5 Best Cooking Classes In Sicily You Want To Take in 2023

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Taking Sicily cooking classes is a wonderful way to get introduced to the diversity of flavors found on this large Mediterranean island.

Even though Sicily is one island, the regional cuisine is remarkably different from one side to the other.

In Catania, on the east side of the island, where we spent several months, we took cooking classes and learned to make several iconic dishes.

On our travels to Palermo, Sicily’s capital, we were surprised to learn and cook with unique ingredients from the city’s Arabic influence.

Sicilian cuisine varies throughout, and taking cooking classes with local chefs is a delicious way to uncover the nuances.

Depending on the cities you’re exploring, taste the culture with these 5 best cooking classes in Sicily. 

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Best Sicilian Cooking Class Comparison Table

ClassesLocationPrice Per Person (USD)HoursDishes CookedPersonBest For
The Sicilian PantryPalermo$96.334.5h41-7Cooking skills and Sicilian Favorites
Cooking Class in Taormina with Chef MassimoTaormina$144.55.5h31-15Gourmet
Local Market Visit and Cooking Class in SyracuseSyracuse$211.716h41-8Market Experience
Catanian 3-Course Cooking Class with DebCatania$166.232h31-6Seasonal Cooking
Pizza Making Class in TaorminaTaormina$72.814h32-20Pizza Lovers
The cooking classes in Sicily are in euros (€). We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Prices might vary slightly when you book your class.

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Top Sicily Cooking Classes

1. The Sicilian Pantry – Cooking Class In Palermo

Rosemary Making Canolo Dough Cooking Class in Palermo by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary learning to make Cannoli dough

Taking a cooking class in Palermo, Sicily’s capital, was one of our favorite activities during our long stay on the island.

Looking for a class to learn how to make authentic Sicilian dishes, the Sicilian Pantry was highly recommended by locals.

Offering half day cooking classes with a visit to a Palermo historical market, we were sold and signed up immediately.

Cooking classes at The Sicilian Pantry start at 10:00 am with a fascinating visit to Mercato del Capo, one of Palermo’s main markets. 

At the market, you get introduced to the seasonal products, learn about Sicilian food culture while picking up ingredients for the class.

At chef Michael’s home, you’ll prepare a 4-course Sicilian menu including a starter, pasta, main course and dessert.

During our visit, we learned to make four delicious Sicilian specialties. Using fresh artichokes we had picked up earlier, we learned to make carciofi fritti or fried artichokes.

Making fresh pasta from scratch was a fascinating experience. It was not as intimidating as we thought and the ingredients were surprisingly simple.

Delicious swordfish cooked in extra-virgin olive oil was a delightful main course. And learning how to make the famous Sicilian cannoli for dessert was the perfect sweet finish.

While the menu changes depending on the season, you’ll nonethless learn how to make local Sicilian specialties.

Chef Michael’s hands-on training is rich in techniques and insights into the local culture.

The about 4.5 hour class ends with sit down lunch. Together, you’ll enjoy the delicious food you made along with local Sicilian wine and homemade liquor.

This cooking class Palermo is so much fun and the experience is elevated by Michael’s warmth and passion. Food lovers should not miss this cooking class in Sicily.

Cost: About US$96.33 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 4.5 hours. Classes start around 10.00 am to 2.30 pm

Group Style: Small group cooking classes conducted in English

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2. Cooking Class in Taormina with Chef Massimo

Visit Market Cooking Class in Taormina by Authentic Food Quest
The market in Taormina is full of food treasures

Taormina, one of Sicily’s most visited towns, is a beautiful location for Sicily cooking classes.

Chef Massimo offers a fun and interactive 5.5 hour cooking class in Taormina that starts with a local market visit.

This half day cooking course is held at the chef’s villa and cooking school with spectacular views overlooking the sea.

Starting out at the local market you’ll learn about seasonal foods and how to select the best produce, while shopping for the ingredients.

Later, under the guidance of chef Massimo, you’ll cook a 3-course meal including a dish with fresh fish picked up at the market.

Other Sicilian dishes you’ll make will vary by season and may include fresh pasta, caponata, meatballs with sauce and more.

The 5.5 hour cooking class ends with a delicious meal of everything you’ve cooked accompanied with local wine.

This Sicilian cooking class is unique in that it is taught by a professional and experienced chef. 

You’ll get a deep understanding of techniques involved in preparing and baking meats and fish, along with easy-to-follow recipes. 

Chef Massimo’s passion for his craft and deep knowledge of Sicilian culture and food makes it an informative and wonderful experience.  

Cost: About $144.5 per person

Time and Length: Approximately 5.5 hours. Classes start around 9.30 am to 3.00 pm

Group Style: Small group Sicily cooking classes conducted in English

3. Local Market Visit and Private Cooking Class in Syracuse

Sicily Cooking Classes Making Sicilian Pasta by Authentic Food Quest
A delicious reward to eat the fresh pasta you just made in the cooking class

Syracuse or Siracusa in Italian, is a beautiful coastal city in southeastern Sicily. Famous for its ancient Greek ruins and the charming old center of Ortigia, it’s also a great location for a Sicily cooking class.

Dive into the rich culinary scene of Syracuse with a 6-hour long private cooking class with a full food market tour.

This Sicilian cooking course begins with an eye-opening trip to the local bustling food market.  

As you walk through the different aisles and vendor stalls, you learn about the regional specialties and unique seasonal ingredients.

Back at the home of the local chef and armed with all the local produce you picked up. Together, you’ll plan the menu and start your Sicilian cuisine cooking adventure.

As you make traditional Sicilian food from Syracuse, you’ll learn about the history and combination of flavors that are specific to the food. 

You’ll make a 3-course meal based on seasonal ingredients and personal preferences and enjoy nibbles throughout as you cook.

Bruschetta and an antipasto will kick off your cooking experience. Then you’ll make your main meal of pasta, fish or both. And, end with traditional desserts from family recipes.

The best part of any cooking class experience is enjoying the food you’ve made. With your host, in their own home, you’ll sit down to a intimate dining experience.  

Now, more like friends having spent so much time together, you can get to know more about life in Sicily as a local.

This Sicily cooking class is available either in the morning or in the evening. Simply pick the time that works best for your schedule. 

For a private and truly intimate experience this is one of the best Sicily cooking classes in Syracuse to take.

Cost: About $211.71 per person. 

Time and Length: Approximately 6 hours. Classes start around 10.00 am to 4.00 pm or 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

Group Style: Private classes

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4. 3-Course Cooking Class in Catania

Sicily Cooking Class in Catania by Authentic Food Quest
The ingredients we used for our cooking class in Catania with Deb

After talking to our friends about spending three months in Catania, they recommended the Sicilian cooking class with Deborah. 

Deborah, a lawyer by training and passionate Sicilian chef offers a 3-course Sicilian cooking class in the center of Catania.

One of the first traditional Sicilian foods we learned to make was Pasta alla Norma, the most famous pasta dish in Sicily. A delicious and delightful experience.

The  3-course cooking class with Deborah takes place in her beautiful home in a building with Liberty style architecture.

As you cook together, Deborah will share stories about Sicily and the culinary secrets of Catania.

Fresh and seasonal ingredients will form the basis of your menu. And, you’ll make a starter, main dish and typical Sicilian dessert.

What’s great about the cooking class experience is that Deborah will make it easy and seamless. However, be aware this is a hands-on cooking class. 

Prepare to roll your sleeves up as you learn to chop, fry, knead, cook and bake in a fun and engaging manner.

The simple yet hearty dishes you’ll make will be representative of Catania and Sicily. You’ll get to know and taste the diversity of flavors found across this large Mediterranean island.

Note, the portions are generous and the flavors are exceptional. Plan to eat light and enjoy a fun Catania cooking class.

Deborah is quite flexible and offers cooking classes both in the afternoon or in the evening. This Sicilian cooking class in Catania is not to be missed, Simply pick the time that work best based on your availability 

Cost: About $166.23 per person 

Time and Length: Approximately 3.5 hours. Classes start around 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Group Style: Small group Sicily cooking classes conducted in English

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5. Pizza Making Class in Taormina

Pizza Making Sicily Cooking Class by Authentic Food Quest
Fresh mozzarella di bufala on Sicilian pizza is a must-have

Italian pizza, one of the most beloved Italian foods, is so much fun to make in a cooking class.

There many tricks and techniques to learn to help you make authentic Italian pizza at home.

Under the guidance of a professional pizza maker, a “pizzaiolo”, you can become a pro at making Italian pizza. This half-day pizza making class in Taormina is an excellent starting point.

The whole experience begins with the fundamentals – the dough. You’ll get indepth understanding of the flour, including the different pizza doughs like Neopolitan, Sicilian and Tuscan.

You’ll make and stretch the dough as you learn about the yeast and the different kinds to use in authentic Italian pizzas.

You’ll also learn how to make mouth watering pizza sauces and the best complementary toppings for irresistable pizzas.

We learned to make Sicilian pizza in a cooking class in Catania with a master pizza maker and loved it. 

This Taormina cooking class offers a similar experience teaching you the secrets of Italian pizza and delectable sauces.

In this particular pizza cookng class, you’ll also learn how to make your own bread for bruschetta to enjoy with local wine.

Be sure to attend the class on a light stomach and leave room for all the delicious pizza and bread you’ll make. 

The accompanying Sicilian wine tastings will also expand your knowledge of local Sicilian culture. 

At the end of the cooking class you’ll receive your own professional pizza baking certificate to show off to friends at home.

If you love pizzas and want to learn the chef secrets, this is one of the cooking classes in  Taormina that shouldn’t be missed.

Cost: About $72.81 per person 

Time and Length: Approximately 4 hours. Classes start around 10.30 am to 2.30 pm

Group Style: Small group Sicily cooking classes conducted in English

What to Consider When Choosing Cooking Classes in Sicily

Pizza Cooking Class in Catania by Authentic Food Quest
Claire following instructions from Chef Nunzio in our Catania cooking class

The Italian island of Sicily offers so many regional cuisines. While based on seasonal and fresh ingredients, the recipes differ on where you are in Sicily.

All the Sicilian cooking classes featured focus on traditional and authentic Sicilian foods. Some classes share common styles, techniques and ingredients but the experiences vary.

Depending on what towns you’re visiting in Sicily, you’re likely to be near one of these Sicily cooking classes. 

As you book your cooking class, here are a few considerations.

What Kind of Sicilian Cooking Class Experience Do You Want?

Cooking Class in Sicily Authentic Food Quest
We used various seasonal ingredients in our Sicily cooking classes

We took many cooking classes in Sicily and enjoyed the experiences and learning about Sicilian cuisine.

These classes will introduce you to the hidden gems and secrets of cooking like a real Sicilian. 

As you make your choices, consider your personal preferences and expectations.

Would you prefer to dive deep into one type of food or cooking technique, or to master a full range of Sicilian dishes?

Are you inclined towards morning or evening cooking classes?

Do you enjoy the company of other food connoisseurs, often total strangers? Or do you prefer an private experience for you and your group?

Whatever your preference, choose the experience that best aligns with your tastes.

What Is Your Budget for Your Cooking Classes in Sicily?

Photo of Best Sicily Cooking Class by Authentic Food Quest
A nice souvenir from our cooking class in Catania with Deb

The Sicilian cooking class experience you choose depends on your travel plans and budget. 

The best Sicily cooking classes range in price from about $58 USD to $200 USD.

Cooking class hosts continue to adhere to Covid safety guidelines. Sicily cooking classes are also available as private classes if you prefer not to be with strangers.

The classes are also flexible and allow for free cancellation up to 24 hours before your cooking class.

The cooking classes are fun and range from 3.5 hours to 6 hours allowing you to easily add them to your Sicily travel itinerary.

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