10 Best Restaurants in Ushuaia For Authentic Argentinian Food

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Restaurants in Ushuaia elegantly capture the diverse flavors of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, at the southernmost tip of South America.

Ushuaia, its capital, was our base while exploring the local and authentic flavors found at the “End of the World” or El Fin Del Mundo.

Drawing from the sea, rivers and mountains, the food in Ushuaia, while delicious, has a very distinctive style.

On your travels to Ushuaia, explore the regional flavors and authentic specialties. Use this best restaurants in Ushuaia guide to direct your culinary adventures.

From well renowned Ushuaia restaurants to the best places to stop for lunch while hiking, you’ll have delicious experiences.

Savor the exceptional flavors at these 10 best restaurants in Ushuaia.

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What To Eat in Ushuaia – Fuegian Food

Southern King Crab or Centolla Crab at Kaupe Restaurant in Ushuaia Argentina by Authentic Food Quest
Exquisite king crab or centolla

What to eat in Ushuaia, at the “end of world,” and what are the local specialities, are questions we asked ourselves.

While in the southernmost city in the world, exploring local specialties in this part of Argentina, we met with locals who helped us understand the cuisine.

Food from the Tierra del Fuego, also known as Fuegian food, is influenced heavily by the natural resources. 

Fresh fish and seafood comes from the South Atlantic and Beagle Channel. The specialities of the region include Southern king crab, locally known as centolla, sea bass or merluza negra and cholgas or large mussels. 

For meat, fuegian lamb cooked over the parilla, or Argentine grill, is the local delicacy.

The regional desserts feature Patagonia fruits. You’ll have them in pies, pastries, ice cream, and even fondue.

To taste Ushuaia food, here are the 10 best restaurants in Ushuaia.

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Best Restaurants in Ushuaia On a Map

If you are looking at where to find the best restaurants in Ushuaia, check the handy map below:

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Top 10 Ushuaia Restaurants

1. Kaupe Restaurant – Best Gourmet Restaurant 

Rosemary and Claire at Kaupe Restaurant by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire tasting à la carte menu at Kaupe Restaurant

Kaupé Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Ushuaia, overlooks the harbor and offers panoramic views.

The restaurant has a quaint earth-tone exterior and sits ontop of a small hill. The interior is lush with tables decorated with crisp white tablecloths making it an great choice for a special occasion.

The restaurant focuses on locally sourced fish and shell fish from the Beagle Channel. There are two menus offered. 

You can choose either a set tating menu or simply choose from the à la carte menu. We opted  à la carte menu taking recommendations from the chef.

For starters, you must try the centolla or king crab. We were delighted with incredibly fresh flavors of king crab, which we shared. 

Devoid of any sauces or creams, we simply relished one of the most flavorful crab we’ve ever had.

Merluza Negra or Black Hake Fish in Ushuaia Argentina by Authentic Food Quest
Black hake or merluza negra, perfectly seasoned and cooked

Octopus and merluza negra en papillote or black hake with vegetables cooked in parchment as main courses were busting with flavor.

For dessert, we highly recommend the dulce de leche crepe for a taste of Argentina’s most famous sweet.

You’ll not go wrong at Kaupe restaurant. It’s a great place to try the local specialties while enjoying incredible views.

Kaupé Restaurant

Address: Pres. Julio Argentino Roca 470, Ushuaia

Hours: Open everyday except Sunday 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Price: Main courses start at 3200 Argentinian pesos (approx. $20.60)

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2. Maria Lola Resto – Best Modern Restaurant

Maria Lola Resto Restaurant Ushuaia by Authentic Food Quest
Try outstanding seafood pasta at this Ushuaia restaurant – Photo credit: María Lola Restó on Facebook

María Lola Restó is another of the Ushuaia restaurants that focuses on local food specialties.

The restaurant sits on a hill overlooking the Beagle Channel and has a private parking should you be driving.

The industrial exteriors of the restaurant give it a modern vibe. At the same time, the interior is perfect for an elegant dining experience. 

The menu is broad offering a variety of local specialties made with seafood, meats and poultry.

The seafood pasta menu selection is particularly noteworthy, as it features dishes made with king crab, salmon, shrimp, and more.

For seafood, you can enjoy the flavors of the sea in one sampler platter. Featuring fresh king crab, salmon, octopus and scallops, taste Fueguian seafood at it’s best.

The wine list complements the great food with local Argentine wines like Malbec, Torrontes white wine as well as regional beers.

This popular Ushuaia restaurant does get busy, so advanced bookings are recommended.

María Lola Restó

Address: Gdor. Deloqui 1048, Ushuaia

Hours: Everyday except Sunday 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm –11:00 pm

Price: Price range is between 2880 to 6078 Argentinian pesos (approx. $18 – $38)

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3. Casimiro Bigua – Best Restaurant in Ushuaia For Meat Lovers

Casimiro Bigua Ushuaia Restaurants by Authentic Food Quest
Don’t miss out on delicious Patagonian Lamb – Photo credit: Casimiro Bigua on Facebook

Casimiro Bigua, located in downtown Ushuaia on the main street, is an authentic Argentine steakhouse.

It has a rustic decor and an warm atmosphere with wooden carvings and metalwork. 

This restaurant is known for its delicious meat dishes and impeccable Patagnonia quality. 

The Argentine tradition of cooking meat preferably lamb over charcoal or firewood is perfected at Casimiro Bigua.

The smoky earthy flavors and unforgettable tastes will linger long after your trip to Ushuaia.

Try their ojo de bife and gran bife argentino. These are two of the most popular beef dishes on the menu, and they both feature succulent cuts of meat that have been grilled to perfection. 

If you want something a bit different, then be sure to try the Patagonian Lamb. As one of the  Casimiro Bigua signature dishes, you’ll not be disappointed.

And, if you’re a wine lover, you’re in for a real treat. Casimiro Bigua has over 250 national labels of local wine to choose from.

The portions are generous and the quality exceptional. Meat lovers should not miss this restaurant in Ushuaia.

Casimiro Bigua

Address: Av. Maipú 395, V9410 BJG, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Hours: Open everyday 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Price: Main grill dishes start at 3090 Argentinian pesos (approx. $19.90)

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4. Kalma Resto – Best For Contemporary Argentinian Food

Kalma Resto Ushuaia Restaurant by Authentic Food Quest
Merluza negra is Tierra del Fuego speciality – Photo credit: Kalma Restó on Facebook

Local dishes with a contemporary twist is at the heart of the menu at Kalma Restaurant.

This small restaurant, a little off the beaten path but easily accessible from downtown Ushuaia is a highly recommended.

The culinary experience is top-notch, featuring typical Patagonia regional flavors with Peruvian and Mediterranean influences.

A comfortable setting, the interior is sleek and modern, with whitewashed walls and huge window that offer amazing views. 

If you can, ask for a table next to window exterior is chic and minimalistic, with an industrial vibe. 

Get any of the specialties from the Tierra del Fuego region. The excellent seafood dishes using king crab, mussels, merluza or other fish dishes should be high on the list

And, for inventive flavors with a Peruvian twist, don’t hesitate to go for the quinoa or ceviche dishes.

For something more unusual, try the dry seaweed with mussels. Chocolate with seaweed is another bold combination that will surprise.

Kalma is one of the best restaurants in Ushuaia. Chef Jorge Monopoli, is locally renowned and his menu focuses on local and seasonal ingredients.

Beyond the amazing food, the range of drink specialties from Patagonia is impressive. Be sure to get good wine recommendations to match your dishes.

Kalma Restaurant

Address: Gdor. Manuel Fernández Valdez 293, Ushuaia

Hours: Open everyday except Sunday 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Price: Main dishes start at 4100 Argentinian Pesos (approx. $26.40)

5. Restaurant Le Martial – Best For Exclusive Experience

Le Martial Restaurants In Ushuaia by Authentic Food Quest
If in doubt, go with the tasting menu – Photo credit: Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort on Facebook

Restaurant Le Martial is the restaurant within the Las Hayas Resort and Hotel. Surrounded by the Beagel Channel and the majestic Andes mountains, this is one of the most exclusive resorts at the end of the world.

For an exclusive getaway tucked in nature, Las Hayas Resort offers a serene escape with amenities like a spa, hiking, archery and more. 

The menu at Le Martial restaurant features Argentinian cuisine with a number of local specialties from Patagonia.

You can enjoy king crab dishes, lamb prepared in several ways, beef, merluza negra or black hake and much more.

If you are not sure what to try, Le Martial has two tasting menus available. One focuses on fish and local seafood. And, the other on the “earth”, with Argentine beef and Patagonia lamb dishes.

The drinks menu is also quite extensive focusing on local beers, Patagonia and Argentine wines.

This amazing restaurant within the Las Hayas Resort adds to the overall experience in Ushuaia.

It’s one of the best places to eat and stay at at the end of the world.

Restaurant Le Martial

Address: Luis F. Martial 1650, Ushuaia

Hours: Open everyday 7:30 pm – 12:00 am

Price: Main dishes range from 2406 to 7700 Argentinian Pesos (approx. $15 – $48)

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6. Chez Manu – Best Argentinian Food With A French Twist

Chez Manu Ushuaia Restaurants by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy the view while tasting Argentinian-French dishes

Opened in 1999, Chez Manu restaurant is one of the only Ushuaia restaurants offering French cuisine using the natural products of Patagonia.

Located a couple of minutes from the center of Ushuaia, the restaurant offers unbeatable views of Ushuaia Bay.

Chef Emmanuel Herbin is creative in his cooking. The best Fuegian local specialties like crab, Patagonia toothfish, mussels, lamb are exquisitely prepared and beautifully plated.

Some of its excellent menu options at Chez Manu is a delicious black hake. The crab is especially noteworthy, with its soft, subtle and delicate flavors.

Try also the lamb carpaccio or lamb brisket cooked with thyme, lemon and parsley. And, be sure to get good wine recommendations for your dishes.

The signature dessert not to miss is creatively called “fire on the glacier.” This is a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream topped on a soft cookie with Italian meringue set to a flame. 

A delightful red fruit coulis and orange liqueur complete the experience.

The views are excellent and the service here is impeccable. While the menu changes seasonally, the great service stays consistent all year around.

Chez Manu

Address: Av. Fernando Luis Martial 2135, Ushuaia

Hours: Open everyday except Monday 8:00 pm – 12:00 am

Price: Main dishes start at 2050 Argentinian pesos (approx. $13.20)

7. Kuar – Best Value Ushuaia Restaurant

Kuar Ushuaia Restaurants by Authentic Food Quest
Tasty pink salmon with cream cheese and ciboulette – Photo credit: Kuar Resto Bar on Facebook

Fresh produce from the region is at the heart of the menu at Küar restaurant and bar.

Located just outside downtown Ushuia, the short walk is worth it for their stunning views of the water.

The restaurant is made entirely of wood and volcanic stones, giving it a cabin-like feel that is warm and inviting. 

For starters, the tapas centollas is a must-try. This dish is made with king crab and is served either natural or with an intriguing maracuya sauce.

Depending on the weather, you can warm up with a Patagonia specialty, cazuela de cordero Fueguino or Fuegian lamb stew.

Whether you are looking for seafood or meat dishes, go for the grilled or seared options.

Pair your dishes with local Argentina wines and enjoy perfection on your plate.

You’ll find this restaurant recommended by locals for its great food and casual ambiance. The biggest attraction is the views which are best savored at sunset.

Küar restaurant and bar

Address: Perito Francisco Moreno 2232, Ushuaia

Hours: Open Monday 12:30 pm –5:00 pm, every other day except Sunday 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm – 1:00 am

Price: Main dishes start at 1280 Argentinian pesos (approx $8.20)

Best Restaurants in Ushuaia For Lunch

8.  La Cabana Casa de Te – Best For Hiking Break

Subamrino Casade Te Ushuaia Restaurat by Authentic Food Quest
Relax in this cozy cafe with a drink and dessert

Hiking or trekking is one of the main activities in Ushuaia as it is surrounded by sea, forests, lakes and mountains.

La Cabaña Casa de Té is a great place to relax after a long hike through the stunning natural beauty.

This tea house is like something out of a fairytale, with its cottage-like exterior and eccentric knick-knacks inside. 

You’ll find a wide of teas to warm you up as well as easy to prepare fast food. Find pizza, focaccia bread including vegan sweet and savory delights.

However, it is the chocolates and desserts that sets this place apart. Go for dulce de leche mouse cake, traditional Argentinian Rogel cake, Strawberry Pie, Cheesecake and more.

Besides tea to warm up, you can also enjoy coffee or amazing hot chocolate made with sinfully rich Patagonia chocolate.

On your way out, you can purchase loose-leaf teas, canisters and even desserts sets to enjoy later,

This charming spot is one of the best places for lunch in Ushuaia. We stumbled onto this great little restaurant with reasonable prices while hiking and could not have been more delighted.

Cozy and delightful this is great place to enjoy nature and food.

La Cabaña Casa de Té

Address: Luis Fernando Martial 3560, Ushuaia

Hours: Open every day 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Price: Pizzas start at 1550 Argentinian pesos (approx $10), meals of the day at 1020 (approx $6.60)

9. Dona Lupita – Best For Tasty Argentinian Fast Food

Dona Lupita Restaurant Ushuaia by Authentic Food Quest
Try Dona Lupita amazing pizzas, you won’t be disappointed – Photo credit: DOÑA LUPITA on Facebook

Doña Lupita is a cozy Ushuaia restaurant that focuses on fast food like pizza, empanadas, chicken dishes and more.

Even though the food may be fast to prepare, the ingredients are local and the tastes exceptional. 

The pizza is cooked al horno or in brick oven as are a wide variety of lamb, beef and vegetarian empanadas. 

Located in the center of town, this small restaurant is popular with locals for its unpretentious service, large portions and good food.

It’s reasonable prices also makes it quite popular. Plan to go early or be patient if there is a wait. Their pizzas, especially the seafood pizza and empanadas are definitively worth the wait.

This is one of the best restaurants in Ushuaia for good and affordable eats.

Doña Lupita

Address: Don Bosco 314, Ushuaia

Hours: Open everyday except Sunday 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm – 12:00 am

Price: Prices start at 2100 Argentinian pesos for pizza (approx $13.50), 1900 for sandwiches (approx $12.20)

10. Ramos Generales – Best For Cultural Experience

Ramos Generales Restaurant Ushuaia by Authentic Food Quest
Interior is a blend of antique and modern – Photo credit: Ramos Generales on Facebook

Set right in front of the ​​beautiful Beagle Channel, Ramos Generales is a unique “restaurant-coffee -shop-museum” near the port.

The cafe-restaurant eatery is located in a historic building that Don José Salomón founded in 1913. 

The interior is a mix of antiques and present day items, showcasing the history of the pioneers to the area.

It’s filled with historic antiques from Patagonia on all the shelves giving you plenty to absorb as you eat there.

The menu is quite broad and covers everything from salads, main dishes, desserts, hot chocolate, local beers and wines.

Choose the patagonia flavors when you order. Try traditional dishes like Lamb cooked with Port wine and vegetables, the Malfatti, which is spinach-based with cheese and tomato sauce.

The Argentina national dish, Locro is also highly recommended. And for dessert, you can’t go wrong with the Patagonia fruit pie made with the seasonal fruits or Fuegian tiramisu. 

Both are delicious and worth saving room for more. 

This Ushuaia restaurant, rich in history, has great service, delicious food and is an experience not to be missed.

Ramos Generales

Address: Av. Maipú 749, Ushuaia

Hours: Open everyday 9:00 am – 11:30 pm

Price: Prices start at 1500 Argentinian pesos for soup (approx $9.60)

What To See and Do in Ushuaia

While exploring the local food and Ushuaia restaurants, here are a couple activities we recommend for your visit to Ushuaia.

Visiting Ushuaia Maritime & Old Prison Museums

Museo Presido Cell Ushuaia by Authentic Foood Quest
Find replica of inmate in the old prison

To learn about Ushuaia and its history, we enjoyed visiting the Ushuaia Maritime & Old Prison Museums.

This is a fantastic museum with agonizing stories of prison life in Ushuaia and the stories of early Antarctic explorations.

It’s full of information and an excellent place to learn about the indigenous people and how the city came to be.

For a guided experience through the city of Ushuaia, you may consider this Ushuaia guided panoramic city tour. 

With a local guide, you’ll learn about the history while visiting important monuments like Malvinas islands, the City Square, Post Office, Old Prison, and others.

Hiking Glaciar Martial

Rosemary and Claire Glaciar Martial by Authentic Food Quest
At Glaciar Martial trying to keep warm

About five kilometers away from the city center is one of the most important natural attractions, Martial Glaciar. 

It is named after French explorer Luis Fernando Martial who in 1883 came to the area for scientific purposes.  

While in Ushuaia, we hiked the full distance from the city all the way to the bottom of the glacier. The conditions were wintery and the trail covered with snow and mud. 

While we enjoyed the hike and spectacular views we would recommend taking a tour with a local guide.

This Glacier Martial trekking tour take you on a half-day trek to the glacier. At the top you’ll enjoy a boxed lunch with spectacular views of  Beagle Channel, Ushuaia and parts of Chile.

If trekking isn’t your thing, there are many other things to do to enjoy in Ushuaia.

Where to Stay in Ushuaia

Ushuaia Findel Mondo by Authentic Food Quest
At “End of the World” sign in downtown Ushuaia

Here are a few recommendations on where to stay in Ushuaia.

La Tiny House – BudgetFriendly Options

La Tiny House, as the name suggests, is a small vacation home consisting of one full bed bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen home. The outside is a beautiful patio with stunning views of the mountains and sea.

Located near the Martial Glacier Nature Reserve, you’ll also find other popular attractions nearby. This charming tiny home has a fully equipped kitchen so you can make your own meals. There are also several Argentine restaurants located about 350 meters away.

Prices start at $90 USD a night for two adults.

See more prices, read reviews or to find similar hotels check: Booking.com

Hostería Aonikenk – Mid Range Options

Ushuaia City by Authentic Food Quest
Glacier view from the city

A cozy and comfortable place, Hosteria Aonikenk offers several room styles with views of the Beagle Channel.

Family owned and run, it’s a great place to stay while exploring the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

There is a breakfast buffet offered each morning with popular Argentine breakfast rolls and coffee. Nearby, about a 5-minute stroll from Hosteria Aonikenk, there is a popular restaurant, Pizzeria Dieguito, that features Argentine cuisine.

Popular points of interest near Hostería Aonikenk include Yamana Museum, Maritime Penal and Antarctica Museum and Municipal Sports Center.

Prices start at $110 USD a night for double room with view, breakfast included.

See more prices, read reviews or to find similar hotels check: Booking.com

Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort – Luxury Hotels

The five-star hotel Las Hayas Ushuaia Resort is the ideal option for a luxury vacation. 

Every room has a large windows overlooking the sea and mountains for relaxed views. There is a spa, indoor pool, fitness center and all the amenities for a comfortable stay in Ushuaia.

The biggest draw is Le Martial, one of the best Ushuaia restaurants for exquisite local cuisine.

In addition, breakfast is served daily for an all encompassing experience in the Tierra del Fuego.

Prices start at $200 USD a night for a standard double room with breakfast included.

See more prices, read reviews or to find similar hotels check: Booking.com

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Have you been to Ushuaia? Which of these restaurants Ushuaia intrigues you the most? Please let us know in the comments below.

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