The 6 Best Cooking Classes In Hoi An – 2022 Review

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Fresh herbs feature prominently in Vietnamese cooking. Almost every meal is accompanied by bountiful herbs which are torn, tossed or rolled into soups, noodle dishes, sandwiches or more.

While exploring the local food in central Vietnam, we took Hoi An cooking classes to better understand the fundamental ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine.

In the ancient city of Hoi An Vietnam, you’ll find several cooking classes and culinary activities.

Most cooking classes offer visits to the central market or to nearby villages. 

The cuisine of Vietnam beguiles and charms. Here are 6 of the best cooking classes in Hoi An to consider on your Vietnam travels.

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Best Hoi An Cooking Class Comparison Table

Hoi An Cooking ClassesPrice
($ USD)
Start TimeDuration (hours)Best For
Cooking with Jolie in Hoi An – Real Cooking Class$38.988:00 am5 hVietnamese home cooking
Water Wheel Cooking Class$528:00 am or 1:30 pm5 hTra Que vegetable village tour
Hoi An Eco Cooking Class$31.499:00 am or 2:30 pm5 hVisit Cam Thanh village with crab fishing
Market Tour, Boat Ride, Cooking Class$358:30 am or 1:30 pm5 hMarket tour and boat ride
Gio An Cooking Class$509:00 am3 hFlexible menu and schedule
Sabirama Cooking Class$46.168:00 am or 1:00 pm5 hAll-in-one Experience
Prices for these cooking classes in Hoi An are shown in Vietnamese Dong (VND).
We provide USD conversion at the time of writing. Prices might vary slightly when you book your class.

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Top Cooking Classes in Hoi An

1. Cooking with Jolie in Hoi An – Real Cooking Class

Vegetarian Cooking Class Hoi An by Authentic Food Quest
Learn to use organic fruits and vegetables for the most authentic flavors

Your host Jolie, a professional chef, will teach you real home Vietnamese cooking in a fun and engaging way. 

In this 5-hour cooking class with Jolie, you’ll visit an organic farm, meet the farmers and pick up fresh ingredients at the central market.

You will have a taste of Hoi An local coffee, like iced black coffee, coconut coffee and also green tea and ginger tea. 

After that, you will head back Jolie’s home, where the real fun begins. You will meet with the other two chefs and her mother and learn about Vietnamese food culture and the key ingredients.

Together, you will learn to four traditional Vietnamese dishes and one dessert. Vegetarian alternatives are available.

The menu varies, though you can expect to make fresh rice paper spring rolls, Pho nooodle soup, rice pancakes, fish and more.

This Hoi An cooking class is focused on healthy fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. As such, all the produce you’ll cook with will be organic for the most authentic tastes.

As you get immersed into the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine, you’ll also learn about the importance of balancing flavors.

The class ends with a variety of fresh fruits and different fruit juices for a healthy and delicious sweet finish.

For a real Vietnamese home cooking experience, this is one of the best cooking classes in Hoi An.

Cost: About $38.98 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 5 hours. Class starts at 8:00 am 

Group Style: Small group cooking classes conducted in English

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2. Water Wheel Cooking Class

Garden of Tra Que Village by Authentic Food Quest
Fresh organic herbs and vegetables at Tra Que village

Water Wheel Cooking Class is located in Tra Que vegetable village, known for nationally for its nutritionally rich and aromatic herbs.

Taking a cooking class in Tra Que, while exploring the local food specialties in Hoi An, was one of our highlights in the city.

This Tra Que village cooking class experience is quite extensive. It begins with visiting the organic farm and watch farmers talk about Vietnamese herbs. 

You’ll learn about the history of the vegetable village and why the herbs are so famous throughout Vietnam.

The cooking portion of the class involves learning to make several Vietnamese recipes. You’ll make spring rolls, main courses like fish in banana leaves or Vietnamese pancakes. 

Fruit salads and fruit juices are also on the menu. And, vegetarian and vegan options are available.

In addition to the traditionally prepared dishes,you will also have a chance to ride a water buffalo. 

A bamboo basket boat ride including a head-shoulder-foot massage are also part of the unique experiences.

The Tra Que vegetable village cooking experience ends with an incredible sit down Vietnamese lunch made by you.

If you are looking to gain a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese herbs, consider Water Wheel cooking school.

From meeting farmers, visiting a herb garden, buffalo and bamboo boat rides and amazing Vietnamese dishes, this Hoi An cooking class has it all.

Cost: About $52 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 5 hours. Class starts around 8:30 am or 1:30 pm 

Group Style: Small group cooking classes conducted in English

Watch our Hoi An Cooking Class in Tra Que Village

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3. Hoi An Eco Cooking Class

Crab Fishing Best Hoian Cooking Class by Authentic Food Quest
You’ll have the opportunity to try catching crab

This fun Hoi An Eco Cooking Class takes place in the picturesque Cam Thanh village, about 5km away from Hoi An old town.

Immersed in peaceful rural surroundings, you’ll first visit a local market and then set sail on the river in a traditional basket boat.

These boats, known locally as “Thung Chai” are used for crab fishing. You’ll have the chance to try catch crab while sailing on the canals of the Bay Man Nipa forest.

Back in the kitchen, you’ll learn about Vietnamese culinary culture while cooking with local professional chefs.

You will cook delicious dishes like spring rolls, papaya salad, chicken noodles, shrimp crackers or banana flower salad with beef. 

You will also learn to make fresh rice flour using a stone mortar, an ingredient used in the rice pancakes. 

The secrets of how to make the much loved Vietnamese peanut sauce will become apparent as you make it yourself.

And, the recipes will be available to take home, so you can taste Vietnam again in the comfort of you own kitchen.

This Hoi An Eco cooking class is best for those who want to experience the real rural Vietnamese life.

Cost: About $31.49 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 5 hours. Classes start at 9:00 am or 2:30 pm

Group Style: Small group cooking classes conducted in English

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4. Market Tour, Boat Ride and Cooking Class

Beef Bo La Lot for Hoi An Cooking Class by Authentic Food Quest
Beef Bo La Lot – Beef wrapped in betel leaves ready for grilling

Located in the countryside of Hoi An Vietnam, this cooking class offers unique local culinary experiences. 

A visit to a local producers’ market will start the cooking school experience. You’ll  bargain with vendors and get to see stalls full of seasonal fruits, herbs, noodles, vegetables, meats and fish. 

After that, you will have a trip on Thu Bồn River in a bamboo basket boat, through the coconut palm forest. 

Locals will teach you how to fish with a fishing net as you listen to traditional folk music. 

Your immersion into local Vietnamese culture continues as you head to the kitchen to make traditional dishes. 

You will learn to make at least four different Vietnamese dishes for either lunch or dinner depending on the class you choose,

The menu may include learning to make fresh rice paper rolls, pho noodles, sweet bean soup and others. Recipes can also be adapted for vegetarian, vegan or other dietary preferences.

You’ll get personalized attention from the chef, making this one of the best hands on cooking classes in Hoi An.

Cost: About $35 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 5 hours. Classes start at 8:30 am or 1:30 pm

Group Style:  Small group cooking classes conducted in English

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5. Gio An Cooking Class

Tam Huu cooking Class Hoi An by Authentic Food Quest
Exquisite Tam Huu, a Hoi An local specialty

Offering traditional Vietnamese cooking at its best, this Gio An Cooking Class offers the most flexible cooking experience.

In this Hoi An cooking class, you have full freedom to decide what you want to learn to cook. The menu is flexible and you choose what you want to learn to make, or create your menu. 

From a full selection of 32 dishes, you can choose to learn to cook four traditional foods, or choose two dishes out of 15.

Not only the menu is flexible, but the schedule as well. Starting from 8:00 am, you can join the cooking course at any hour you want, until 8:00 pm. 

Happy Hanh and Vina are the professional chefs that will guide you through this cooking adventure. 

The experience begins with a visit to a local market to get familiar local ingredients and sample tropical fruits. 

In the class, the chefs will lead you step by step as you learn traditional Vietnamese cooking techniques and methods.

Examples of dishes you’ll learn to make include Banh Xeo, rice paper rolls and dipping sauce, lemon grass chicken and more. You’ll leave with a copy of the recipes to recreate the dishes at home.

For those who already know Vietnamese cooking or want to learn how to cook particular dishes, this class offers total flexibility.

This is one of the best cooking classes in Hoi An for personalized menus and cooking experiences.

Cost: About $50 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 3 hours. Class starts around 9:00 am 

Group Style: Small group class, minimum two people, conducted in English

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6. Sabirama Cooking Class

Sabirama Cooking School Hoi An by Authentic Food Quest
Enjoy a boat trip on Thu Bon river – Photo credit: Sabirama on Facebook

At Sabirama Cooking School you will delight in a local experience in the countryside, in the village of Cam Thanh.

This cooking class in Hoi An combines Vietnamese small adventures before cooking.

You’ll visit a local market for an introduction to Vietnamese ingredients including fresh herbs, vegetables, meat and seafood.

To get to the cooking school, you will take a boat ride, along the Thu Bon River. Then, enjoy a fascinating experience being pulled in a water buffalo cart to arrive at the school.

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed with a foot, head and shoulders massage, a common practice amongst Vietnamese people.

During the class, you will learn how to prepare four local dishes. Mango salad with shrimp and pork, rolled rice paper with minced pork and vegetables, Pho Bo and Vietnamese chicken curry will delight your senses. 

Another Vietnamese delicacy is the dessert, the sticky rice cake, a local cake you should definitely try. Vegetarian and vegan options are available as well. 

The schedule is flexible to fit your traveling plans. There are morning and afternoon classes available for your convenience.

If you are looking for the complete Vietnamese cooking experience, Sabirama Cooking Class is your answer. Market tours, a river cruise, water buffalo ride, massages and a cooking school in one place.

Cost: About $46.16 per person  

Time and Length: Approximately 5 hours. Classes start around 8:00 am or 1:00 pm

Group Style: Small group cooking classes conducted in English

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What to Consider When Choosing Cooking Classes in Hoi An

These best cooking classes in Hoi An all offer authentic Vietnamese cooking expereinces. 

Some classes dive deep into the traditional cuisine, while others offer you a vast menu or great adventures.

As you plan for your Hoi An cooking class, here are a few things to consider.

What Kind of Hoi An Cooking Class Experience Do You Want?

Rosemary and Claire preparing the soil in Tra Que Village by Authentic Food Quest
Rosemary and Claire leveling the soil in preparation for planting

During our trips in Hoi An, we were delighted to learn to make and taste the authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Choosing the perfect cooking class has to be based on your personal tastes and preferences.

Would you prefer a morning class or an evening one?

Would you like to take a trip to the market before the class to get better acquainted with the local products?

Do you want a mix of cooking and little adventures to farms, boat rides and fishing experiences?

Are you an adventurous person? Would you enjoy riding a buffalo, for example?

Based on your personal preferences, make sure you choose the one that suits your taste.

What Is Your Budget for Your Hoi An Cooking Classes?

Claire and Rosemary Eating at the end of their Hoi An Cooking Class Authentic Food Quest
Enjoying the delicious efforts of our Hoi An cooking class

These cooking classes in Hoi An cooking differ in experiences as well as in budget.

The best Hoi An cooking classes range  from about $30 to $52 USD.

All cooking classes in Hoi An continue to  adhere to Covid safety guidelines.  And, the cooking classes have a free cancellation policy that allows you to opt out up to 24 hours in advance.

The cooking sessions take about 5 hours to complete, including the market tours and boat trips. And, most offer morning and afternoon cooking classes.

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