Summer Water Rose Review – Is It Worth It?

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It’s the drink that says summer.  The one wine that conjures up the carefree long days and warm nights of the season.

We’re talking about rose and in particular Summer Water Rose wine. Summer Water, is a popular and award-winning rosé from California. 

It’s one of the top premium rosé wines produced by Winc, a modern winery. Already familiar with Winc wines, we were particularly intrigued by their rose wine offering.

The Summer Water wine is a sugar-free rosé wine with a 91 point rating from The Wine Enthusiast.

If you’re an oenophile and rose wine lover and looking to learn more about the Summer Water Rose, keep reading.

This Summer Water Rose review covers the wine particularities, pros and cons so you can decide, if it’s worth it or not.

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What Is Summer Water Rose?

Summer Water Winc Rose Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Summer Water Rosé by Winc is an award winning wine

A refreshing wine, Summer Water Rose is a dry rosé wine that comes from the sandy, rocky, loam soils of the central coast of California. 

To ensure a good natural acidity, the Central Coast Grenache and the Syrah grapes are picked up early in the season and blended, creating this salmon-pink beverage.

Summer water wine, is produced by Winc, a modern winery based in Los Angeles.

It is a personalized wine club and the largest digital-first wine company in the U.S.

Selling wines directly to consumers at affordable prices, Winc has delivered over 18 million bottles of wine, many of which are natural, organic, and from around the world.

Today, Summer Water is the #1 selling ultra-premium domestic rosé in the United States. 

An award winning wine, It’s received 91 points from the Wine Enthusiast, an Editor’s Choice and official rose of the Hollywood Bowl.

Is Summer Water Rose Dry?

Yes, Summer Water Rose is one of the dry rosé wines, in part due to the winemakers sugar-free production style. It’s also deliciously bright, fruity and easy to drink.

Where is Summer Water Rose From?

Summer Water Rose is produced from grapes grown in California’s central coast.The wines are bottled at the Winc wine making facility in Acampo, California.

How many Calories in Summer Water Rose?

The wine is fairly light, having only 108 calories, 3 grams of carbs and 0 grams of protein and fat per 5 fl. oz.

Summer Water Rose – Who’s It For?

Rosemary and Claire Summer Water Rose by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire tasting Summer Water Rose

Summer Water Rose is the perfect pick for wine lovers in search for an aromatic, yet dry kind of taste, with delicate fruit aromas.

It is a refreshing rosé that can be served lounging by the pool or on a hot evening.

Summer Water Rose – Who Is it Not For?

Winc Bottles by Authentic Food Quest
Consider other Winc wines if Summer Water Rose is too dry for you

If you like your wines with a sweeter profile, Summer Water is not recommended for you. 

Instead consider wines from parent company, Winc. You can try the 2018 Leap Year Red, a slightly sweet red wine with raspberry and strawberry and cedar notes. This wine pairs well with burgers, pizza or chili., 

Or, if you’re a fan of slightly sweet white wines, a good option is 2018 Leap Year White Blend

It has light slightly notes of green apple, pear, wet stone and white peach. And is a great wine for poultry, cheese, cured meats and pizza.

If you are looking for different types of rose wines or organic wines then you’ll want to skip to our alternative section.

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What To Expect With Summer Water Rose – A Wine For an Eternal Summer State of Mind

Summer Water Winc Bottles by Authentic Food Quest
Summer Water, despite its name, is suitable for all seasons

The award-winning Summer Water Rosé, is a favorite wine, with a taste of summer in every sip.

It’s crisp, bright and light, with a refreshing natural acidity perfect for year round drinking.

Even though it has the word “Summer” is in the name, it’s the kind of rose wine you can drink in any temperature and in any season.

One of things we like about Summer Water Rose is that it is easy to drink. In addition, this wine pairs well with food.

You can enjoy it with a salad, french fries and everything in between. Another option is to simply, enjoy a chilled glass of Summer Water for the fun, frisky tastes of the season.

What makes Summer Water stand out is that it is a dry rosé with 0g residual sugar. It’s one of the few rose wines, you can feel good about drinking.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can order Summer Water Rose as a 4-pack, 8-pack or 12-pack and the prices range from $80 to $216.

Are Shipping Fees Included?

Summer Water Wine Bottles by Authentic Food Quest
 “Thirsty is No Way to Live

Shipping fees are included for any order starting at $100 or when you sign up for the Summer Water Rose Club Societé.

That said, shipping is only a reasonable $9 flat rate anywhere in the US states where it can be delivered. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Summer Rose Water?

According to their website, it takes about 3 business days to process your order and another 3 to 7 business days to get it delivered.

In our case, it took only 5 business days from the order confirmation to delivery date which was a Saturday. Delivery is done by Fedex and tracking information is available when requested.

Keep in mind that an adult has to sign the shipment to be able to get it due to federal regulations on alcohol.

Smaller Packaging – Summer Water Rosé Droplets

Summer Water Rose Droplets by Authentic Food Quest
Summer Water Rosé Droplets – Photo credit: Summer Water on Facebook

Beyond the standard size wine bottle, Summer Water Rosé is also available in fun mini bottles.

Known as Summer Water Rosé Droplets, these little bottles, each 187 ml, are conveniently packed to take on the go.

Equivalent to about 1 to 1.5 glasses of wine, these fun size Rose Droplets are easy to carry to picnics, festivals or outdoor events. 

And, for this moments, when you just want glass without opening a full bottle of wine, the Summer Water minis are perfect.

Rosé Droplets are available as a pack of 24 single bottles, roughly six wine bottles, for $135. 

Summer Water Rose Club – Societé

Summer Water Societe Club by Authentic Food Quest
Join Summer Water Societe Club for various benefits

For the best rosé wines at discounted prices, you want to consider joining the Summer Water  Societé & Save program.

This is a subscription club that gives you exclusive perks to discounts, free shipping and random surprises in your box.

Joining Societé & Save is free to join and easy to cancel. You get regular and free shipments every 1, 2 or 3 months and a 10% discount off your purchase. 

When you receive your box, you will be pleased to find random surprises from Summer Water. The in-box surprises change regularly, and it’s a nice gesture from the company.

What Else From Summer Water – Keep it Chill Red

Winc Keepit Chill by Authentic Food Quest
Winc Keep it Chill is a perfect refreshment – Photo credit: Summer Water on Facebook

Beyond the rosé wines,  a few years ago, Summer Water added a light, crisp Beaujolais Gamay to the family.

The wine, named, Keep It Chill Red, was created to be served chilled directly from the fridge.

Keep It Chill Red is a light-bodied refreshing wine with juicy notes of red fruit like cranberry cherry, raspberry, dark plum.

It’s made from 100% Gamay grapes from the Beaujolais region in France and is one of the few chillable red wines.

Just like Summer Water Rose, the vibrant, Keep It Chill Red, is sugar free and goes well with meat and fish dishes.

Keep It Chill Red comes in packs of 4, 8 or 12 bottles. Prices range from $80 to $216, depending on the number selected.

Is Summer Water Worth It? Our Verdict

Summer Water Rose Glasses by Authentic Food Quest
Summer Water Rose is definitely worth a try

We love rose wines and could not have been more thrilled to discover Summer Water Rose.

We were already familiar with Winc Wines which include organic and natural wines designed for your individual tastes.

We found Summer Water to be a lean and refreshing rosé. It’s easy to drink with delicate fruit aromas. We enjoyed the wine by itself and with meals for dinner.  It’s a wine with complementary flavors.

One thing we really appreciate is the sugar-free factor. Those looking to lose weight and still enjoy a great glass of wine, will love Summer Water Rose.

Shipping is fast and convenient. We also appreciate the responsive customer service when we had questions about our delivery. 

For single servings and easy to go convenience, the Summer Water Rosé Droplets are fun mini bottles to keep around. They offer fresher sips, are easy to carry and make fun gifts.

Overall, we believe that Summer Water is worth it for its taste, delivery convenience and flexibility in shipments.

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Around The Web – What People Say About Summer Water Rose?

Reading people’s reviews, most of them are rather delighted about Summer Water Rose. The delicate fruit aromas, smooth flavors, scent of rose petals are often mentioned. 

Here are some of their thoughts:

  • “An excellent example of a well-made, serious wine”
  • ”A lovely fresh rose ideal for summe”
  • ”Really good when chilled. Always love everything from WINC Dry but sweet. Like a very light sweetness. But just enough to balance it out”
  • “Strawberry, watermelon, cherry and some oak on the nose. More fruit and earthy notes on the palate. Very versatile”
  • “Loved it! Perfect summer dipper. Light with slight fruit notes. Dry rose all the way. Would definitely repurchase”

Because tastes differ from person to person, there are unsurprisingly, some negative opinions about Summer Water Rose.

Some say:

  • “Beautiful salmon color. Dry rosé. The nose is better than the taste, in my opinion. Watermelon initially and then grapefruit. Bitter aftertaste. Not my favorite rosé”
  • “Bright, acidic, strawberry. Very dry, not for me!”
  • “Summer Water should be drank the year it is produced.”

Alternatives To Summer Water Rose

This Summer Water Rose review would not be complete without touching upon some alternatives. 

If you are looking for rose wines that are organic or if you are looking for a variety of rose wines, check out our recommendations below.

And, finally for alcohol-free sparkling rose wines, the options from Prima Pave are your best bet. 

Organic Wine Exchange – Organic Rose Wines

Organic Wine Exchange Club by Authentic Food Quest
If you prefer organic wines, check Organic Wine Exchange Club

Organic Wine Exchange started up as a wine shop and, after three generations became an organic winery. 

That means they only use organic grapes, grown without any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Those looking for rose wines “Made with Organic Grapes” will enjoy the selection of wines offered. 

Their Rose Wine Sampler includes your choice of 3, 6 or 12 bottles ranging in price from $65 to $209.

Organic Wine Exchange vs. Summer Water Rose

  • The rose wines from Organic Wine Exchange are all organic wines.  
  • Wines in the Rosé Wine Sampler are from around the world
  • Twelve bottles of wine from Organic Wine Exchange are $209, compared to $194 – $216 for Summer Water 12 bottles. 

WSJ Wines – International Rose Wines

WSJ Rose Wine Sampler by Authentic Food Quest
WSJ selection of rosé wines

The WSJ Wine Discovery Club, an offshoot of the Wall Street Journal, offers exclusive estate wines at member prices.

While they offer a variety of wines, they have a particularly attractive rosé package with 12 wines.

Their Top 12 selection of rosé wines include wines from France, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Portugal and others.

Priced at $69.99, the introductory offer includes two bottles of Processo and two wine glasses.

WSJ Wine vs. Summer Water Rose

  • WSJ Rosé wines is a special introductory offer to their WSJ Wine Discovery subscription club. Subsequent wine shipments are $169.99 plus shipping and can be customized to include white or red wines. While the Summer Water Societé club offers 12 bottles of rosé wines for a one-time purchase of $216 or subscription pricing of $194
  •  WSJ Wine’s charges for $19.99 for shipping and taxes. Whereas, shipping is included with Summer Water Societé club

Prima Pave – Alcohol-Free Rose Sparking Wines

Prima Pave Alcohol Free Sparkling Rose Wines by Authentic Food Quest
Prima Pave is an alcohol free sparkling rose from Italy – Photo credit: Prima Pave on Facebook

This Californian brand specializes in alcohol-free sparkling wines, manufactured in Italy.

Prima Pave is ideal for wine lovers looking for bubbles with something more, yet less, at the same time.

Rose Brut and Rose Dolce are the two rosé selections from Prima Pave.  They have 0 alcohol, 0 grams of residual sugar and are low in calories.

Made in Italy, these wines feature Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer grapes. 

The wines offer different notes, structures and colors and they pair well with pizza, Indian, salmon, sushi and more.

Prima Pave vs. Summer Water Rose

  • The most obvious difference is the type of rose wine. Prima Pave is sparking rose wine, whereas Summer Water is regular rose wine.
  • Prima Pave wines contains no alcohol, whereas Summer Water wines are sugar-free
  • Prima Pave sparking rose wines are purchased individually at $24 per bottle. And a 4-pack, the smallest of the Summer Water rose wines range from $72 to $80.

FAQs For Summer Water Rose Review

Where Does Summer Water Ship To?

Summer Water is shipped to continental United States except for the following states: AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, LA, KY, MS, NJ, RI, UT. 

How Do I Contact Summer Water Rose?

For any questions on Summer Water Rose or on your order, the customer service team is available by email at

Are You Able to Mix and Match Summer Water, Keep It Chill and Summer Water Droplets in Societé?

Currently, combining the Summer Water wines into packs is not possible. However, you can contact the friendly customer service team. They are very open and eager to help their customers with their needs.

Is Societé Just for the Summer Months?

The Summer Water Societé club is available for orders all year round, so feel free to purchase, no matter the season.

Help! I Need to Cancel Societé & Save

If, at any time, you wish to give up on your subscription, you can easily cancel it. Just log in to your account, click the “My Account” button in the top right corner and then click “Cancel”. 
Also, you can contact the team via email or on live chat.

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