of local food experiences. You can totally have a great time outside the Strip. Las Vegas and Nevada have more to offer than gaming 🙂 Cheers.

  5. I’ve always heard that Las Vegas has some of the most delicious food and now I believe it! Everything looks delicious. Putting this on my travel bucket list!

  6. We love to do food tours. It looks like the Vegas strip is a good spot to try one. My son also turned to juices when he had cancer. He would have loved this juice bar. I must admit to being a big fan of Italian pizza but would still try Secret Pizza for NY style. I was excited to see the Chihuly exhibit is at the Bellagio. I would want to visit for sure. But hubby might get detoured to the chocolate fountain. The Snack Wagon menu sounded great but I would want to keep room for a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Finishing with an affogato is the perfect choice!

    • Thank you Linda for your feedback. So glad you also enjoy food tours. The juices are all natural and pretty tasty. Perfect for feeding the body with the nutrients it needs. The Taste Buzz Food Tour was well designed and every stop was perfect. You’d love the experience on your next Vegas trip. Highly recommend it!

  7. The Vegas food tour reflects almost exactly my perception of Vegas as a whole – I think I’d need to diet for a year if I did it! There’s SO much food on offer. I’d love to see for myself (even if it did mean long term dieting!)

    • The key to surviving Vegas is “moderation”. Follow that closely with the hiking in the beautiful outdoors. There is much more than simply eating. But when you do get hungry, the choices are diverse. Well worth the trip to the Sin City.

  8. Oh. So much variety on offer after one is done with the games:) The Honolulu Cookies especially look inviting! Also have to taste that secret pizza and see what the fuss is all about!

  9. We have been to Vegas many times and are always amazed by the great food there and how many options there are! Super cool you compiled them all together. We found secret pizza once…so cool! Would love to stop by the largest chocolate fountain someday.

    • You are right, you could spend a lifetime just exploring the food in Las Vegas. So much good food. That’s awesome that you found Secret Pizza. If it wasn’t for the tour, there is no way we would have found the place. More for you to discover on your next trip 🙂 Cheers.

  10. I love the idea of a Vegas food tour. Vegas strip has so many boutique restaurants for all of its visitors. I have been through the Bellagio, but other than that, I haven’t heard of these places. All the more reason to join a food tour. The NY strip steak wrap filled with cheese and asparagus sounds delicious to me. Steak and asparagus seem like stronger flavors that could pair with a hearty Roquefort in my mind. I make a similar dish at my house with a touch of balsamic too.

    • Oh yum, when can we come for dinner. I’d love to taste your version of the meal with a touch of balsamic. The next time you go back to Vegas, join Taste Buzz Food Tours and discover all the unique local spots from a local. You’d love it!

  11. We saw an exhibit of chihuly glass in Oklahoma City and it was so fabulous. It is a drean to see this enormous piece of art!!! I have to admit that I’m surprised you can get healthy juices on the strip!!

    • The work of art at the Bellagio is simply outstanding. Truly amazing. Though seeing his other works in Oklahoma must have been great too. Yes, the Strip does offer healthy options. There is much more awareness to healthy options 🙂 Thanks, Natalie for stopping by.

  12. I can’t believe I havent been to any of these places nad I have gone every year for like the past TEN years!! I will try this next time I go in March!! Thanks for suggestions!

    • The bacon wrapped dog was my favorite dog. So delicious and certainly worth it especially if you don’t eat hot dogs often. Hope your travels take you to Vegas soon so that you can experience a Taste Buzz Food Tour. Cheers.

    • We loved Secret Pizza as well. One of the affordable eateries on the Strip. Definitively connect with Taste Buzz Food Tours for an amazing experience on your next trip to Vegas. Let us know what you think and thanks for stopping by!!

  13. Those food are totally awesome and looks so delicious that you can only experience if you are a traveler and a food critics and maybe its a part of being our “travel trip experience” i love it .. thanks for this and i cope some idea ..

    • So glad you enjoyed the article, Jeannine. Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than gambling and gaming. The local food scene is growing and taking a Taste Buzz Food Tour is a fun way to discover the local delights. Let us know what you think when you do get to Vegas!!

  14. I would absolutely love to go on a fabulous food tour of Las Vegas! They have so many delicious restaurants and eateries and I cannot begin to truly understand how delicious your trip must have been. I am a foodie and love all things food so I am always open to trying everything. Thanks for sharing!


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