12 Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris Where to Eat in 2023 

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Finding the best affordable restaurants in Paris can be challenging in the City of Light.

In a city with thousands of restaurants, it’s not easy finding the good ones that serve authentic French food at affordable prices.

Given that you have made it all the way to Paris, why not try local French cuisine that you may not have at home? 

To get you started, we’ve put together our favorite 12 best affordable restaurants in Paris.

Paris is like our second home, and from our visits to the restaurants featured, we know you’ll have a delicious time at affordable prices.

Be sure to check out these restaurants the next time you are in Paris. 

Bon Appétit!

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Map of Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

Just a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, near the Luxembourg Gardens, or by Montmartre. You choose where you would like to dine. We selected the best cheap eats in “La Ville Lumière”, the City of Lights. 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: One of the best ways to easily taste and savor Paris, is to take a food tour with a local guide. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also discover different neighborhoods and get tips on the best affordable restaurants to visit. For some of the best food tours in Paris, see our guide to The 10 Best Paris Food Tours For French Food Lovers

The 12 Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

1. Near the Eiffel Tower – Go to Le P’tit Troquet

Le Ptit Troquet Affordable Restaurants Near Eiffel Tower by Authentic Food Quest
Discover traditional French cuisine at this cozy bistro

If you are going to see the Eiffel Tower, you are in the 7th arrondissement (or neighborhood). 

After walking around and admiring the Iron Lady built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 for the World’s Fair, food will probably be on your mind. 

For a traditional French restaurant with a reasonable price, see our recommendation below.

Le P’tit Troquet Restaurant

Le Ptit Troquet Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Parisian charm in one of the best affordable restaurants in Paris Photo credit: Le P’tit Troquet on Facebook

This quaint Parisian Bistro offers traditional French food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Old-fashioned charm greets you in the interior with wooden tables and vintage decor. 

Framed artwork and popular artistic objects on the walls create a rustic and cozy ambiance.

Small, with only about 30 tables this affordable restaurant in Paris is quite popular with neighborhood regulars.

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What To Eat at Le P’tit Troquet Restaurant

Le Ptit Troquet Best Cheap Restaurants In Paris Authentic Food Quest
End your lunch with a refreshing dessert

Focusing on traditional market-fresh cuisine, you can expect a simple and seasonal menu.

The set menus especially for lunch are especially affordable. 

You can choose a 2-course or 3-course lunch menu from daily specials written on a chalkboard menu.

On the daily menu, you’ll always find fresh fish, poultry, and a meat dish. The one unmissable dish is the traditional beef bourguignon or beef stew from Burgandy.

The dinner menu at Le P’tit Troquet is what we have savored, from the appetizer all the way to the scrumptious dessert.

This local favorite budget-friendly restaurant is a sure bet in the 7th arrondissement.

Le P’tit Troquet

Address: 28 rue de l’Exposition  75007 Paris

Price: Lunch set menu ranges from €25 to €32 (approx. $27.96 to $35.79)

Pro Tips: Book in advance and grab an outdoor table on the terrace on a sunny day

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you are planning on visiting the Eiffel Tower, skip the long lines with an Eiffel Tower skip line summit experience pass. You’ll enjoy fast and stress free access to the second floor with a local guide who will help you identify the monuments while sharing their history. From the second floor, you’ll go up higher to the summit where you can toast with Champagne and see Gustave Eiffel’s private apartment.

2. Next to Notre Dame Cathedral – Eat at Comme Chai Toi

ND de Paris Affordable Restaurants With A View Paris by Authentic Food Quest
The iconic Notre Dame Cathedral is set to reopen in late 2024

Ever since the devastating 2019 structural fire, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris continues to undergo renovations. 

Set to reopen to visitors in late 2024, it continues to attract tourists who come to see the progress. 

If you are in the area and looking for good food at an affordable price, cross the Seine and head to Comme Chai Toi.

Comme Chai Toi 

Comme Chai Toi Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy Notre Dame view and exquisite cuisine

I’ve known about Comme Chai Toi for years and dined at the restaurant a handful of times.

At the time, the menu was simple French cuisine, but after the pandemic, the concept changed, and it is now a Bistronome. 

This is more of an upscale bistro-gastronomy restaurant. While not exactly cheap eats in Paris, we include the restaurant both for the unobstructed view of Notre Dame de Paris and the exceptional cuisine.

The ambiance is cozy with wood tables and tan-colored brick walls. For the best outdoor views, snag a table in the covered exterior offering views of Notre Dame Cathedral all year long.

What To Eat at Comme Chai Toi

Comme Chai Toi Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Treat your taste buds to the finest French meat – Photo credit: Comme Chai Toi on Facebook

Everything at Comme Chai Toi is homemade from the bread to the sauces. Using only fresh and seasonal produce, there is a focused commitment to using only high-quality ingredients from local producers.

The menu changes monthly, and the provenance of the ingredients is noted on the menu.

Meat lovers will love steak from purebred French cattle. 

If you are looking to try French snails, they come from Maison Jacot Billey who has been working with Burgundy snails since 1935.

There is an extensive wine list available, and after answering a few questions, a bottle or glass that fits your personality and matches your meal will be recommended.

 For the quality and views, Comme Chai Toi is a great option near Notre Dame.

Comme Chai Toi

Address: 13 Quai de Montebello, 75005 Paris

Price: Main dishes range from €27 to €44 (approx. $30 to $49)

Pro Tips: As you make your reservation, ask for a table in the covered exterior for a view of Notre Dame Cathedral.

3. In the Vibrant Le Marais District – Check Out Breizh Cafe

Breizh Cafe Marais Best Cheap Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Try delightful dishes on a budget – Photo credit: BREIZH Café on Facebook

Le Marais is one of the oldest districts in Paris and one of the most popular quartiers in the city.

Between the medieval cobblestone lanes are restaurants, bars, trendy boutiques, museums, and more.

Some of the sights and experiences in the area include the Jewish Museum, the vibrant gay scene, Place des Vosges, the Pompidou Museum, and more. 

For one of the best cheap restaurants in Paris, head to Breizh Cafe Le Marais.

Breizh Cafe – Le Marais

Breizh Cafe Marais Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Breizh Café grocery store

Breizh Cafe is a creperie chain of restaurants selling high-quality crepes with products coming directly from Brittany.

The original Breizh Cafe is in the Marais, and you’ll find several locations all over Paris. While each one has a slightly different decor, you’ll enjoy a cozy environment and friendly staff.

You will not go wrong at Breizh Cafe. We’ve eaten at several of their locations in Paris and can always count on a quick bite at a good price.

What To Eat at Breizh Cafe 

Breizh Cafe Crepes on of the Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by AuthenticFoodQuest
Tantalizing buckwheat crepes

Breizh’s menu offers traditional French crepes from Brittany. The Galettes de Sarrasin, savory crepe, are made with buckwheat. 

This type of flour grows in Brittany, and it is highly nutritious and gluten-free. We like the classic savory crepes which typically come with cheese, ham, and an egg. Though, there are many options to choose from.

For dessert, the sweet crepes are not to be missed. You can get one with caramel, chocolate, or even flambe Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier. 

In addition to wine and beer, you can also get Cider made with Brittany apples.

Breizh Cafe Le Marais

Address: 109 Rue Vieille Du Temple, 75003 Paris. 

Price: Savory crepes range from €12 – €18 (approx. $13.37 – $20.06) and sweet crepes, €6 to €12.50 (approx. $6.69 -$13.90) 

Pro Tips: The best way to taste it all is by sharing. We suggest ordering different galettes and sweet crepes to have a bit of everything. 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: One of the most interesting ways to explore Paris is at night on a Seine River Cruise. This Bateaux Parisiens riverboat with dinner and sightseeing offers you a magical view of the city while dining on a gourmet 3-4 course meal. Savor views of the City of Light when all the lights and sights are vibrant and alive.  

4. Checking out Place des Voges – Eat at Restaurant Le Bistrot des Vosges 

Place des Vosges Affordable Restaurants With A View Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Relax at the historic Place des Voges

Place des Voges is one of the most beautiful and oldest squares in Paris. It’s in the Marais district and worth leisurely strolling through. 

Besides its history and architecture, Place des Voges was home to the famous French writer and poet, Victor Hugo. 

Visit the free museum at number 6, and eat nearby at Le Bistro des Vosges.

Le Bistrot des Vosges Restaurant

Au bistrot des Vosges Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Bistro des Vosges’ cute little outside patio

 Just a short walk away from Place des Voges and Bastilles is the brasserie, Bistro des Vosges

The cuisine is from Aveyron in southern France, a beautiful village famous for the production of Roquefort cheese.

This is a no-frills restaurant with fast and efficient service. The menu features classic French dishes, and you can get a good meal at an affordable price.

What To Eat at Restaurant Le Bistrot des Vosges

Salade Averyonaise Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Savor hearty French flavors

The portion sizes are generous at Le Bistrot des Vosges, and the cuisine is quite hearty. We recommend sharing a few specialty dishes making it an affordable experience as well.

One of the must-try dishes is Aligot, made with a mix of mashed potatoes and fresh local cheese. 

You will also find traditional French bistro classics like steak tartare, French onion soup, hearty salads, and more.

Pair your meal with a glass of regional wine or a local craft beer. This casual bistro is one of the best places to share plates while enjoying a delicious and affordable time in the City of Light.

Le Bistrot des Vosges

Address: 31, Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75004 Paris

Price: Main dishes between €13 – €19 (approx. $14.48 -$21.16. Daily lunch special at €13,50 (approx. $15.04) 

Pro Tips: Share plates to keep the prices affordable

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5. Visiting the Catacombes – Eat at Le Petit Baigneur 

Au Petit Baigneur Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Savor delectable delights and soak in the city’s charm

The Paris Catacombs, a one-mile underground tunnel of old human bones, is a popular attraction. 

It’s in the 14th arrondissement in the Montparnasse area, a district known for shopping and the famous Montparnasse Tower. 

If you get hungry while visiting the sites in the area, here’s our recommendation for one of the best affordable restaurants in Paris.

Petit Baigneur 

Le Petit Baigneur Interior Cheap Eats Paris Authentic Food Quest
A rustic haven with French homestyle dishes – Photo credit: Le Petit Baigneur on Facebook

Tucked on a little side street, this charming restaurant with rustic decor welcomes you.

The restaurant has been around since 2002, offering French homestyle cuisine, with a regularly changing seasonal menu.

There are a few outdoor tables available, though we like the vintage vibe in the interior.

What To Eat at Petit Baigneur 

Le Petit Baigneur Food Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Rabbit fricassee is a house specialty – Photo credit: Le Petit Baigneur on Facebook

This little gem is quite popular with locals, and there is often a wait for a table. The menu is not extensive, and the focus is on the quality of the food.

Choose the set menu with an appetizer, main dish, and dessert for a good value. If you want to enjoy the traditional French bistro vibe and have a cheap meal, you can order just a main dish and something to drink.

Some of the house specialties to try include œuf mayo, a French egg dish,  lapin a la moutarde or rabbit in mustard sauce, or beef sirloin with pepper.

The homemade fondant au chocolate or chocolate cake should not be missed.

Le Petit Baigneur

Address: 10 Rue de la Sabliere, 75014 Paris

Price: The 3-course set menu is €29  (approx. $32.28)

Pro Tips: Bookings recommended for large groups. Plan to wait for a table for small groups of 2 or 3.

6. In the Latin Quarter – Check Out Restaurant Chez Gladines  

Chez Gladines Affordable Restaurants With A View Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Chez Gladines is a top pick for budget-friendly dining

The Latin Quarter or Left Bank, has been traditionally known as the artistic and cultural part of  Paris. 

Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots, and the cafes and bars of Saint-Germain-des-Prés are some of the main reasons visitors flock to this area.  

One of the best budget restaurants in the area is a local favorite, Chez Gladines.

Chez Gladines

Chez Gladines Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Quirky, vibrant, and full of character

Chez Gladines is a Parisian institution known for serving simple and hearty Basque-inspired cuisine at affordable prices. 

The original location is in Butte-aux-Cailles, which was opened in the 1940s taking the name of the owner. 

We visited the second location in Saint-Germain, and there is a third restaurant in Les Halles.

While there is outdoor seating at the Saint-Germain location, we recommend eating in the open and eclectic interior.

Along the wall are Basque icons, offbeat posters, yellow and black decor, and an unpredictable blend of hip and old-style.

The tables are hugged next to each other guaranteeing a conversation with your neighbors.

What To Eat at Chez Gladines

Chez Gladines Food Le Petit Baigneur Best Cheap Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Generous portion of La 5 diamants salad

Come hungry to Chez Gladines as the portions are enormous. The dishes are heavy southwestern French classics which are perfect for sharing.

Rosemary got the house specialty, the Escalope de Veau Montagnarde, prepared with potatoes, veau, in a creamy cheese and mushroom sauce. My La 5 diamants house specialty salad was as filling and rich.

Other traditional specialties include poulet basquaise or Basque-style chicken and different preparations of duck.

The substantial portions and reasonable prices at Chez Gladines make it one of the best affordable restaurants in Paris.

Chez Gladines

Address: 44 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris

Price: Local specialty main dishes range from €12 – €17 (approx. $13.36 – $18.92) 

Pro Tips: For the ultimate cheat eats Paris experience, go for Sunday brunch and enjoy a set menu for under €10 (approx. $11.23). Advanced booking is recommended.

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7. Near Les Halles, Between Montorgueil and The Louvre: Eat at La Fresque 

La Fresque Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
A great option for affordable and authentic French cuisine – Photo credit: La Fresque on Facebook

Les Halles in central Paris is a popular shopping destination and also conveniently located to other attractions. 

Nearby is Rue Montorgueil, a local market street worth visiting. And, the Louvre and Centre Pompidou museums are also in the area.

For traditional French cuisine at an affordable restaurant head to La Fresque.

Restaurant La Fresque

La Fresque Best Cheap Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Expect a delightful blend of simplicity and freshness

This casual and welcoming French bistro-like restaurant has been a favorite restaurant of my Parisian friend for more than 30 years.

There is indoor and outdoor seating, and the excellent food and service make up for the dated decor.

What To Eat at La Fresque

La Fresque Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Tasty fresh veggies

French traditional dishes are what you can expect at this classic Parisian bistro. 

The menu changes frequently with a focus on fresh quality ingredients and simple cooking.

The set menu is the best option for a delicious meal at an affordable price. You have a choice from a small selection of an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert.

The fresh fish and veau meat dish were particularly outstanding on a recent visit. The short menu also features vegetarian options. 

Be sure to make room for traditional French desserts like a flan Parisien and Panna Cotta that we savored.

For traditional French seasonal food at affordable prices and in the middle of Paris, La Fresque is a sure bet.

Restaurant La Fresque

Address:  100 Rue Rambuteau, 75001 Paris. 

Price: Lunch set menu €18 or € 23 (approx. $20 or $25.58). Dinner set menu €29 (approx. $32.25) 

Pro Tip: La Fresque is open late for lunch making it perfect if you want to eat outside of the typical lunch hours. 

8. Bien Eleve – Grands Boulevards

Bieneleve Affordabl e Restaurants With A View Paris by Authentic Food Quest
A culinary gem awaits amidst the shops, cafés, and restaurants – Photo credit: Bien Élevé on Facebook

The Grands Boulevards, anchored by Palais Opéra Garnier and flanked by Galeries Lafayette and Au Printemps department stores is a popular area to explore.

If you get hungry while strolling down the wide avenues with shops, cafés, and restaurants, here’s our favorite classic Parisian bistro to check out.

Bien Élevé Restaurant

Bieneleve Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Eat at Bien Eleve and escape the touristy crowd – Photo credit: Bien Élevé on Facebook

Bien Élevé is a newer restaurant in the 9th arrondissement not far from the Folies Bergère.

In the area is the famous Bouillon Chartier, which at this time has become incredibly popular with tourists and never-ending long lines.

Skip the touristy experience and head to Bien Eleve which focuses on exceptional meat sourced from select farmers throughout France.

What To Eat at Bien Eleve

Bieneleve Best Cheap Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Premium beef, sustainably sourced – Photo credit: Bien Élevé on Facebook

The name Bien Élevé translates to the Well Bred in English, referring to the quality of the meat-heavy menu.

The beef, the star on the menu comes from family-owned producers in Chateâuneuf, in the north of France. 

The beef is sustainably raised as are all the other products used at the restaurant.

Serious meat lovers will enjoy a selection of beef aged for at least 40 days. Meet cooked perfectly is served un-fussy on the plate, and the accompaniments come served separately.

There is also an impressive wine list which the friendly staff can help pair your meal with a glass or bottle.

For non-meat eaters, there is a vegetarian option on the menu, and a fish dish offered daily.

You’ll get nothing but high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price at Bien Eleve.

Bien Eleve

Address: 47 Rue Richer, 75009, Paris. 

Price: Lunch 2-course set menu €22 (approx. $24.48). Dinner 3-course set menu for €41 (approx. $45.63) 

Pro Tip: Go for lunch for an even more affordable restaurant experience in Paris. Advanced booking recommended.

9. Exploring Montmartre – Eat at  Le Coq et Fils 

Montmartre Montmartre Food Tour Authentic Food Quest
Explore local culinary specialties

Montmartre is the second most visited area in Paris after the Eiffel Tower. Perched on a small hill with magnificent views of Paris, this charming village is rich in history and culture.

In the cobblestone alleys, find local stores, hidden cafés, artists, and the famous Sacre Coeur Cathedral.

It is worth spending a full day exploring this picturesque part of Paris. When you get hungry check out Le Coq et Fils, a Paris restaurant with a unique concept.

Le Coq et Fils

Le Coq & Fils Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Discover the extraordinary poultry flavors – Photo credit: Le Coq & Fils on Facebook

Poultry is the protagonist of the menu at Coq et Fils. The full name of the restaurant is Le Coq et Fils – the Poultry House.

While you immediately think of chicken dishes, the menu is broader and includes guinea fowl, duck, and creative egg dishes.

Le Coq et Fils remains one of our favorite concept restaurants.

Chef Antoine Westermann who previously run a three-star Michelin restaurant in Alsace, opened the restaurant with a focus on heritage breed chicken and poultry.

This welcoming atmosphere with high-top stools and large communal tables is a wonderful dive into amazing poultry dishes. 

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: It is worth exploring Montmartre at a deeper level with a local guide. Taking a food tour is a delicious way to explore the local restaurant scene while learning the area’s rich history. See more in our article Montmartre Food Tour: How To Eat Like a Local In Paris Top Neighborhood

What To Eat at Le Coq et Fils

Delicious roasted poultry – Photo credit: Le Coq & Fils – The Poultry House on Facebook

Chicken and poultry, slowly cooked and roasted to perfection is what you can expect at Le Coq et Fils.

While the chicken is fantastic, go for the other heritage breed birds you don’t often eat. Fowl or Pintade is one of our favorites, and these full birds come large enough to share.

Pair your meal with a green salad, homemade fries, or the gratin de macaroni. 

Vegetarians will also find a dedicated menu with seasonal produce.

Le Coq et Fils 

Address:  98 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris. 

Price: Get the daily lunch special for €19 (approx. $21.14). 

Pro Tip: Sit at the bar and enjoy an entertaining time watching the chefs prepare the birds.

10. Near Moulin Rouge – Eat at L’ascension

Moulin Rouge Best Cheap Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Iconic Moulin Rouge is a timeless attraction

Since the late 1800s, the Moulin Rouge has been associated with glamor, elegance, romanticism, and love

Today, the Moulin Rouge continues to attract visitors to spectacular cabaret shows. 

Around the area are boutiques, cafes, other cabaret shows, and Montmartre is not too far off.

For a local gem in the neighborhood, we recommend L’ Ascension, a short walk away from the metro stop, Place de Clichy.

Restaurant L’ Ascension

L’ascension Claire Rosemary Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
An eagerly anticipated dining experience at L’Ascension

I had known about  L’ Ascension for a while and was quite thrilled to dine there recently. The chef’s reputation and affordable prices had me interested.

The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere and a large window taking up one side of the restaurant. 

The interior is slick and modern with a stone wall with framed art pieces from the chef’s travels.

What To Eat at Restaurant L’ Ascension

L’ascension Food Affordable Restaurants With A View Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Exquisite steak, perfectly seared, accompanied by the finest seasonal vegetables

Chef Amar Chalal focuses on simple, market-fresh cuisine of the highest quality. After leaving a previous Michelin-star restaurant where we worked, he embarked on a world journey before opening his own restaurant.

While the menu at L’Ascension is traditional French bistro classics, there are hints of spices and ingredients inspired by his travels.

In addition to traditional meat dishes, you’ll also find fresh fish and vegetarian options. We savored a simple, and perfectly seared steak served with seasonal vegetables.

Along with an excellent recommendation for regional French wine. One of the things we enjoyed about the restaurant was the accessibility of the chef. 

Even while busy, he was friendly and always made sure we were enjoying our meal.

If you are near Clichy, this is one of the best affordable restaurants to go to.

L’ Ascension 

Address: 67 rue de Clichy, 75009, Paris. 

Price: The lunch set menu is between €22 to €28 (approx. $24.48 to $31.15). Main dishes at dinner start at €22

Pro Tip: Go for the lunch menu to make the experience even more budget-friendly

11. Exploring Mouffetard – Eat at Le Perroquet 

Mouffetard Fountain Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Rue Mouffetard – a foodie’s dream come true

Rue Mouffetard known by locals as La Mouffe is a cobblestone-paved foodie haven. You’ll find all kinds of fresh products and fine foods. You’ll find one of the oldest cheesemakers in Paris, exceptional chocolatiers, wine shops, and much more. 

While rue Mouffetard is a must-visit in Paris for food lovers, it can be difficult finding an affordable restaurant away from the tourists and crowds.

If you are up for walking, after looking around rue Mouffetard, head over for lunch at Le Perroquet.

Le Perroquet  Restaurant

Le Perroquet Best Affordable Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Casual and cozy setting with outdoor tables

Le Perroquet is a casual restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, wood furniture with outdoor tables spilling onto the sidewalk.

The short menu is very affordable it features a homemade dish of the day that we recommend.

The staff is attentive, and the food is delicious and copious.

What To Eat at Le Perroquet 

Le Perroquet Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Scallops with leek fondue – Photo credit: Le perroquet on Facebook

You’ll not go wrong with anything on the menu. On our most recent visit, we opted for the seasonal salads, which were incredibly fresh and large enough to share.

In addition, you’ll also find fish and meat dishes proposed every day.  The atmosphere is laid back, and it is the kind of restaurant where you can linger leisurely over your meal.

For the budget conscious, this is one of the best affordable restaurants in Paris.

Le Perroquet 

Address: 25 Av. des Gobelins, 75013 Paris

Price: Salads range between €14 – €16 (approx. $15.58 – $17.80) and meat dishes at €22 (approx. $24.48)

Pro tip: Reservations are not necessary though go outside the peak hours to enjoy a comfortable eating experience outdoors

12. Not Far From Parc Monceau? Head to Le Bistrot du Passage

Le Bistrot du Passage Best Cheap Restaurants In Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a “real” Parisian neighborhood

Known as one of the most attractive parks in Paris, Parc Monceau is a hidden enclave for those seeking peace and quiet from the hectic pace. 

Across the park is the 17th arrondissement, non-touristy neighborhoods made up of office buildings and residential apartments. 

For a taste of traditional French cuisine in a “real” Parisian neighborhood, make your way over to Le Bistrot du Passage.

Le Bistrot du Passage Restaurant

12 Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris Where to Eat in 2023  1
Local vibe and affordable meals

Tucked away on a pedestrian-only side road or passage, this colorful bistro will welcome you. 

This neighborhood was my old stomping ground as a student, though I discovered the restaurant much later.

The atmosphere is friendly, and the vibe is very local. The best part is the traditional French dishes at reasonable prices.

What To Eat at Le Bistrot du Passage

Le Bistrot du Passage Cheap Eats Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Don’t miss the mouthwatering brioche perdue dessert

Beef carpaccio, homemade foie gras, and fresh salads are some of the seasonal items you will find on the menu.

Regardless of what season you visit the restaurant, you’ll be assured of great food using high-quality fresh ingredients.

For the main meal, during our visit, we went with the beloved French classic, Steak Tartare. 

Made with raw steak, finely chopped shallots, cornichons, capers, and a little Worcestershire sauce, it was perfectly seasoned and tasted divine.

Your meal will not be complete without dessert. Le Bistrot du Passage makes a delicious “brioche perdue”, a twist on the classic French pain perdu (french toast) dessert.

This delightful “brioche perdue” was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and it was simply sublime.

Offering a local and traditional French food experience, Le Bistrot du Passage is one of the best affordable restaurants in Paris.

Le Bistrot du Passage

Address: 14 Passage Geffroy-Didelot 75017 Paris

Price: Main dishes between €16 and €22 (approx $ 17.80 and $24.48)

Pro Tips: Great place to plan for a party or eat with a group. The restaurant has a private room to accommodate larger groups 

FAQs – Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

Menu Best Cheap Restaurants Paris by Authentic Food Quest
Visit the best cheap restaurants in Paris to satisfy your cravings and save money

How Much Does it Cost to Eat in Paris for Dinner?

While the price varies depending on the restaurant, an average main dish can start at €22 (approx. $24.48).

How Much Does it Cost to Eat a Day in Paris?

While it varies by restaurant or eatery and how many meals in a day, a single person can set aside about €30 (approx. $33.38) per day. However, if you prefer a quick bite or street food, the amount could be much less.

Is Lunch Cheaper Than Dinner in Paris?

While there is no rule, many restaurants in Paris offer a weekday lunch special at a cheaper price than dinner. 

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Do you have any best cheap restaurants in Paris to add to this list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  4. That’s some good looking food! Paris one of those city’s that I can visit time and time again — in part because of the food! I really admire French cooking, but it can come with a hefty price tag. Thanks for sharing affordable options.

  5. I haven’t been to France yet so I’ll have to remember this when I finally make it! One thing that surprises me is the prices. When I traveled Europe it seemed like restaurant prices were low compared to the US, but Paris seems to be about the same. Interesting!

    • How long ago did you travel to Europe? The currency does fluctuate and also keep in mind that Paris is a major city and restaurant prices are comparable to the major U.S. cities. The restaurants are great options. Do keep them in mind on your next travels. Cheers.

  6. I´m in France at the moment and I´m afraid I avoid anywhere that serves Foie Gras on principle. I am veggie and would most like to check out Le Cinq Lorette where the food sounds much more up my street. Thanks for including somewhere with good veggie options.

  7. The onglet légumes et soda you had at Le Vin Qui Danse you had looks delicious, and is something I would definitely like to try. Only 15 EUR! I’ll be visiting Paris for a couple days next month, and will definitely keep this list handy.

  8. I didn’t realize that some places offered discounts for take out orders! That would’ve been good to know when I went a few years ago. I found that places were pretty expensive, so this list will help next time I visit!

  9. Hi Rosemary,

    All looks yummy! The apricot soup looks delicious, with the almond milk ice cream. Interesting combo too. I love apricots and dig almond milk too. The soupy consistency made me do a double take but of course I’d down it. Who the hell am I kidding LOL. Down the hatch. Thanks for sharing guys 🙂


    • Hi Ryan, so glad you enjoyed the post and recommendations. The apricot soup and almond ice cream was indeed a delightful treat. You can’t go wrong with the food or desserts at any of these 5 restaurants. Please let us know if you get a chance to check them out on your next trip to Paris. Cheers!

  10. This is a great list! You’ve already done the research for me. I love french food, and now I can skip the research and just head to these places when I visit France next year! It all looks so delicious!!

  11. Paris is certainly a city that is chockfull of touristy, subpar bistros and cafes. Luckily, if you are willing to head down some side streets, and get a little lost, you will almost always stumble upon a good meal. I’ve haven’t been to any of your recs, so I will keep them in mind for the next time I’m in Paris. Definitely such an amazing city, and when I visit now, after having been there a few times, I just go for the food and wine!

  12. Paris is one of those great places I would love to visit at least once in my lifetime and these are some great suggestions for some affordable restaurants all around. I love how you have shared some delicious foods which are special in each restaurant to make it easy for any one!

    • Thank you Lisa for your comments. I hope you get to go to Paris soon and enjoy the delicious traditional French food from any of the suggested restaurants. You will have a great experience. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. This is perfect timing for a post. My sister is headed to London and Paris on an excessively quick trip in about two weeks- she may benefit from this info! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow, it’s been 5 years since I was in Paris and I can definitely see that the food options are continually evolving! This is one of my favourite food capital and I really really want to go back soon!

  15. I’ve had Boeuf Bourguignon before and love the flavor, but never had authentic from Paris, this would have to be on the top of my list to try! I really like how you added the map to help find the locations of these fabulous restaurants! Will book mark for my next trip

  16. These restaurants look amazing. I have to admit that I didn’t go to any of them when I was in Paris 2 years ago, but I must include them on my list for my next visit there! I don’t know which restaurant I like best (as I’m eating meat and don’t have food allergies 🙂 ).

  17. It’s cold and wet where I am right now and that Boeuf Bourguignon looks like exactly what I want.. comforting and hot! Good to know there are vegetarian options in Paris as well.

  18. I love eating my way around the Latin Quarter especially and I think I ate at La Bastide d’Opio. I remember the last visit with my mom. When I told her thats where we were going for lunch she thought it was the Spanish area in Paris… too funny. Looking forward to going back and trying some of the other places on your list.


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