Rome Pasta Making Class Review: Top 3 Best Cooking Classes You’ll Want To Take

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Taking a pasta making class in Rome is an exciting and unique way to immerse yourself into Italy’s rich culinary culture.

As the birthplace of some of the world’s most beloved pasta dishes, Rome is the perfect place to learn the art of pasta making.

While in Rome exploring the local food specialties, we signed up for a pasta-making class in Frascati.

If you are considering a Rome pasta making class and are ready to indulge in Italian cuisine, keep reading for the juicy details.

Learn about our pasta-making class in Frascati as well as two alternative Rome pasta cooking classes.

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Top Pasta Cooking Classes in Rome

Instructions Table Pasta Making Class Rome by Authentic Food Quest
Instructions board for making pasta

Learning how to make traditional Roman pasta dishes was high on our list when we arrived in Italy’s capital.

We had already fallen in love with classic Rome pasta classics like Cacio e Pepe and Amatriciana and wanted to learn how to make them.

Before the pasta class, we had taken a Rome food tour and discovered wines from Frascati.

When we later found a pasta-making class in Frascati we were very sold. And, with the pasta class including a wine tasting of Frascati wines, we signed up for the class right away.

If you are looking for pasta-making classes in central Rome, we found two other pasta classes with rave reviews we also considered.

One of the pasta making classes takes place in the Trastevere neighborhood in Rome. Working in a small group with a local chef, you’ll learn to make perfect pasta in this Trastevere pasta-making class. For a wonderful experience in a trendy neighborhood, this is one of the best cooking classes to take.

The other great cooking class takes you into a private home to learn pasta making from scratch. This is an intimate small group class where you learn to make pasta including traditional Italian sauces.

Pasta Making Class in Frascati

Frascati Pasta MAking Class Rome by Authentic Food Quest
The Cathedral of Frascati

Frascati, located about a 30-minute train ride away from Rome is also home to the famous Frascati Wines.

Frascati wines are light, and minerally white wines that date back to ancient Roman times.

Shortly after our cooking class group met at the train station, we took a quick tour of Frascati town. 

Our host, Rosi gave us a quick tour of the town, pointing out a few historical markers on the short walk to the cooking school.

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Highlights Of Our Pasta Making Class

Cooking Studio Pasta Making Class Rome by Authentic Food Quest
Rome pasta making class participants

Walking into the cooking class studio, we were delighted to find everything well organized with neatly arranged ingredients and spotless cooking utensils.

We worked on a large central table with enough room for our group of 18 participants. 

The winery we learned was founded in the 1500s and continues to be family-owned managed now by the 13th generation.

Starting Out with Wine and Appetizers

Wine Appetizers Rome Pasta Making Class by Authentic Food Quest
Frascati wine paired nicely with local cheese and cured meats

Before starting the pasta-making process, we started off with a tasting of two glasses of wine from Frascati. This was accompanied by a plate of local cheese and charcuterie. 

We learned about Frascati wines and in the particular, the region’s famous white wine made with a local Malvasia grape variety. 

This paired well with the cheese and cured meats and additional glasses or bottles of their wine were available for purchase.

Making Fresh Pasta

Making fresh pasta was the highlight of the class. Rosi walked us through each step of the process as we mixed the ingredients to make the pasta dough.

After kneading the pasta and rolling out the dough very thin, we cut the pasta based on the size we wanted.

The “pasta takes the same time to cook”, Rosi told us. So, we could choose from thin tagliolini size to medium-sized fettuccine or tagliatelle or the thickest, pappardelle pasta.

Rosemary chose the tagliolini small size and I went for my favorite fettuccine pasta.

I was quite surprised by the simplicity of making the homemade pasta. We had taken a pasta-making class before in Sicily and it was much more involved. 

In this class, we made everything by hand, including using a wooden rolling pin to roll out the fresh pasta.

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Pasta Sauce and Cooking Tips

Cooking Pasta Rome Pasta Making Class by Authentic Food Quest
Learn the tips for cooking the perfect pasta

To go along with our fresh pasta, we had a choice of different traditional Roman pasta sauces to choose from. As we made our choices, Rosie, shared tips for cooking pasta right, each time.

The pasta sauce choices were from three of the four Rome pasta classics.

Cacio e Pepe, Rome’s most famous pasta dish made with local cheeses and black pepper is the sauce Rosemary selected.

While, I chose Amatriciana made with tomato sauce, guanciale or pork cheek, local cheese, and black pepper. 

While we didn’t make the Amatriciana tomato-based sauce from scratch, we learned it was an old family recipe.

The third option offered was Carbonara, the other classic Rome pasta with an egg, local cheese, guanciale, and black pepper.

Everyone had fun savoring their homemade pasta dish, sipping wine, and enjoying each other’s company.

AUTHENTIC FOOD QUEST TIP: If you want to learn how to make traditional Italian pasta combined with wine tasting near Rome, we recommend our pasta-making class in Frascati.

Easily accessible from the center of Rome, you get to see Rome’s countryside, enjoy amazing Italian wine while learning to make pasta.

What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Pasta Making Class in Rome

Participants Pasta Cooking Class Rome by Authentic Food Quest
Have fun learning to make delicious traditional pasta

Who is this Pasta Making Class For?

  • Those who want to go beyond Rome and explore the nearby countryside will love this class
  • Italian wine lovers will enjoy the combination of pasta making and discovering Frascati wines
  • Those looking for a fun and upbeat pasta making cooking class will enjoy this experience
  • Those who want to learn to make easy and delicious traditional Italian pasta

Who Is It Not For

  • Not for those looking for in depth classes where you make the pasta sauces from scratch
  • Not for those who want to visit a local market or shop for the ingredients before cooking
  • Our class was large, 18 people but well organized. This class is not for those seeking an intimate pasta-making experience
  • Not for those who want to stay in central Rome

Overall Impressions of this Pasta Cooking Class in Rome

What We Loved

Rosemary Claire Pasta Making Class Rome Authentic Food Quest
We had a great time socializing and cooking with the group

Taking a pasta-making class in Frascati is a great way to combine a cooking class and wine tasting. It’s also great way to see the Roman countryside.

We enjoyed our pasta-making class in Frascati for a variety of reasons.

  • Fun and lively class – Rosi, our instructor, was high energy, fun, and also very informative. She brought Frascati, the wines, and pasta making to life in an unforgettable way.
  • Great group energy – Our group had a great vibe. Everyone was friendly and chatty and Rosi’s energy uplifted the group. We arrived as strangers and left with new friends.
  • Delicious Frascati wine tasting –  It was great to learn about Frascati wines from a family-owned vineyard. Highly knowledgeable and passionate about wines, we enjoyed the combination of homemade pasta and local wine.
  • Underground cellar visit – We were surprised to learn that Frascati is also an underground city. In between cooking, we enjoyed a fascinating tour of the underground cellars which were used for storing cheese, wine, and later as bunkers during WWII.
  • Fun excursion in Rome countryside – With a direct train connection from central Rome, a pasta and wine tasting in Frascati experience is a wonderful experience.

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What Could Be Improved on this Roman Pasta Cooking Class

Group Rome Pasta Making Class by Authentic Food Quest
Our pasta making class group had 18 participants

Overall, there was not much that was negative about our pasta making class Rome experience. It was well organized and we had a lot of fun making pasta and learning about Frascati and the wines.

That said, there are few points worth noting.

  • Smaller group size –  We were at capacity in our cooking class studio. While there were enough cooking stations and everything well organized, it could have been a cozier with a smaller group. 
  • Dessert – This class is focused on pasta making and wine tasting, and there is no dessert or sweet treat to close the cooking class experience. However, you can grab gelato or pastries in Frascati town before leaving for Rome, as there’s time after the class ends.

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How To Book Your Cooking Class

Rosemary Claire Rome Pasta Making Class by Authentic Food Quest
Feeling proud of the pasta we made from scratch

This pasta-making class and wine tasting in Frascati is a delicious way to explore Rome’s food and wine specialties.

Getting to Frascati town is very convenient from Rome’s city center. It’s an easy train ride and it takes only about 30 minutes. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time at Rome’s Termini station as the train platform is a bit out of the way.

The pasta-making class and wine tasting lasts about 2.5 hours and it also includes a tour of the underground cellars. 

Get more from your trip to Rome when you book this pasta-making and wine-tasting class in Frascati.

Other Rome Pasta Making Classes to Consider

Flour Trastevere Rome Pasta Making Class by Authentic Food Quest
Simple ingredients for pasta

If you are looking for pasta-making classes in Rome’s city center with dessert, here are two we shortlisted and recommend.

Trastevere Rome Pasta Cooking Class

Ingredients Pasta Cooking Class Rome by Authentic Food Quest
Learn the art of Italian pasta-making with a local chef – Photo credit: Devour Tours on Facebook

This Trastevere Rome pasta cooking class teaches you how to make Italian pasta from scratch with a local Italian chef.

Located in the Trastevere neighborhood, you’ll spend about 3 hours learning how to make your own pasta and the best pasta shapes for Italian sauces.

Your pasta making class experience ends with delicious gelato made fresh by the chef.

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What To Expect From Your Trastevere Rome Pasta Cooking Class

Some of the key highlights from this class are:

  • Starting out with Prosecco and Italian aperitivo (appetizers)
  • Class led by local Italian chef 
  • Learn to make homemade pasta and different Italian sauces
  • Chef-made gelato demonstration while pasta is resting
  • Savor delicious pasta dinner with gelato for dessert
  • Chance to explore Trastevere neighborhood, before or after pasta class

What People Say

Visitors to Rome love this class describing it as “the absolutely best experience in Rome.” The class is “informative, fun, and delicious.” A “wonderful experience with kind, passionate, and funny instructors.”

Those traveling with families say, “the class is tremendous, my kids loved it.” My son and I attended and we so thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.” “Best experience for my daughter and I.” 

Small Group Pasta Making At Local’s Home

Chef Trastevere Rome Pasta Making Class by Authentic Food Quest
Making delicious ravioli – Photo credit: Riccardo Cooking Class on Facebook

If you want to learn Italian cuisine in a local’s home, this cooking masterclass of handmade pasta and Italian sauces is for you.

Spend about 3 hours with chef Riccardo and learn to make traditional Roman pastas and pasta sauce from scratch.

In a small intimate group setting, you’ll learn the secrets to making perfect pasta, including a number of pasta shapes. 

You’ll also learn how to make famous Italian and Rome pasta sauces including the right cooking techniques. Italian wine accompanies the pasta making experience from start to finish.

For an intimate experience in a local Rome home, this pasta masterclass is for you.

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What To Expect From This Cooking Class

Some of the key highlights from this class are:

  • Small Intimate group size with no more than 8 participants 
  • Learn to make different pasta dishes and traditional sauces – appropriate for beginner and advanced students in pasta making 
  • Enjoy authentic Italian culture while cooking in a local’s home 

What People Say

Described as an amazing chef and teacher, travelers describe their pasta making classes with Riccardo as “an authentic experience cooking in his grandmother’s kitchen.” “An amazing experience from start to finish.” 

And, “instead of a group of strangers, it felt like a big family making a meal together, and the results were incredible. This was by far the best meal we had in Rome.”

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Have you ever taken a pasta making class in Italy?  Please let us know in the comments below.

Savor the Adventure!

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